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Rockstar Games Releases GTA 6 Early After Online Leaks

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Rockstar Games has released the highly anticipated GTA 6 trailer ahead of schedule after the trailer leaked online. The 90-second clip, originally slated for release tomorrow (December 5), has provided a glimpse into the title.

The trailer confirmed that GTA 6 is set to hit the shelves in 2025. The trailer further introduces the game's main characters, a Bonnie and Clyde-inspired duo navigating the criminal underworld in the iconic setting of Vice City. A surprising twist to the series, GTA 6 features a female protagonist named Lucia. Lucia starts her journey behind bars with a wry comment on her predicament: “Bad luck, I guess.”

The video starts with a view of the outskirts of Vice City, featuring busy traffic on the roads, a jet plane flying overhead, soaring skyscrapers, and a vibrant street life. This marks the return to Vice City, Rockstar's rendition of Miami, but now depicted in the contemporary era.

The game embraces the influence of social media, with glimpses of TikToks and live streams woven into the narrative, suggesting an immersive integration of modern technology within the gameplay experience.

Lucia and her male counterpart, portrayed as lovers and partners-in-crime, emphasize the importance of unity and trust as they navigate the criminal underworld. The trailer offers glimpses of high-speed chases, daring heists, and the unmistakable charm of Vice City's nightlife. In addition, the trailer features scenes from a strip club and chaotic altercations at a gas station.

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The return to Vice City, Rockstar's rendition of Miami, showcases the city's scale, both day and night, with skyscrapers lining the waterfront and roads extending across bridges to small islands. The game promises a mix of iconic GTA elements, including hovercrafts in swamps, flamboyant beach scenes, and adrenaline-pumping action.

As the trailer concludes, the GTA 6 logo emerges, confirming the game's release window of 2025. Rockstar did not reveal the exact dates. 

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