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Wayfinder: Everything We Know

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Wayfinder: Everything We Know

From the developers that brought you Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Darksiders Genesis, and Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, brace yourself for another exciting title from Airship Syndicate- Wayfinder. News of the game's release reached enthusiasts during the 2022 Game Awards. While there is little to delve into about the game, the bits of information already out there can surely work up your gaming appetite.

Airship Syndicate collaborated with Digital Extremes, the game's publisher. If you've heard of Warfare, you should know the brains behind its magnanimous success is Digital Extreme's brainchild. Hence, we should only expect the very best out of the duo. However, it may be too early to tell. The best we can do is speculate and anticipate endless action in 2023. We've pieced together the scraps for a better insight into the upcoming title. So without much delay, here's everything we know about Wayfinder.

What is Wayfinder?

Wayfinder: Everything We Know

Wayfinder is an online free-to-play fantasy RPG set for release in 2023. The character-driven game takes place in the world of Evenor, where you can choose who to play from the character roster. There's plenty to do in the fantasy world, from discovering lore books to collecting valuable items to completing side quests. The fantasy world is riddled with chaos, and it's up to you to restore tranquility by harnessing the power of the Wayfinder.

The game is laden with adventure. With no linear story backing its gameplay, players can forge their paths and playstyles. 

Moreover, you can team up with friends in the online adventure. You know how the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work, right? Also, as the game puts it, “wayfindres are better together.” You'll also experience unique expeditions thanks to the varying modifiers and challenges in every adventure. You can customize the monsters and bosses you encounter and the items up for grabs. 


Chaos overrules the world of Evenor and disrupts the daily lives of its inhabitants. A Gloom is consuming the world, turning residents against each other as they battle it out for the scraps. It is up to you to end the chaos and restore the world to its former glory. Wayfinders are the few remaining glorious champions with the power to end the menace. Think of it as Batman and Gotham. Gotham would be a horrific place for goons to thrive without the man in the bat suit.

The best way to rebuild the world is by exploring the dungeon areas known as Lost Zones. Each player wields a mysterious item known as the Gloom Dagger, which is instrumental in fighting back the nefarious force. Moreover, the item also lets you modify your adventures in each Lost Zone. But don't be fooled by the perks the dagger gives you. The modifiers you choose also impact your surroundings and the enemy's health. Therefore, choose wisely!


Wayfinder features fast-paced gameplay in an open-world environment. Moreover, customization is the game's core, with players having the option of customizing their characters and battle encounters. This is a neat inclusion since it delivers on the unique experience and heavily cuts down on repetition, which is kryptonite for avid gamers. Also, the game is heavy on exploration. The more you move, the more you discover items, gear, and other wayfinders you can team up with to take on bosses.

Interestingly, the game also incorporates crafting, where you can piece together items to form the ultimate weapon. There's no exclusivity when it comes to your weapon of choice. Every Wayfinder can wield every weapon. However, you can make it unique through customization. 

What's a champion without his base? Wayfinders get apartments that you can spruce up using the items you collect. The apartments form a neighborhood that is the game's pillar of social interaction. Also, the game features live events which highlight character-driven updates—talk of a game for the community by the community. 

Additionally, players can also explore the immersive open world outside of the Lost Zones. The exploration is perfect for meeting new mates and expanding your inventory.


Airship Syndicate and Digital Extremes started developing the game four years ago. In a press release, Richard Browne, the head of external projects at Digital Extremes, expressed his excitement over the joint game development. “The world they have created, the characters that inhabit it, and the ever-changing adventures players can encounter truly live up to the dreams we held.” “I can't wait for players to band together and help push back the Gloom from Evenor,”  he said. 


Wayfinder - Official Reveal Trailer | The Game Awards 2022

Making its debut at the Game Awards 2022, developers gave gamers an insight into what to expect in the upcoming multiplayer RPG title, Wayfinder. The cinematic trailer is narrated by Wingrave, one of the prime characters in the game. It also showcases the other characters and gives a glimpse of the skills they possess. Backed up with an orchestral soundtrack and combat sounds, the trailer really gets your heart pumping for the much-awaited endless action and expedition. You can check out the trailer below if you've not seen it yet. 

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Wayfinder: Everything We Know

We expect the game to launch late into 2023 since developers are yet to disclose the exact date the action bundle will be available. The free-to-play online game will launch on consoles and PC. However, you don't have to wait for its official release to get a feel for its gameplay. As of December 13, players can contest for early access to the game on PC. Console players will also get an equal chance in January 2023. This beta version will provide valuable feedback to the developers before the game's official release. You can register here to be part of the playtest. 

Developers also announced early access to the game slotter for Spring 2023, which will be available on PC and PS5. We'll be sure to rope you in on more information as soon as it's released. You can also keep up with the developer's updates by following their official Twitter handle. 

So, what's your take? Did we miss anything? Will you be picking up a copy of Wayfinder? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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