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5 Best MMOs Like Wayfinder

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Best MMO Games Like Wayfinder

Wayfinder stands out with its cool stories, options for players, and a world that feels alive. Players team up, helping each other while making their own unique tales in the game. With such a standout game, it’s natural to wonder if there are others like it. Don't worry, there are! And we've got a list of five of them for you. So, let's dive into these games, and see which ones might be your next favorite. Here are the five best MMOs like Wayfinder.

5. Summoners War: Chronicles

Summoners War Chronicles | Official Launch Trailer

Kicking off our list of MMOs like Wayfinder is Summoners War: Chronicles. This game is all about saving a kingdom from a big threat. Players get to step into a large world, have magical creatures by their side, and face many challenges. In Summoners War: Chronicles, players can pick from three main characters: Orbia, Kina, or Cleaf. Each of these characters has their own special skills. As you travel, you can call upon over 350 magical creatures to help in battles. Unlike other games, in this one, these creatures don't just follow orders – they fight beside you in real-time battles.

The game is action-packed. Players have to dodge attacks from enemies, tell their magical creatures what to do, and use spells to win battles. There's also a lot to explore. There are secret dungeons full of treasures, tall towers called Ascensions to climb, and big team battles called Raids to join. For those who like competition, there's an Arena to challenge other players. Overall, the mix of action, strategy, and story makes it a must-play game.

4. Neverwinter

Neverwinter - Official Launch Trailer | PS4

Neverwinter is a game that feels a lot like Wayfinder. It's based on the famous Dungeons & Dragons game and is set in a big city called Neverwinter. In this game, players become heroes. They can choose what kind of hero they want to be, like a sneaky Rogue, a brave Paladin, or a magical Wizard. Each type of hero has its own special skills and adventures. The fun thing about this game is that you can play with friends. Together, you can explore dungeons, battle big monsters, and even compete against other players.

But it's not just about battles and dungeons. Neverwinter has many stories to tell. Players can go on quests, meet interesting characters, and help decide what happens next in the story. This makes every player's journey unique and exciting. To sum it up, Neverwinter is a great game for those who love adventures and teaming up with friends. If you are in search of MMO games like Wayfinder, you'll probably enjoy this game too. It's full of action, stories, and teamwork.

3. New World

New World: Launch Trailer

Following up on the best MMOs similar to Wayfinder, New World is a standout game. It takes you to Aeternum, a magical island filled with secrets and challenges. If you end up on its shores, it's not just about staying alive. It's about finding your own story in a place where magic changes everything. Aeternum has a rich past. Everywhere you go, from thick forests to old ruins, there's a story to tell. The island is alive with magic, and this magic changes the land and everything in it. As players travel and explore, they find hidden tales that are both amazing and mysterious. With every step, there's something new to see or a new challenge to face.

But what's special about New World is how you can fight. There aren’t strict roles. Instead, you get to choose how you want to battle. You can use a heavy sword, a sharp bow, or powerful magic. The way you fight is all up to you. You can be on the front lines, or you can help your friends from far away. All in all, New World gives players a big, exciting world to explore. Players can decide how they want to play and what stories they want to tell.

2. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure Launch Trailer

Next up on our list of MMOs like Wayfinder is Guild Wars 2. This game is set in a big place called Tyria. The game is known for its exciting adventures and stories that players can dive into without having to pay a subscription fee. Additionally, you can go anywhere you want in this game, find cool places, and meet interesting characters. Sometimes, these characters need your help, and if you decide to help them, you might get to experience fun events or earn rewards.

Furthermore, playing with others in Guild Wars 2 is easy. If you see someone in the game, you can just start playing with them. There's no need to do any complicated steps. Plus, you earn points for doing almost anything – even things like helping other players or collecting plants. Lastly, Guild Wars 2 lets you make your character unique. You can pick different jobs (or “professions”) for your character, and this changes how you play the game. There are also lots of cool outfits and colors to choose from, so you can look just the way you want!


TERA - Launch Trailer | PS4

Concluding our list of best MMOs like Wayfinder, we have TERA. It's a game that combines a beautiful fantasy world with action-filled fights. In TERA, you won't just click buttons to fight; you'll be right in the action, dodging, aiming, and timing your attacks. You have to be quick and smart when you fight. It's not just about choosing a move but also about when and how you do it.

TERA gives players many options. You can pick from seven races and 13 classes to play. Whether you want to be a strong Berserker, a fast Reaper, or a helpful Priest, this game has something for you. The game world, called Arborea, is vast and filled with adventures. You can team up with friends to fight huge monsters or explore big battlegrounds and hidden dungeons. Besides fighting, TERA lets players explore beautiful places. From green forests to big buildings, there's always something to see. Players can also craft things, improving their gear and making it unique. In short, if you're looking for the best MMOs like Wayfinder, TERA is a great choice.

So, which of these MMOs have you dived into, and which ones are you eager to try next? Are there any other titles you believe deserve a spot on the list? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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