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5 Best 3D Platformers Like Europa

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Player gazes at dinosaurs in game like Europa

Europa is a new 3D platformer where players explore a beautiful, mysterious world. The game is about adventure, solving puzzles, and enjoying a story about nature and discovery. Players get to move around freely, feeling like they're flying through a world filled with secrets and breathtaking views. As we wait for Europa to come out, you might be looking for similar games to play. So, here are the five best 3D platformers like Europa, offering their own unique worlds to get lost in and enjoy.

5. Jusant

Jusant - Reveal Trailer

Jusant is a game that combines the calmness of a meditative experience with the excitement of an action-puzzle adventure. It invites you to climb a very tall tower, offering a mix of climbing challenges and brain-teasing puzzles. With climbing tools in hand, you must manage your stamina carefully to navigate upwards. The tower is not just an obstacle but a mystery-filled place with stories from ancient times waiting for you to uncover. You're encouraged to think creatively about how to use your tools and find the best path upward. The game is designed for you to progress at your own pace, allowing for exploration and the joy of discovering the tower's secrets.

During your ascent in Jusant, you'll encounter stunning natural environments filled with life. The soundtrack, peaceful and atmospheric, complements these breathtaking biomes perfectly, enhancing the sense of tranquility. From dry, windy ledges to tunnels aglow with bioluminescent light, the tower offers a variety of landscapes to marvel at. This journey is about more than just reaching the top; it's an invitation to soak in the beauty of the climb, with each biome offering a unique visual and auditory experience. The game encourages you to take your time, appreciate the surroundings, and explore alternative routes that might reveal the tower's history.

4. Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers | Launch Trailer

For fans of fast-paced adventures, Sonic Frontiers is a game where Sonic's famous speed meets exciting exploration in a big, open world. Imagine zooming across five large islands, each with its own special places like forests, waterfalls, and deserts. These islands are full of puzzles to solve, secrets to find, and challenges that make you think and move quickly. It’s about choosing your own path in a world full of surprises.

Then there’s Cyber Space, a special part of the game where you enter zones hidden on the islands. These zones take you to a digital world where you play classic Sonic games but faster and with new twists. It’s a mix of the old-school Sonic games with new challenges that test how good you are at the game. These Cyber Space adventures add fun to the exploration, mixing familiar Sonic action with new experiences. It’s exciting to race through these digital levels and overcome the obstacles they throw at you. In addition to this, the islands have mysterious creatures and big bosses that Sonic has never seen before. Now, Sonic can dodge, block, and use cool moves to fight.

3. Tinykin

Tinykin - Official Announcement Trailer | E3 2021

Tinykin invites players on an enchanting adventure set in a world where everything is larger than life, due to the tiny size of the protagonist. This game transforms familiar household environments into vast, uncharted territories filled with surprises around every corner. Objects that seem mundane to us, like a book or a pencil, become towering obstacles and intriguing puzzles in this miniature world.

At the heart of Tinykin are the titular creatures, each boasting unique abilities based on their color. Some can carry objects, enabling players to access new areas, while others possess the power to construct bridges, opening up further paths to explore. Utilizing these abilities to solve puzzles is a core part of the gameplay, offering a blend of strategy and creativity as players determine how best to employ their Tinykin to progress. This gameplay mechanic enriches the experience, turning every challenge into an opportunity for inventive problem-solving.

2. Scarf

SCARF - Announcement Trailer

Scarf takes you on an inspiring journey where heroism goes beyond traditional adventure. At its core is a unique companion: a scarf shaped like a dragon, guiding you through a story of destiny and choice. This magical scarf unlocks new abilities, helping you solve puzzles and navigate through beautifully crafted worlds. The game encourages you to explore what it means to be a hero – is it about following a destined path or creating your own?

In Scarf, you'll engage in a mix of puzzles and platforming set within a 3D world full of mythology and stories. Each world presents its own challenges, evolving as you unlock new skills with your scarf. Your mission involves capturing rebellious souls who have crafted these diverse areas, filled with secrets for you to uncover. Plus, the game's pacing allows you to fully immerse yourself in each moment, from the vibrant landscapes to the underlying mysteries.

1. Omno

Omno - Launch Trailer

The last game on our list of best games like Europa, Omno, is a special adventure created by just one person. Imagine a story coming to life without any spoken words. In Omno, you explore ancient worlds filled with secrets. The game lets you smoothly skate, jump, and teleport through different environments like deserts, snowy lands, and lush forests. The main idea is to explore. You'll solve puzzles, kind of like brain teasers, which let you move ahead. Along the way, you'll meet unique creatures in every new area you discover, each with its own wonders.

This game feels like stepping into a dream world that's both new and familiar. The game is visually stunning, capturing both vast landscapes and intricate details in a way that makes you pause and appreciate the beauty. The puzzles are cleverly designed to be engaging without being overly difficult. Additionally, the game doesn't rush you; instead, it invites you to take your time and soak in every moment. As you proceed, hidden paths and pieces of the story unfold, told in a way that touches your heart without a single word.

So, do you agree with our picks? Or do you have any 3D platformers like Europa that didn't make the list? Let us know on our socials here!

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