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Always in Mind Promotional Art

Inevitable Studios has lifted the veil on its debut IP—a third-person story-driven adventure game called Always in Mind, which is currently set to go live on Kickstarter over the next several weeks.

Always in Mind is our debut game and the product of our ambition to craft authentic, positive, and unique experiences that we feel the industry—and the world—need right now,” said Inevitable Studios founder and game director Cord Smith in a press release. “By blending powerful narrative themes with intuitive controls and deep action-oriented gameplay, we invite gamers of all skill levels to experience the mind-bending, heart-warming moments we hope they’ll discuss and cherish for years to come.”

So, with all of that out in the open, what more do you need to know about the upcoming project? Well, here’s everything we’ve been able to scrape together on the title since first hearing of its existence earlier this week. Let’s jump right in.

What Is Always in Mind?

Teddy in dream-like library setting in Always in Mind

Always in Mind is an upcoming third-person adventure-platforming indie game—a collaborative project, if you will, that will transport players to the inner thoughts of a young boy lost in the depths of a coma. As the title suggests, players will have the opportunity to roam through an enormous selection of dream-like environments, and from the looks of it, obtain special abilities that will provide safe passage back to reality. But as for what sorts of daring exploits Teddy will have to endure, unfortunately, is still a bit of a mystery.

“I've excitedly shared this concept with strangers the world over, inviting them to contribute their talents, pull and stretch the fabric of this game into new shapes and patterns and sometimes send it barreling down unpredictable new paths,” reads a blog post on Inevitable Studios’ site.

“Building this game has proven more demanding than I ever imagined, but the challenges are less daunting when you have a supportive team. Outside of fatherhood, I've never given more of myself to any other endeavor throughout my entire life. But there is no quit.”


Teddy standing in dominoes-themed setting in Always in Mind

To echo what was stated in the press release, Always in Mind will follow twelve-year-old Teddy—a boy who, in the aftermath of a terrible accident, finds himself trapped within his consciousness—a world in which emotions jolt to life and memories articulate in ways that only the brain can comprehend. It’ll be your role, as Teddy, to sift through said worlds, and locate the powers needed to exit the psyche and return back to reality.

“When an accidental fall knocks 12-year-old Teddy into a coma, he'll dive headlong into his own subconscious, a vast & surreal landscape of unlimited possibilities,” reads the blurb. “Joined by an AI implant known as “Proxy,” Teddy must uncover the awe-inspiring powers of his mind in order to escape it, or risk becoming trapped in thought forever.”


Teddy in aircraft-themed room in Always in Mind

From what we’ve caught of the game so far, gameplay will mostly consist of completing traditional third-person platforming segments and environmental puzzles. It’ll also feature a companion—an AI associate known as “Proxy”, who will allow you to harness special abilities and gain additional skills in order to maneuver through trickier spots and scenarios.

“Embark on an unpredictable journey through which you'll wield awesome abilities across mind-bending dreamscapes,” the description adds. “Jump, Warp, Slide, and Glide through every corner of Teddy’s mind, and experience the added thrill of high-speed sledding excursions.”

According to the devs, Always in Mind will also feature “Gorgeous visuals, dynamic cameras, and an original soundtrack [that will] keep you fully immersed and in total control of your narrative.”


Inevitable Studios, a US-based indie developer based over in Texas, first announced its plans to bring its debut IP to PC earlier this month, at which point it added a selection of in-game screenshots to Steam, along with a featured gameplay trailer. In light of all the current information on the game, however, Always in Mind has yet to actually pull up a chair on Kickstarter—a crowdfunding platform that will serve as the game’s primary funding source for the duration of the campaign. So, while the team behind the game have clearly made a bit of a dent in it, there is nothing to suggest that they’ve accrued the necessary funds to full-throttle the project, so to speak.

At the time of writing, Always in Mind is shaping up to be a PC exclusive, which means there’s a good chance that it won’t be coming to Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch. Still, it’s too early to say just yet, so we’ll just have to sit tight and wait for the devs to clarify.


Always in Mind - Official Announcement Trailer

It isn’t quite on Kickstarter yet, but that hasn’t stopped Inevitable Studios from posting its first teaser trailer to socials and its chosen streaming handles. You can catch a glimpse of the upcoming action-adventure game in the trailer embedded above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Teddy in shadowy library setting in Always in Mind

Always in Mind will be heading to PC via Steam at some point in the (hopefully) not-so distant future. Of course, it all boils down to the Kickstarter campaign, and how well it does to reach its funding goals. Until that time comes, however, we’re pretty much left to spectate.

Edition-wise, there isn’t a whole lot to go on, other than the basic copy that’s currently posted up on Steam. Will there be any special or deluxe editions of Always in Mind? It’s hard to say. But if there is something of the sort in the pipeline, then it probably won’t be revealed until a much later date.

Interested in staying up to speed with Always in Mind? If so, then be sure to check in with Inevitable Studios’ official social handle for all the latest pre-launch updates here. Alternatively, you can check back with us later on, as we’ll be keeping track of all the latest developments right here on


So, what’s your take? Will you be picking up a copy of Always in Mind when it releases on PC? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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