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Artemis: New Game by the Creator of PUBG Will Be a Metaverse Game With NFTs

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Brendan Greene, the creator of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, opens up about his next game – Artemis. Artemis will be a blockchain game with NFTs.

In an interview with Hit Points, the creator of PUBG, Brendan Greene, revealed that he is working on a new game that will be based on the blockchain. The game will use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse, which should make for an interesting gaming experience. 

Greene spoke about how he was excited about using the blockchain in gaming and how it would provide new opportunities for players and developers alike.  Players will be able to trade items they've acquired in-game with each other, opening up a whole new economy. Additionally, developers will also be able to create unique gaming experiences that wouldn't have been possible before.

“We’re building a digital place,” he says. “That has to have an economy, and it has to have systems at work. And I do believe you should be able to extract value from a digital place; it has to be like the internet, where you can do stuff that will earn you money. But it’s not about, like, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. It’s some kid called AwesomePickle selling cool skins because he understands what people want.”

In the interview, Greene goes ahead to reveal that Artemis will use an engine that is easy to mod and will make it open source so that it is open to everyone.

“It won’t be PlayerUnknown’s Metaverse, just like it isn’t Tim Berners-Lee’s Internet. It has to be owned by everyone.” 

This comes at a time where feelings about Metaverse games are mixed. Platforms like Steam have banned blockchain games from their platform, and some developers, like Ubisoft, have abandoned their NFT projects. However, all is not dull as Walmart recently dived into the Metaverse frenzy through Roblox. 

Greene however insists that Artemi won’t be all about money, but creators having fun in a digital space and having the opportunity to monetize from their creations. 

Artemis Release Date and Details

So far, there are no details on Artemis's release dates or launch details. We're excited to see what Greene comes up with next! We can't wait to try out Artemis and see all the amazing things that can be done with the blockchain in gaming!

What is your take? Are you excited about the news of this new blockchain game Artemis? Let us know here on our socials or in the comments below. 

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