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5 Most Anticipated PC Games Coming Out in May 2023



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The PC has long been a great place for gaming, with so many different kinds of titles set to release on the market. As a result, the PC has become a place with many games to choose from. Among these games, some games are soon to release. These games have captured the attention of players worldwide and will soon debut on PC. So if you are looking forward to seeing them, enjoy our list of the 5 Most Anticipated PC Games Coming Out in May 2023.

5. Amnesia: The Bunker

We begin our list starting off with a title that is from the highly-acclaimed Amnesia series. Amnesia: The Bunmker is likely to give players the same gripping psychological horror that the series is known for. Players will be able to unravel the mystery of their situation and figure out exactly what is going on in this game's world. This allows the player to experience the narrative piece by piece as they work out what is happening throughout the game. Fans of the series are no doubt excited to see the new directions that the series is going to go in.

This game, as the name would imply, is set in a bunker. However, the time period it is set in is during the First World War. This gives the game a distinct location and place in history. This is sure to aid both immersion and allows the player to solve problems themselves. In addition, the game seems to have an emphasis on dynamic enemy encounters. These inclusions are sure to make for a great time. So if you are new to the Amnesia series or a long-time fan, definitely check this title out when it releases on PC in May 2023.

4. Warhammer 40,000: Bolt Gun

The Warhammer 40,000 series is one of the most recognizable series in both tabletop and video gaming. This series sees players play in unique war-torn landscapes. Players, this time around, will be able to engage in fast-paced FPS gameplay as they move throughout the world as a Space Marine. In addition, the game aesthetically pulls a lot of inspiration from shooters of yesteryear, such as the earlier Doom games. This is great as it capitalizes on the interest in such games, which has become rather a niche among the larger video game space.

The game features fluid gameplay, which allows the player to fight against hordes or enemies. This quickly becomes rather enthralling and feeds into the game's gameplay loop. Additionally, there are several different levels for players to move throughout, each of which feeds into the gritty nostalgia-filled aesthetic. All in all, Warhammer 40,000 Bolt Gun appears to be taking inspiration from the best of the best in terms of classic FPS games. This is sure to be a formula for success when it releases among other games on the PC in May 2023.

3. Etrian Odyssey HD

For fans of the classic JRPG series, the HD remaster of Etrian Odyssey is exciting news. Players will be able to engage with the classic gameplay in a whole new way. The upgraded textures and graphics allow for players to experience the world of Etria with fresh eyes. In addition, players will be able to choose from a variety of classes, each with their own distinct abilities and uses. This is great as it allows players to connect with the characters. So no matter your play style, there is a character here for everyone.

The game also features upgraded mechanics and a few additions that help bring the game up to modern standards. Players will be able to tune their party to their liking, ultimately making their team stronger as a whole. This serves as a testament to eh adaptability of these characters and allows the player to have quite a bit of control over them. Altogether, Etrian Odyssey HD is a release that is surprisingly on a ton of players' radars. So if you are looking forward to the PC release of one of the best games, then be on the lookout for this one in May 2023.

2. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

The Lord of the Rings as a franchise is absolutely huge. Among this behemoth of a franchise, there are quite a few interesting characters that have stood the test of time. Among these characters, there is Gollum/Smeagol. This character both covets and protects the One Ring throughout the series. That brings us to the events of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum. Players will be able to protect the Ring and go throughout the world. All the while learning more about the duality of their character. This is a great direction for the game to go into and is sure to bring unique moments to the game itself.

The game seems to do a great job of blending together action and stealth gameplay. This is great and allows the game to appeal to a wider range of players. Learning more about the character, however, is definitely at the forefront of this game. So if you are a Lord of the Rings fan or simply want to play one of the most anticipated PC games in May 2023, definitely check this one out, as it hopes to bring a one-of-a-kind experience.

1. Redfall

Next on our list, we have an entry that has been hyped up quite a bit since its announcement. Redfall is a game in which players will have to use their teamwork skills, as well as FPS skills, to ward off a horde of vampires. This leads the player to engage with the game's team-oriented systems, as well as its varied cast of characters. In addition, the game itself has a really nice presentation. And the world of Redfall appears, at least so far, to be relatively well-realized. This goes a long way in helping the game's world feel like a true world and less so like an array of locations.

The game's gameplay appears to be quite good, as the animations and sound design appear top-notch. This is sure to make it one of the most anticipated titles on PC. So if you are looking for games to play in May 2023, Redfall is simply a must-play. The game also encourages multiplayer gameplay, which is sure to add to the longevity of the game, as well as create more gameplay options.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Most Anticipated PC Games Coming Out in May 2023? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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