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The Quarry: 5 Best Characters, Ranked

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Supermassive Games is known for producing some of the biggest horror games in the industry. And as expected, the company nailed it again with their latest project, The Quarry. The interactive horror game made its debut on June 10 and has already created a massive buzz among fans. It follows the ordeals of nine camp counselors who are stranded at a summer camp [Hackett's Quarry] which ends up being their biggest nightmare yet. Players control all nine characters as they face horrid encounters, which they must survive throughout the night. 

The game features more than 180 different endings, which are all determined by the choices players make in each situation. To succeed in The Quarry, you have to understand all the protagonists of the game. This helps you identify how to get them through their potential deaths. Each of them has captivating personalities, which affect their actions in relation to different scenarios. Therefore, some may be harder to save; that's why you need to learn about those with the greatest potential to survive. Here are five of the best characters from The Quarry.


5. Kaitlyn Ka

Kaitlyn Ka is a vibrant, outgoing character who is voiced by Brenda Sang'. Her confidence and social nature allow her to maintain composure during dire situations. She's also the one to come up with viable solutions to some of the hardships the team faces. She has a unique kind of presence that gives out leadership vibes. However, Kaitlyn also has a wild side to her, which makes her one of the most interesting characters in the group. 

As the only gun expert, she is a badass when it comes to handling firearms. We can see her soft side through the way she's affected by her crush on Ryan. This is primarily due to the fact that her crush is interested in someone else. This whole ordeal causes some really awkward moments when the group gathers for a game of ‘Truth or Dare.' Some of which may even make you cringe; after all, this is a horror game, and you are bound to be horrified at some point.


4. Dylan Lenivy

One of the characters that are more than fun to interact with is Dylan Lenivy [Miles Robbins]. His ever avid humor and great expertise in music make him one of the most likable personalities out of the nine counselors. He comes off as a chill and all-around kind individual. As can be seen through the way he values his friendship with Kaitlyn and even ends up saving her life. Another word that can describe Dylan is selfless; he tries his best to warn Kaitlyn to stay away once he learns that he's been infected.

However, underneath all that bravery, Dylan withholds a secret due to the fear of rejection; his crush on another male character named Ryan. Despite this, the two still get a happy ending when they share an intimate moment. Well, it's not exactly a happy ending since at least one of them gets infected, but you get the gist. Let's also not forget that these events depend on your choices throughout the game.


3. Abigail Blyg

The Quarry: 5 Best Characters

Abigail Blyg [Ariel Winter] is a socially awkward but lovable character. Her artistic interests often keep her deeply buried in her notebook; nonetheless, she is still hopeful about connecting with her crush Nick over the summer break. She's an easily manageable character, and her sweet nature will drive you to keep her as safe as you can; especially after you learn about how hopeful she is about the future. She is also pretty indecisive, whereas some situations may force her to make quick decisions or die.

One more unique aspect about Abigail comes to light when she shows close to zero symptoms after infection. This goes to show the strength of her humanity. This, however, is short-lived as she goes through a gruesome attack right in front of her peers, which results in her brutal end. There are several other different ways that she may end up dead, but this one is perhaps the most horrid.


2. Ryan Erzhalher


The Quarry: 5 Best Characters

Justice Smith's character Ryan Erzhalher, is one of the few personalities that bring relief to players with his enthusiasm about all things supernatural. He has a great interest in ghost stories and horror podcasts that come in handy throughout his interactions. Although he inhibits the behaviors of a happy loner and acts clueless about those with a crush on him, he is still protective of his friends and is a hero till the end. As the most charismatic character out of the nine, Ryan is just the type of person, you need in any survival horror game. 

All these special elements in Ryan's personality are what drive him to step up as the voice of the group, making him one of the most important friends. His impeccable music taste and spooky story-telling abilities are just part of the reasons why he ranks as one of the best characters in The Quarry. He loves to connect with those around him, especially Dylan, who is one of his love interests.


1. Laura Kearney

The Quarry: 5 Best Characters

On top of the list of the best characters on The Quarry, we have Laura Kearney. A veterinary medical student voiced by Siobhan Williams, who goes through a series of mayhem as a result of trusting Max, her boyfriend. She is one of the most relatable characters in the game, perhaps because she is always trying to find the most reasonable solutions. Similarly, she appears smarter than most of the characters, which is notable even in the early stages of the game. With her crafty talents, she manages to outsmart the werewolves on her trail towards the end of the game.

As the first playable character, Laura offers players a better chance of success in this survival horror game. She is also able to kill most of the monsters; this is highly attributed to her smart decision-making skills. Only when her boyfriend dies, do we see her go through one of the most disheartening events in The Quarry.

Which of The Quarry characters from the above list do you think is the best? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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