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Xbox Series 2: News, Rumors & Release Date



There's no denying the fact that Microsoft has had one of the most successful fiscal years in gaming history, which has no doubt opened countless doors for the media giant moving forward. 2020 alone, of course, saw the release of its long-awaited Xbox Series X|S, a console that quickly went on to become an absolute essential bit of kit in every gamer's arsenal. Then, there was the gradual boost in day-one games on its subscription-based platform, Game Pass, followed by the mighty Activision-Blizzard acquisition.

With all of this momentum stowed away under its belt, anyone would think that Xbox has no real intention to make any sudden changes. And yet, in spite of its popularity being at an all-time high, fans of the brand are still eagerly awaiting the response to one question and one question only: when will the next console come knocking?

Recently, we took a dive into Sony's history, which in turn led us to assume that the PlayStation 6 would be coming to the market by 2028. This was a stab in the dark, for sure, but a fair few pieces of information on the subject definitely gave us reason to believe that 2028 wasn't exactly out of the question, either. And as it turns out, 2028 could also be the year Microsoft submits the Xbox Series 2. Or, you know, whatever it's going to be called.

When Will the Xbox Series 2 Release?

According to Xbox, “the next new generation of consoles are not expected to be released before the fall of 2028 at the very earliest.” In short, this means we aren't likely to catch a glimpse of the next generation until 2026 at the earliest. And even then, we'll still be two, maybe three years off of its official global launch. But if the new Xbox is planning on rivaling the PlayStation 6—as it typically has done in the past—then 2028 is definitely looking like the most likely year for its release.

Of course, we can't say anything without Xbox there to add meat to the bones, so to speak. Therefore, it's probably best that we hang fire for a while, as no new information on the matter will be coming to light for a number of years yet. If we're lucky, though, then Xbox could give us a sneak preview of the console sometime in 2026. But don't take our word for it.


So, what's your take? Do you think we'll see the new Xbox console by 2028? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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