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Fortnite: Wish List For Chapter 2 Season 4

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Epic Games seems to be on the right track after having the last two seasons quite long. If Chapter 2 Season 3 stays strong, it will be the shortest season since Season X. There is a very strong rumor of a Fortnite x Marvel theme for Chapter 2 Season 4.

Fortnite always comes with new items, fun locations and innovative gameplay for players. With Season 4 almost here, we at Gaming Net have separated some items that we would like to see present.

Classic Points Of Interest

Since the debut of Chapter 2, the Fortnite map has received mixed feedback from players. Some points of interest like
Lazy Lake, Misty Meadows and the Agency / Authority were well accepted by the community. most other locations were not so remarkable. Pleasant Park, Retail Row and Salty Springs have stood the test of time from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2.

Epic Games certainly did not forget the past, it separated points of classic interests. There are several locations over the past few years in Fortnite that players would love to see again. Tilted Towers is the main among them, considering its iconic layout that helped to build the competitive profiles of Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff and Aydan “Aydan” Conrad. The chaos that formed within the Tilted Towers took Fortnite to a very high level.

Chapter 2 Season 4 is Epic's great opportunity to bring back some points, like Tilted Towers. (Image: Epic Games)

Chapter 2 Season 4 is Epic's great opportunity to bring back some points, like Tilted Towers. There is no reason for the developer not to do it. Players would like to see places like Lazy Links, Wailing Woods, Haunted Hills, Polar Peak and even Greasy Grove with open arms. However, only time will tell if Epic will open the safe and bring it to the fans.

Balanced Mythic Weapons

In Fortnite Season 6, Infinity Blade became the first Mythic weapon. During the Winter Royale in 2018, it became a topic of discussion. After the 7th season, the mythical weapons only appeared sporadically. In Chapter 2 Season 2, Mythic weapons are back. The Grotto, The Shark, The Agency, The Yacht and The Rig, each had their own weapon or unique item carried by a boss.

Infinity Blade became the first Mythic weapon in Fortnite Season 7. (Image: Epic Games)

These POIs featured mythical versions of the Minigun, Assault Rifle, Grappler, Boom Bow, Drum Gun and Heavy Assault Rifle. When it fell into the right hands, these weapons rocked the lobby. Notably, Minigun and Drum Gun would tear up structures, shields and a lot of health from the players. Skye's Assault Rifle quickly became the most powerful weapon in the ranged game.

In Chapter 2 Season 3, there was more of the same. A Mythic Chug Jug, Burst Assault Rifle, Charge Shotgun, Glider Gun and Shockwave Launcher joined the fray. Players had to battle to earn these weapons and items. Having the best bosses, henchmen and other players to earn such powerful items should be how Mythic POIs work. However, the problem exists in the power of these weapons and items.

The Glider Gun is very similar to the Shockwave Launcher, however, to a lesser extent. Competitively speaking, Shockwave Launche is a free-of-charge resumption of risk free. Chapter 2 Season 4 will remove Mythic items completely. However, if not, Epic Games may introduce some varieties of weapons that do not destroy the entire lobby.

Lobbies with 150 players

Since the beginning of Chapter 2, public games have become an important topic for discussion. The early days of Fortnite were magical, whether solo, double or squad. Most lobbies include a large number of players who suck the fun out of public games. This problem was even greater after removing the skill-based combination.

Epic Games should consider creating a game mode with 150-player lobbies in Chapter 2 Season 4. (Image: Fortnite)

Epic Games should consider creating a game mode with 150-player lobbies in Chapter 2 Season 4. It is not sure if this will solve the problem with public matches, but it is a start. Let's hope Epic can adjust public matches to create a more rewarding experience for those who prefer not to support Arena mode.

More Invite-Only Tournaments

Anyone from the beginning of the competitive Fortnite scene knows what humility was like. Nobody expected Fortnite to explode from a competitive standpoint. Advancing to July 2019, Epic Games produced a $ 30 million World Cup tournament. It was without a doubt the height of competitive Fortnite. Lots of people watching all over the world, meanwhile Epic paid $ 3 million to the winners of the doubles, Aqua and Nyhrox. Plus that amount for Bugha. With insane prizes to win, Fortnite has transitioned from invite-only tournaments to tournaments dependent on Arena rank.

But in general, open tournaments have many problems. Weeks ago a player used a hack and reached the Grand Finals of an FNCS Qualifier undetected. There is no way to tell how many players are using undetectable hacks and are withdrawing money. For this reason, invite-only competitions are expected to return in Chapter 2 Season 4.

What Epic Games could adopt is something similar to the Ninja Battles Tournament Series. (Image: Epic Games)

What Epic Games could adopt is something similar to the Ninja Battles Tournament Series. This series includes professional players as well as content creators. Epic Games is fully capable of reserving a small prize for a series of fun invite-only tournaments. It is just a matter of deciding whether to do it or not.


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