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5 Video Games That Totally Deserve a Sequel



Video game sequels aren't all that uncommon, really. So long as the original somehow manages to shed some level of emotion and make a buck or two along the way, a follow-up chapter is, more often than not, given the green light. But then, there are the others—games that have every right to continue a strong story, but unfortunately lack the resources to see it through.

Over the last few years, we've clocked countless video games that many would deem worthy of having a sequel. Widen the scope by a couple of decades, and you'll more than likely see thousands of neglected IPs cast out from the limelight. But in this moment, and for the sake of keeping this relatively short and to the point, we'll cast our eye on some of the more recent titles. So, with that said, here are five games that we, in our honest opinion, think deserve a sequel.

5. Days Gone

Days Gone – Story Trailer | PS4

The sad truth is, even with Days Gone amassing a similar amount of sales as Ghost of Tsushima, Sony did, in fact, give Bend Studio the cold shoulder post-launch. Despite the millions of copies that were shipped all over the globe, as well as the cliff-hanger that only wanted to pave the way for another epic adventure, Sony shot any hopes of it ever happening down in one fell swoop.

A little ways back, Days Gone director Jeff Ross spoke about Sony's lack of support surrounding the open-world zombie game. According to Ross, ideas were already in motion for a well-deserved sequel. However, without Sony's tender loving care, the project unfortunately never passed GO, leaving it to disintegrate somewhere on the back burner of broken dreams.


4. Bully

The reason why we're forever lolloping on about Rockstar's harshly underrated open world game is because, in spite of it being a fair few years old, it still deserves a sequel. A remaster, or, you know, anything to keep Jimmy Hopkins' flame alight as Rockstar work to develop new worlds elsewhere.

Other than the Scholarship Edition, which launched on Xbox 360 like, I don't know, a decade ago—Bully really hasn't been given that much attention. And that's a crying shame, given the fact it was, more or less, a watered-down version of Grand Theft Auto, only with school kids and skateboards, as opposed to adults and SMGs. And so, even in 2022, we will still proudly slur the same old song, hopeful that Rockstar may, fingers crossed, bring the unruly teen back for a new semester.


3. Brutal Legend

Brütal Legend // Official Trailer

To be fair, it actually pains us to admit that Brutal Legend, despite being one of Double Fine's hidden jewels, isn't all that popular. And the fact is, you can purchase it for a couple of dollars on even the worst days. But for some reason, we keep coming back to it, simply because it's unlike anything else we've ever really seen.

With thanks to its metal-themed open-world wasteland and Ozzy Osbourne-inspired references, the whole thing just comes across as a fever dream you just don't want to wake up from. The fact that Jack Black never pushed for a sequel is actually rather upsetting, given its incredibly loyal pocket of die-hard fans that would've given anything to see its wick rekindled.


2. Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive - E3-Trailer und Gameplay

It's actually kind of difficult to bring up Sunset Overdrive without mentioning Infamous, and how the two are practically related. Although worlds apart, both share this unusual chemistry, and with thanks to their vibrant playground settings, make for unique experiences that dare to be different. But unlike Infamous, Sunset Overdrive never received a sequel, despite being one of the Xbox One's first-ever best-selling exclusives.

After Insomniac Games was acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2019, SIE's Chairman Shawn Layden did go on to say that Sunset Overdrive 2 was not a priority for either parties. That said, talks have been circulating over the past few years. And so, going by that, a sequel could very well grace our screens in the foreseeable future. It's just not, you know, that important to Sony.


1. Quantum Break

Quantum Break Official Launch Trailer

Quantum Break doesn't really need a sequel, to be fair. Though, we'd be more than happy if one was to eventually drop in the distant future. Not that Remedy Entertainment need to prove themselves as anything more after delivering an absolute game-changing experience back in 2016. But you know, we'd soon rather see a spin-off of it than another cheap IP with half the heart.

What made Quantum Break such a timeless masterpiece had nothing to do with the gameplay itself, which, in all fairness, wasn't any different to most triple-A third-person action games of its time. Instead, it was the movie that ran alongside it, which would play out differently depending on your in-game choices. Combined, it was the best of both words, and a true highlight from 2016 in gaming. And so, based on that, we'd happily see through a sequel—even if it's a fair few years from now.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there any sequels you'd want to see in 2022? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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