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Persona 5 Royal: 5 Best Tips For Beginners



Persona 5 Royal is a game that has taken the JRPG world by storm. Featuring the base game of Persona 5 but with added content, Royal fleshes out what is already a stellar JRPG. However, some players may be familiar with the genre,  as many are experiencing it for the first time. Being less experienced in the genre can lead to newer players having many questions about the game. That said, here is Persona 5 Royal: 5 tips for beginners.

5. Taking Your Time

Persona 5 Royal is a game with a lot of time management. That being said, it is vital players can manage and use their time effectively. That said, the player mustn't speed through the game's various tutorials and explanations of systems. Doing so will almost ensure that the player will not understand the more complex intricacies of the later part of the game. So players must take their time to understand the various systems before moving on to more challenging content.

A large part of the game between the more action-packed heists is focused on managing time. This management is typically between school, work, and mundane aspects of life. Within these time frames, players can explore more of the game world. As well as learn more about the game's systems. For example, players can upgrade their stats by completing activities during their off time. This downtime plays into the gameplay loop of Persona Royal incredibly well. Players looking to get an advantage in combat can find that boosting their stats with these activities can make all the difference, making taking your time a vital piece of advice.

4. Manage Your Confidants

Managing one's confidant level within Persona 5 Royal is the key to becoming more powerful. Taking care of your friends and your relationships with them will allow your confidant level to rise. Doing so will unlock particular abilities for their respective Personas. They will grow stronger through unlocking these abilities, which will undoubtedly aid the player's team. Managing your confidants is indeed a crucial step to success in Persona 5 Royal.

Managing your confidants can be done in several ways within Persona 5 Royal. The primary way to accomplish this is by spending time with the character that holds the associated tarot card. For example, if players would like to increase their confidant level with Ryuji, then it would, in turn, give his Persona, Captain Kidd, more abilities. Doing so will allow players to level their Personas even during downtime. Of course, the ways you can level up your confidants vary, with the player participating in various activities with the holder of the respective Persona they wish to level up. Hence, making this tip essential for newer players.

3. Level Your Skills

Leveling your skills is a vital part of Persona 5 Royale. Leveling your skills can be done in various ways around town. These activities range from hitting the batting cages to reading and other activities. Doing these activities will grant the player higher stats in multiple areas. For example, if players wished to upgrade their Guts, they could hit the gym in their downtime. In addition, doing so will allow players to tailor their character build to their specific needs.

Accomplishing this, in turn, will allow the character's respective Personas to become more powerful. This system works with the Personas to give the player greater power. Doing this is especially important towards the end of the game as the stats become increasingly important as the game progresses. Therefore, the player needs to capitalize on this game aspect early to avoid a grindy experience. So players should note which skills can be leveled up in which way and the simplest way to accomplish this task. Overall, leveling your skills is essential to the Persona 5 Royale leveling process.

2. Fusing Personas


It is undoubtedly a no-brainer that fusing Personas is one way to increase one's power within the game. Combining them will allow the player to gain access to more powerful Personas. This fusion system is essential to leveling your team of Personas throughout the game. This system is introduced early in the game and only becomes more critical as the game progresses. Introduced in the first dungeon, players will enter The Velvet Room, a space where characters can sacrifice multiple personas to fuse into one more powerful one.

Doing this will allow players access to greater power throughout the game and toward the endgame becomes necessary. Players will be introduced to characters within  TheVelvet Room as well, with Igor running the show with two female companions who watch over the imprisoned Joker. It is then that they will teach the player how to fuse Personas. Personas of various types must be matched together to create specific Personas, making it vital to collect a variety. That said, combining Personas is one way to get ahead of the game early in Persona 5 Royale.

1. Passing Your Exams

Persona 5 Royale is a game in which you play a student. That being said, one could infer that studies play an essential role in the game. This is undoubtedly true in Persona 5 Royale's case. Therefore, players who are not as focused on their studies in-game are at a disadvantage compared to their more studious counterparts. That is because passing the various exams in the game is significantly crucial within the more mundane student sections. Therefore, players seeking to upgrade their knowledge skills with little to no effort will find this the most efficient way.

Fret not, however, as all of the answers to the quizzes are available to the player as long as they can search the Internet. It is recommended that players look up a guide, as many of the questions have relatively obscure answers. Doing so will allow players to be more than knowledgeable when this stat comes into play. A critical way this affects the player is that it feeds into the confidant leveling system. This will allow players to level their confidants more efficiently, making their Personas more powerful. In conclusion, being a model student rewards the player considerably in Persona 5 Royal making it a fantastic tip for newer players.

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