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Ghostrunner 2: Everything We Know

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Ghostrunner 2: Everything We Know

Picture this; you're navigating a dystopian world where challenges lurk around every corner. As your avatar dashes through the digital landscape, dodging obstacles and surging forward with unstoppable determination. Does this get your adrenaline pumping? Well, good news! Ghostrunner is getting a sequel right from the horses' mouth, 505 Games, 

The new title, Ghost Runner 2, will be another surge of high-octane action where you'll sprint, leaping over hurdles, and sprinting towards victory. The title's predecessor received overwhelming success, which, of course, made the developers go back to the drawing board to create another smashing hit. Unfortunately, the game's announcement didn't provide enough detail about what we should expect once the game hits. However, for our loyal fans, we've raked up all the bits and pieces of information we could gather to give you an exclusive sneak peek. Here's everything we know about Ghostrunner 2. 

What is Ghostrunner 2?

Ghostrunner 2 will likely be another balletic symphony of chaos and precision. The predecessor, Ghostrunner, is a futuristicGhostrunner masterpiece that thrusts you into a world of breathtaking verticality and razor-sharp reflexes. Every leap, slash, and dash feels like a choreographed dance of destruction.

From the very first moment, Ghostrunner grips you with its stunning visuals, blending sleek metallic structures with vibrant splashes of color. The cityscape stretches before you, a sprawling playground of high-tech architecture and treacherous platforms. Each level is a meticulous maze of vertical mazes, challenging you to navigate its intricacies with a blend of agility and cunning.

Storycyberpunk, Ghostrunner

Undeniably, I was absolutely enthralled by Ghostrunner. Especially the storyline, it hit the right buttons. In case you missed it, here's a quick recap: 

In the previous title, players assume the role of Jack the Ghostrunner in a futuristic cyberpunk world after a global apocalypse. Jack is one of the cybernetic augmentations created by the Architect to act as a peacekeeper for the derelict world. The Architect soon faces betrayal from his confidant, Mara, who malevolently takes over the tower as the Keymaster. Mara destroys all the peacekeeper units, but Jack gets rebooted back to life. All hope now lies with the Ghostrunner. 

In an epic conclusion, the curtains draw on a narration describing Jack's ensemble of heroic acts that save mankind. The epilogue showcases the ghost runner assuming sentience by killing the Architect and referring to himself as Jack. With resurrection already possible in the game, the Architect may be the sequel's antagonist. Or will we face a new terror?

Possible Gameplay

Ghostruuner's 2 predecessor was a smashing hit owing to its fluid gameplay, earning tons of praise from the entire gaming community. Its gameplay is a mesmerizing display of speed, precision, and futuristic parkour prowess. As the eponymous Ghostrunner, you embody the perfect blend of cybernetic agility and deadly proficiency. Every move you make pairs with lightning-fast reflexes, propelling you through a dystopian world with graceful finesse.

With so much lore over the initial gameplay, we expect the upcoming title will fly close, if not higher, and feature an exhilarating combat sequence. Including new weapons and abilities will undoubtedly raise the bar for the sequel.

What's certain is that the team will prioritize the title's gameplay. Also, we could be looking at a multiplayer feature that may be competitive or cooperative. Personally, I'd want to see how the combat system runs in a competitive multiplayer scenario. 


Ghostrunner 2

Ghostrunner is a mutually forged game by Slipgate Ironworks and One More Level. The game is co-published by All In! Games and 505 Games. The latter acquired the game's IP license in 2021 for a whopping €5 million from one source. 

Well, that's a neat figure to pay for a brilliant masterpiece. You may know 505 Games from Asseto Corsa, A Tale of Two Sons, and Dead by Daylight. Now that the game's license is in their hands, I'm certainly optimistic about what's in store. 

On their anniversary stream, 505 Games announced the upcoming title, referring to the IP as “a brand with great potential, capable of contributing for a long time.” Moreover, 505 Games confirmed that Polish Studio, One More Level will also jump aboard the cyberpunk bandwagon

In part, the announcement reads, “We are particularly excited about the future release of Ghostrunner 2. Together with One More Level, we have created a thriving and engaging video game”. What's more, One More Level affirms fans' peak expectations by describing Ghostrunner 2 as an “evolution, not a revolution.” 

Impressively, by the time of the announcement, Ghostrunner had sold half a million copies. The sequential play of events and spectacular visuals had a hand in the game's success. Not every day do you see an action platformer rise the ranks faster than a comet streaking. 


Ghostrunner - Official Cinematic Trailer

Developers have yet to give us a sneak peek of the upcoming action since the announcement didn't feature a trailer. Neither did it feature in the 505 Games Spring 2022 showcase. However, officially released artwork points to a dystopian atmosphere with a possible return of the humanoids.

In case you missed Ghostrunner's trailer, you can watch it above.

Release Date, Editions, and Platforms

Unfortunately, the developers have yet to lift the lid on the official release dates and special editions. Presumably, we'll see the sequel in Q4, 2023. Moreover, Ghostrunner 2 will launch on PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S. A Nintendo Switch may launch later in 2024. 

Given the intense capabilities of the Xbox Series X and PS5, we hope the developers will optimize the game better for the new generation consoles. 

In contrast, Ghostrunner was released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Windows. However, many gamers reported issues with poor texture, screen tearing, and unstable frame rates. Despite this gamer's nightmare, the game is still a commercial hit, and we expect nothing less with the sequel.

So, what's your take? Will you be picking up a copy of Ghostrunner 2 when it releases? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.


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