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Until Dawn vs. The Quarry

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Until Dawn vs. The Quarry

The Quarry is considered a spiritual successor to Until Dawn Notably, both games have gained significant popularity among gamers in the horror genre. However, both games are developed by Supermassive Games and share many obvious similarities. To this end, players who have played one and not the other may wonder which of the two games is the best.

Overall, putting both games against each other is difficult; we just have to agree that both games are great. However, we can compare their similarities and differences. Here is a comprehensive overview of Until Dawn vs. The Quarry.


THE QUARRY Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [4K 60FPS PC] - No Commentary

Until Dawn and The Quarry are both decision-making games, with most of the scenes and gameplay playing out like a movie. However, some of the gameplay also involves a bit of third-person shooting, exploration, and quick-time events (QTEs).

Both games use different controls for these gameplay events, affecting the gaming experience. Notably, The Quarry uses the analog stick for QTEs, while Until Dawn uses buttons. Executing QTEs is easier using the stick than buttons.

Moreover, both games have a stealth feature (don’t move, don’t breathe) to avoid detection. Notably, The Quarry requires you to hold down a button to use this feature. On the other hand, Until Dawn requires you to hold your controller while holding down a button is more foolproof than holding the controller. Overall, the various features and controls in The Quarry are easier to access and use.

It is also worth noting that The Quarry has a Deluxe Edition that adds new awesome features. Most notably, you can watch the game like a movie while maintaining control over the outcomes. Additionally, you can play the game with friends and dress your characters in fun 80s-themed clothes. You may also be delighted to learn that you can also get second chances at fate for characters that die or get lost.


 Graphics: The Quarry

Although this may seem like an unfair comparison, the difference in both games’ graphics cannot be ignored. The Quarry was released in 2022, so it naturally boasts better graphics than Until Dawn, which came out in 2015.


Until Dawn - Story Explained

Both games’ stories are closely similar. On the one hand, Until Dawn is based on a group of young adults away on a remote mountain retreat trying to escape fierce Wendigos and a brutal serial killer. On the other hand, The Quarry is based on a group of teenage counselors away at Summer Camp fighting off blood-thirsty werewolves.

Until Dawn has a more detailed and engaging story than The Quarry. Moreover, it features many twists and turns that make it more fun and compelling than the latter.

In contrast, The Quarry has an intriguing story, but it feels basic and light in some parts. Moreover, the story is not properly paced, so it moves slower or faster than desired in certain parts.


The Quarry FULL Game Walkthrough (Best Ending, Everyone Lives, Caleb Alive) Best Choices

You can achieve one of two main endings in both games, depending on which characters die or live. Overall, whether your characters live or die the outcomes depend on the decisions you make.

This is a close call, as the decision-making aspects of both games are engaging and intriguing, leading to surprising twists and turns. However, the choices and decision-making requirements in The Quarry are more realistic. It is also worth noting that The Quarry has more characters than Until Dawn, giving it more potential endings.

Dialogue: The Quarry

Werewolf JACOB can’t eat EMMA because of her BRACELET? - THE QUARRY ( All Dialogue Choices )

The Quarry also outperforms Until Dawn in dialogue. Interaction between the characters feels natural and realistic, based on a teenager’s POV. Moreover, there is plenty of humor throughout despite it being a horror game. However, it is also worth mentioning that some parts feel off.

In contrast, the dialogue in Until Dawn is good but not as engaging. The dialogue doesn’t capture the teenagers’ POV, and some lines intended as humor tend to come off as quirky.

Characters: The Quarry

The Quarry - Characters, Voice Actors and Face Models

Characters are an integral part of the gaming experience as they are the link between you and the game. Notably, The Quarry outperforms Until Dawn in terms of character development. For starters, the game features nine playable characters, one more than Until Dawn. Additionally, while some of the characters in The Quarry resemble certain characters in Until Dawn, their personalities are more developed.

Additionally, the dialogue between the characters in The Quarry also makes them seem more realistic. For example, the characters act their age better and show more empathy in this game than in Until Dawn.

Monsters: The Quarry

Monsters: The Quarry

Both games do an excellent job of making their monsters as terrifying and formidable as possible, making this one a close call. However, The Quarry does a better job.

Monsters in Until Dawn are cannibalistic humans that turn into blood-thirsty creatures known as Wendigos, a legend inspired by the Native Americans. In contrast, monsters in The Quarry are humans that turn into werewolves when exposed to the light of a full moon, a legend inspired by medieval Europe.

Overall, the monsters in The Quarry are more realistic; interestingly, they don’t look like the typical werewolves seen on TV but more like the real deal. Moreover, the transformation from human to werewolf is always captivating and entertaining.

Scare & Mystery: Until Dawn

Until Dawn - Jumpscares Compilation (Most Scary Moments)

Horror games are all about scares and mystery. The mystery in The Quarry revolves around the secrets of the Hackett family and gathering evidence about their involvement with lycanthropy. In contrast, the mystery in Until Dawn revolves around discovering the identity of a serial killer and trying to explain nearby Wendigo-related events.

Both games are also scary, involving suspense, gore, and jump-scares. Notably, Until Dawn relies more on suspense, creepiness, and fear of the unknown to make it scary. It also focuses more on jump scares than The Quarry. In contrast, the latter is scary, but less so than the former.

Overall, both games are enjoyable, intriguing, and scary. However, The Quarry is overall better than Until Dawn, which is expected considering that both games come from the same developer and are about seven years apart.

So, what’s your take on our comparison of The Quarry vs. Until Dawn? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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