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Games on Steam: A Magical Mystery Tour



Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. Today, we will ride frogs, build idyllic villages, confront dangerous illusionist, learn how to double-cross our teammates, and more.

It Takes Two

To start, we have a refreshing co-cop adventure/platformer. It Takes Two is wonderfully disruptive, switching you from genre to genre seamlessly. Often hilarious, the game follows the story of 2 dolls trapped in a bizarre universe and their various trials. If you ever wanted to pilot underpants, retaliate against a gang of squirrels, or ride a frog taxi, this is a game for you. All you need is a willing friend, and It Takes Two will show you all of its charms.

It takes two gameplay

Uber is so out of style Steam


Dorfromantik is a casual strategy/builder in which you create and cultivate idyllic villages. It's very easy to get going, just connect randomly generated tiles and reap rewards based on your skills at combining them. This is simple but not easy if you want to finish all quests and set a new high score. Dofromantik offers a variety of biomes for you to play with, so you won't get bored anytime soon. All in all, this is an addictive and peaceful indie perfect for unwinding after a long week.

Dorfromantik gameplay

A meditative village builder Steam

Dandy Ace

In this action roguelike, we follow a charmful magician that is trapped in a cursed mirror. To escape, Dandy will have to confront an evil illusionist named Lele. Armed with magical cards, you will battle dozens of wack bosses to find your way through the huge palace. Cards can be combined in hundreds of ways, so you can easily create pretty unique builds. In short, with its interesting gameplay, Dandy Ace will appeal to the fans of games like Hades and Dead Cells. 

Dandy Ace gameplay

Dandy Ace is so ridiculous that it works Steam

Sub Rosa

Sub Rosa is a wacky multiplayer FPS filled with tense shootouts and high-speed chases. The game follows a story of corporations fighting for power and money in whichever way possible. It's your decision if you want to trust other players and do clean business or get trigger-happy. As you climb to the top, you will gain more cash and disks, which are used for purchasing cars, equipment, and guns. Although still in early-access, Sub Rosa is brimming with potential and we can see it becoming very popular.

Games on Steam: Sub Rosa

Shit's about to get real Steam

Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth

Lastly, we have a cool Metroidvania that just left early access. Record of Lodoss War is a popular ongoing action series, and this is a prequel that follows the story of a female elf Deedlit. Armed with a sword, bow, and a variety of elemental spirits, it's your goal to explore the mysterious labyrinth and eliminate epic monsters. The game looks sharp and has a smooth combat system that doesn't get old. If you are a fan of Castlevania games, with Record of Lodoss War you should feel right at home.

Games on Steam: Record of Lodoss War

A great sequel to the popular Metroidvania series Steam

There's never a shortage of great Indies that you can play. Find more in our previous edition of Games on Steam.

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