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Wayfinder: 5 Best Venomess Tips

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Wayfinder, the new MMORPG from Airship Syndicate, is sending you on a mission to quell the chaos in your world. How do you do this? By choosing a character class from one of the provided. The game launched with five playable characters; now, a sixth one is at your disposal.

Venomess is the latest archetype that can deal damage to your adversaries and amplify your game style. She is a hybrid DPS/healer class with a knack for playing with her prey. Her chemicals will help you overcome your foes by poisoning them and healing your allies. Clearly, Venomess is a formidable class to play with. But this character class is only valuable after maximizing its full potential. To help you get a head start, here are the 5 best Venomess tips to get you in the lead in Wayfinder.

5. Unlock Venomess


Before you unlock Venomes, how about a bit of backstory? Ven, short for Venomess, was a grand spy working for the monstrous Maze. Her name is a result of her alchemical enhancements and her unique weapons. Following the Maze's downfall, she now supports the Seekers' cause. Aside from being a poison-wielding assassin, she can also control the battlegrounds with her toxic clouds. In simple words, Venomess is a versatile serial survivalist. 

So, how can you get your hands on this ingenious class? With the Initiate or Base Pack, you can earn Venomess as a reward by crafting components in the Season 1 Reward Tower. Alternatively, you can gain instant access to Venomess and her signature weapon with the Exalted or Awakened Pack. These packs also come with a bonus season-exclusive style. 

4. Learn the Ropes

The best way to use Venomess to farm bosses quickly is by learning her abilities and how to use them. She has four active abilities (Transfusion, Vampiric Blast, Venom Thrusters, and Deep Breath) and one passive ability (Master of Venoms). 


Transfusion deals damage through a volley shot of poison that locks on nearby enemies. This ability also allows you to heal fellow Wayfinders. By throwing a needle at an enemy, it will seek out an injured Wayfinder. 

  • Level 1: Increases damage by 15%.
  • Level 2: Increases healing by 15%.
  • Level 3: Fires an additional 2 homing needles.

Vampiric Blast

The Vampiric Blast is excellent for crowd control. It launches a bomb that absorbs close to 5 Poison Clouds. After a brief pause, the bomb detonates, eliminating enemies and healing allies. 

  • Level 1: Increases healing by 15%.
  • Level 2: Converting a cloud results in an eruption, dealing direct damage.
  • Level 3: Your teammates are healed over time, depending on the number of clouds converted.

Venom Thrusters

Your Venom Thrusters trail Poison Clouds behind you, which dishes out doses of Poison to enemies. Moreover, Deep Breath launches a massive explosion that delivers 5 stacks of Empowered Venom on your adversaries. 

  • Level 1: Spawns an additional Venom cloud.
  • Level 2: Reduces damage taken by 50%.
  • Level 3: Slows down an enemy by 30% when you dash through them.

Finally, the Master of Venoms delivers Venom to your foes with every weapon hit. What's more, you can create a Poison Cloud with this ability every five seconds. If you hit an anime with 5 stacks of Venom, it creates a poison cloud that applies stacks of Venom and deals massive damage.

3. Make Use of Echoes


Wayfinder echos

Wayfinder provides Echoes, which supplement your character's abilities and equipment with a ton of benefits. Think of Echoes as being similar to Gems in titles such as Diablo. What's more, the Echoes are remnants of the creatures terrorizing the world of Evenor. 

You can amplify Venomess' damage by obtaining Echoes. You'll likely find them in the bone garden after tearing apart the talons and the wolves. Moreover, it's also ideal to focus on upgrading your weapon and ability power, since Venomess does exceptionally well when both stats are upgraded. 

Notably, Wayfinders have a limited number of Echoes they can equip. To equip one, simply select an empty slot from a character. You can access this from the Echo menu. You can view all your collected Echoes in the Echo inventory.

2. Choose Your Weapons Wisely

Venomess' signature weapon, Nightshade

From the get-go, you'll get access to Venomess' signature weapon, Nightshade, a Burst Rifle. Thanks to its weapon ability, Wyvern's Fury, you can switch to Automatic firing. The ability reloads the weapon with an empowered clip, dealing more damage instantly to hordes of enemies. Plus, Poison deals some damage for six seconds, and you can stack up to 20 times. 

Moreover, you can switch to a melee weapon, which stacks your debuff stats faster than your passive ability. You can go for the Night's Edge, which gets you on the frontline as soon as possible and grants you access to charging your weapon's ability. 

Additionally, using the weapon's skill unlocks a ton of rewards. First, you accumulate more combo points, making your weapon stronger. Also, you get access to a brief period of invulnerability. 

Furthermore, once you activate the weapon skill, the attacks gain a double trigger. Although this will be for a brief period, it allows you to utilize your poison stacks on adversaries, clearing out your opponent faster. 

1. Use Skill Progression

Applying Skill points upgrades your character and amplifies your game style as you level up. It's best to increase your healing and pick the healing-over-time effects for this character. Your priority is to ensure your team's health bar is full, especially when dealing damage. The ideal way to do this is by using Transfusion during cooldown and Venom Thrusters to stack poison clouds. 

For the ideal skill progression, we recommend the following:

  • Vampiric Blast 1
  • Venom Thrusters 1
  • Vampiric Blast 2
  • Vampiric Blast 3
  • Transfusion 1
  • Transfusion 2
  • Venom Thrusters 2

Moreover, as a Support Player, Venomess is excellent at healing her teammates. Therefore, it's advisable to stack on Ability Power. As you level up, the best Attribute priority to consider is:

Ability Power > Attack Power > Mag Defense > Phys DefenseResilience > Max Health

 So, what's your take? Do you agree with Wayfinder — best Venomess tips for beginners? Are there more tips we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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