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PUBG Mobile: Guide to Winning Chicken Dinner

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Mobile gaming has a lot to offer for those of us who prefer to game on our phones or who just simply never want to take a break from gaming. In either case, the top mobile games remain consistent year after year, with battle royales typically atop the FPS pecking order. PUBG Mobile, for example, has remained not only the best and most popular battle royale on mobile but also one of the most played games on the platform since its initial release five years ago. However, a lot has changed since then, and winning that coveted chicken dinner is getting relentlessly harder.

Overall, the PUBG Mobile player base has had quite a substantial improvement over the last couple of years. Now more than ever is it harder to rack up the kills, climb the ranked ladder, and of course, secure that supper. Nonetheless, if you want to start seeing results on the battlefield, and thus dinner on the table, turn to the tricks in this guide to winning chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile to help you get it done.

5. Landing Spot

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A successful start to any battle royale game is highly determined by where you land. In fact, pretty much the entirety of your game and how it plays out is determined by your landing spot. And, with PUBG Mobile consisting of nine maps, there are plenty of options for where to begin the fight. With that said, we recommend that you choose a landing at a location that is not directly in line with the plane's flight path.

Landing in a location that is directly in line with the flight path is known as a “hot drop”. In general, hot drops are chaotic, crowded with players, and will often leave you scrambling for armor, meds, and ammo. As a result, we recommend choosing a landing spot that is not in line with the plane's flight path.

Many players are too impatient to travel to locations that are a little further out of the way. However, the loot is just as good. Furthermore, you have a better chance of getting properly geared and even cleaning up a few kills, all of which set you on the right track to winning a chicken dinner. Rather than landing in the location that will get you on the ground the quickest, which will almost certainly also get you killed the quickest.

4. Early Game Tactics

One of our most important early-game tips is to avoid engaging until you're properly equipped. So many times do we see players, or find ourselves, pushing an enemy when we don't have anything to rely on other than a triple headshot combo, which we don't hit 99% of the time. Even if you do, there's a good chance you're low health and easy pickings for whoever's around you. That's why we suggest getting geared first because that way you stand much more of a chance. This also furthers why we say to avoid hot drops.

So, if you're thinking about going for and possibly winning a chicken dinner this round, you'll want to avoid all and any fights until you have at least a weapon, armor, and meds for healing. First and foremost, is a weapon and armor. After that, make sure you have some medical supplies on hand. Just in case things go wrong and you need to take a step back, heal, and re-engage.

3. Weapon Setup

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As far as weapon setup goes, at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference. That being said, you'll want to ensure you have some diversity in your combination. Preferably, a weapon for mid to long range and another for mid to close range. For instance, the classic assault rifle and sniper rifle combo. Or if you want a bit more variety, you can do an automatic sniper rifle combined with a submachine gun. Furthermore, there is really no reason to have a shotgun, so we suggest avoiding them at all costs.

You're prepared for any situation with either of these setups. An assault rifle will cover you from mid to close range, while a sniper has your back from mid to long range. If you prefer the latter, an automatic sniper rifle works great for long to medium ranges, while a submachine gun is the best option for close-range spray and pray. In addition, if you don't like sniping, a properly equipped assault rifle (long-range scope) and submachine is another weapon combination that's viable for winning a chicken dinner.

2. Circle Rotation

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Now that you've mastered the early-game tactics, you'll need to think about the mid to late-game circles. We know we say it a lot, but your circle rotation is one of the most important aspects of how your game plays out. That is, when you decide to rotate and where you choose to go. If you rotate too early, there's a chance that a few stragglers will sneak up behind you. As a result, you're best off hugging the circle's edge and slowly clearing it in unison with it shrinking.

Furthermore, avoid beaming yourself in a straight line to the next circle. Instead, wrap your way around the edge of the gas to the next circle if you can. In general, if you rush head first to the next circle, you'll have less cover, can be shot at from more angles, and are simply exposing yourself to more options. All of which could end up costing you winning that precious chicken dinner.

1. Key Tips for the Top 10

Congratulations on making it this far; it's no easy feat. And we don't blame you if your heart is racing because the top ten is always a nail-biter. However, there are a few tricks you can use to come out on top. The first one is to make sure you always have cover. Take hold of a house, a wall, or even a tree. If you're out in the open, hiding behind a hill, or propped up next to a bush, you'll surely get picked apart.

Second, think carefully about when you decide to engage. Because the circle is so small, taking shots at another enemy gives your position away to the other eight or however many players are left. As a result, you're putting a target on your back. So, if you're going to expose your position, make sure it's worth it.

The third and final tip for winning a chicken dinner once you're in the top 10 is to make the best use of your grenades. These will flush out players. And, even if you throw them at random, there's a good chance you'll hit someone.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with the tips in our guide? Do you have other suggestions for winning a chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

Riley Fonger is a freelance writer, music lover, and gamer since adolescence. He loves anything video game-related and grew up with a passion for story games such as Bioshock and The Last of Us.