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5 Best Features in Madden NFL 23

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Best features in Madden NFL 23

Madden NFL is the second most popular sport’s title released by EA Sports after the FIFA series. The game’s success is primarily due to its franchise and online vs modes, which have players grinding year after year to be the best of the best. It is a grind that is reset every year with the annual release of a new Madden game, which usually includes a slew of changes that change up the gameplay. And with Madden NFL 23 releasing on August 19th, we want to look at the features innovating this year’s entry.

One main issue with Madden NFL 22 is that players found the game too easy offensively. And EA Sports has set out in Madden NFL 23 to combat this by giving players more control on both sides of the ball. They’ve also added a few new features to Franchise Mode to make the game a more immersive experience. Overall, we are seeing a number of new features introduced to this year’s game, and we want to break down the five best features that are making Madden NFL 23 a unique experience in comparison to its predecessor.



5. FieldSENSE Defensive and Offensive Line Overhauls

The main issue with Madden NFL 22 was that players could rely heavily on their best offensive linemen to simply outrun Defensive Backs. That isn’t the case this year with Madden NFL 23’s new FieldSENSE Offensive line overhauls. You can now adjust a player’s pace to start slow, then burst with speed or vice versa. With that, you can transfer weight easier, changing up routes almost on a dime to capitalize on defensive breakdowns. This gives players much more control over their ball carriers and creates more options than just jamming the joystick forward.

FieldSense line overhauls are also coming to the defensive side of the ball. You can now perform mid-air takedowns, blow up blocks, punch the ball for turnovers, and perform group tackles on defense. This gives players more control over how they set up and run their defense, rather than a single player locking onto the ball carrier and attempting to tackle him. With FieldSENSE overhauls on both sides of the ball, the game will feature much more responsive and decisive gameplay as a result.



4. Player Motivations

One big new feature coming to Free Agency in Franchise mode is player motivations. In Madden NFL 22, it was quickly discovered that if you offered a player the largest contract on the free-agent list, they would unquestionably sign with your team, assuming you had the cap space. This means you could effectively stack your team with the best players looking for a new signing, but this isn’t the case in Madden NFL 23 with player motivations.

Now, players will be more interested in signing with your team if you can satisfy one of their primary motivations, however, the same applies to other teams. The Close to Home motivation is one example. If a player has this motivation and you’re the closest team to wherever they call home, you’ll be able to satisfy it, giving you an advantage in signing them. Another example is the player wanting to play with certain franchise QBs. If you’re playing for the Kansas City Chiefs and have Patrick Mahomes as your quarterback, players with the “Team has a Franchise QB” motivation will be more likely to sign with you.

Overall, there are numerous new motivators to consider when signing players. This is definitely changing the off-season signing experience, and we should see fewer teams acquiring big names for big bucks.



3. Player Tags

Player tags are another important factor to consider, not only when signing players but also when trading and drafting. These are each player’s stat boosts, as well as the ones they’ll bring to your team. For example, if a player is tagged as a “Day 1 Starter,” teams will prioritize these prospects in in-game plays, not only to level up players more quickly but also to make better use of their best players.

Another example is the “Mentor” tag, which will come for veteran players who have established themselves in the league. Players with this tag will provide stat boosts to your team as well as weekly training XP to other players who play their position. There are numerous player tags to consider, but in general, they should have you more considerate of your team’s composition. Because by adding up each player tag you can greatly increase your team’s overall success and performance.



2. Skill-based Passing

Best features in Madden NFL 23

A new and easily one of the best features coming to Madden NFL 23 is skill-based passing. Instead of simply pressing a button on the controller to make a pass, you can now control the area the pass goes as well as the power behind your throw. The targeting reticle allows you to direct where the ball is thrown, such as to the receivers’ left or right, or even over their shoulder, depending on their route. This makes for more realistic catching, as players drop to the ground or dive to make the catch.

Furthermore, a passing meter lets you adjust the power behind your throws. For example, players running tight in-close routes frequently drop the ball due to the power behind the pass. Now you can ease up on that power and have a higher chance of players catching the pass. The new skill-based passing takes some getting used to, but it’s definitely making for a more immersive and responsive feature.



1. X-factor Abilities

Best features in Madden NFL 23

One of the best features to come in Madden NFL 23, is no other than X-factor superstars. The individual passive abilities grant superstar players extra skills on the field. Such as the ability to avoid stumbling while carrying the ball or being able to replenish stamina after a successful skill move. A player’s X-factor abilities differ for every player’s position, but they correspond with the X-factor skills players are known for showcasing in real life.

These are game-changers and can drastically affect the outcome of the play. But since they are so important, only 50 players in the game have X-factor abilities. Some notable names consist of, Stefon Diggs, Travis Kelce, Amari Cooper, and Saquan Barkley. However, not every team has an X-factor player. Some teams have as many as three or four, with others like the Washington Football Team having none. As a result, X-factor abilities are one of the best features introduced in Madden NFL 23, since they can drastically alter gameplay at a moment’s notice or in critical moments.



So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other features you think are the best in Madden NFL 23 that we should know about? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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