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The Last Faith: Everything We Know

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It seems like the long wait for The Last Faith is about to end. Originally thought to release in late 2021, The Last Faith has run into its fair share of mishaps and delays. Now, though, developer Kumi Souls Games seems more confident in a late 2023 launch. Fingers crossed, it pulls through. But what do we know about The Last Faith? What’s the genre, story, gameplay, and more? Check out our The Last Faith: Everything We Know article to find out.

What is The Last Faith?

The Last Faith is an upcoming exploration-based Metroidvania action side-scrolling platformer that has been described as an unholy combination of Metroidvania and Soulslike. It’s very much a Bloodborne-like game that uses similar gameplay, settings, and aesthetics. So, fans who were hoping for a Bloodborne sequel can find some solace here. Among The Last Faith’s core gameplay elements are a mix of merciless, precise combat, a wide range of custom executions, and dark, gothic horror themes to explore.


Imagine you’re living at the edge of reality in a ruthless world drowning in superstitious beliefs. It’s a fantasy world different from your own, built on dark, gothic structures and supernatural vortexes. In The Last Faith, players assume the role of Eryk. As an amnesiac citizen, he’s forced to wander the treacherous city of Mythringal while battling the speed of his deteriorating mind and conscience. 

The only way out is to take on a cursed mission. It leads him to cross paths with ferocious monstrosities. Along his travels, Eryk uncovers the deadly secrets of a decadent world. He’s forced to contend with a society where an ancient religion is the law. He must fight horrific beasts and find a way to subvert a hidden prophecy. Will you run or face supernatural conflicts head-on?


The game’s main gameplay features include a reactive action combat system, an arsenal of weapons, special buffs to power up weapons and skills, a variety of deeply satisfying magic spells, an expansive, giant world with intricately designed environments, and a stunning pixel art visual to go with it. Just like Bloodborne, The Last Faith aims to offer a mix of brutal, exciting action for players. 

You’ll have access to a wide range of combat options, including melee weapons, arcane spells, and a variety of long-range firearms. Exploration isn’t restricted to a linear path. However, whichever path you take poses new challenges and deadly traps to overcome. Players navigate around a gorgeous 2D pixel Gothic landscape. Environments vary from moonlit castles, snowy mountains, deep, dark forests, and crypts. Each platform is a beautiful hand-drawn piece of art that draws inspiration from fan-favorite Kickstarter projects. 

Science and magic live in unison. And corruption reeks all across the city of Mythringal. If you’ve played Bloodborne, then the gameplay in The Last Faith will be easy to jump into. From puzzles, collectibles, weapons, spells, buffs, and special combos, The Last Faith offers a pretty all-around room to hone your individual playstyle and carve your own path. For gore lovers, The Last Faith offers several ways to finish off enemies in style. Overall, The Last Faith features a ravaged world brimming with atrocities and ancient divinities—definitely a world not for the faint of heart.


The Last Faith

The Last Faith has been in development by Kumi Souls Games. It pays homage to Konami’s seminal Castlevania series. In the beginning, the game kicked off as a Kickstarter project that raised an impressive 466% of the original goal. Since then, the team at Kumi Souls Games has been busy, constantly updating fans on the development process on Twitter

At the moment, they have raised over $250,000 for the pledged goal of around $50,000, and have secured over 4,000 backers. From the first glance at the array of beasts and monsters lying in wait, The Last Faith proves to be promising. You can see sneak peeks into the dialogue, environments, the City of Mythringal, and the maritime zones around it. We simply can’t wait to get our hands on this one.


The Last Faith - Official Gameplay Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Firstly, The Last Faith released its first trailer for its Kickstarter debut in May 2020. We could see the high potential for the dark, gothic universe as well as some of the horrific villains you’ll face. Then, a trailer on Steam that showcases some of the gameplay. Recently, at the 2022 Future Games Show, The Last Faith released a new gameplay trailer, more dynamic than the rest. 

It reveals platforming across a similar but darker theme than Blasphemous. There’s a mixture of swordplay, gunplay, and Soulslike elemental powers. You can even shoot six blades at once. And, of course, hand combat. The enemies vary greatly, with some having some pretty horrific features. Each one seems to display unique movesets. All along, a dark, atmospheric setting spreads across a diverse range of environments. If it feels exaggerated, feel free to check it out for yourself in the trailer above.

Release Date, Editions & Platforms

The Last Faith

The Last Faith has had some mishaps in landing an actual release date. At first, the game was set to release in late 2021. However, a delay forced the developing team to extend the release date further into 2022. Now, it seems the date has been pushed further into 2023 in the USA and UK, with Steam noting that The Last Faith’s release date status is “to be announced.” Delays are pretty common in gaming. However, as a mix of frustration and excitement continues to run high, we sincerely hope the new 2023 tentative release year sticks this time.

For now, you can add the Standard Edition to your wishlist on Steam here. Perhaps more editions will spin up closer to launch day. Fortunately, nearly all platforms are catered to, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam for PC, MacOS, and Linux. In the meantime, feel free to keep track of new updates via The Last Faith’s Twitter handle here.

So, what's your take? Will you be picking up a copy of The Last Faith when it drops? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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