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Fortnite: the good rivalry between Tfue and Scoped versus Chap and Av

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Weekly qualifying events for the Fortnite Champion Series are in progress. Counting with many excellent players in these qualifiers. Many professional pairs had a lot of teamwork with strategies in search of the $ 5 million. With so many different landing sports available, many players settle in Ghost and Shadow locations due to their abundance of items. However, there is a drop point that many consider the best, considering what the players gain from landing there.

The Grotto

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 brought five new locations to the Battle Royale map. The Rig, The Grotto, The Agency, The Shark and The Yacht are the places, and each one with its uniqueness. Many people say The Shark and The Grotto are the best places when it comes to items. When entering the cave, Brutus travels the area with a Mythical Minigum. However, on a suicide mission, all Fortnite players do not advise.

In addition, the Grotto has several heavy snipers, as well as a safe filled with treats. Several Duos landed in the Grotto and fought each other to decide the winner of the loot. And that is why we are here today, the Eastern NA region has produced one of the biggest rivalries in this regard. Tfue and Scoped versus LiquidChap and MRKN Av.

During a week in the Fortnite Champion Series, Tfue and Scoped after establishing an initial landing site, were lost. The initial plan was at The Henchman base, on the hill between Craggy Cliffs and Steamy Stacks. However, the pair organized the landing at The Grotto and decided that the serve would be worth it. Minigun Mitica and heavy assault rifles with snipers are the benefits of landing there. However, the fight against other players who land there too, is intense. One of the pairs that Tfue and Scoped would end up meeting is Liquid Chap and MRKN Av.

Chap and Av since the beginning of the Fortnite Champion Series decided that The Grotto would be the landing site. What most led to this decision is the power of the items found there. After many successful ventures, Chap and Av would eventually start a close fight with Twitch star Tfue and his Scoped duo.

A rivalry was born

Tfue and Chap are two of the exceptional players in the competitive Fortnite scene. Both players have some scolding with Fortnite and its developers, but they are also competing at its core. Their stories include success in several different seasons, and both found insane controller players to join in the near future.

As the pairs enter the Battle Bus, we never know what to expect. The fight between Tfue and Chap taught us how volatile Fortnite is. This fight in the pair is often summed up in those who are going to execute the use of Minigun Mítica for example. But one thing is certain that it is impossible to predict who will win a match between the two.

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The two Duos have been fighting at The Grotto since the second week, and it's been a pleasure to watch all the time. Whether you're a Tfue and Scoped fan or a Chap and Av fan, this rivalry brings a unique perspective to viewers. We can see in the minds of all four players as they search for angles, try to eliminate Brutus and look for weapons and crucial materials to defeat each other.

The best part of this dispute is the fact that no team is willing to step back and choose a new location. In the fourth week of qualifying, the two doubles and some other mourners fought back and forth, exchanging eliminations and putting on a show. There is no shortage of small talk on both sides, and we learn how these two pairs feel. It is difficult to say whether the disdain is genuine, but both Scoped and Tfue have made it clear that they think the Grotto belongs to them.

Fortnite Champion Series fourth week finals

An angry tone was perceived on the side of Tfue and Scoped in the final qualifying week. Even being in the top 20, they did not miss the opportunity to skip Chap and Av. Close to Chap almost died for a Minigun outside The Grotto. That left Scoped on his own, who ended up dying later in the match. The situation in that fourth week was the hottest and probably next week it will be the biggest. In the 6 matches, the two pairs fought each other in all of them. But starting next weekend, things change. All games will be important, as only 12 pairs of each heat will go to the Grand Finals.

Qualifying and Grand Final in sight

With Chap and Av supposedly leading the way with the eliminations of Tfue and Scoped, it will be interesting to see where the two pairs go from here. Chap even dubbed Tfue's fan base, “Tenney Tots”. Based on the amount of hatred they have sent against him in recent weeks. This leaves us wondering if any of the two pairs will deviate from the plan with a huge pile of money at stake. NA Eastern Grand Final winners will take home $ 44,000. Which is much more than these four players won last month during the qualifiers.

If all goes well, will Chap and Tfue continue to give viewers what they want? The answer to this question is hopefully, yes. While we wait for the doubles announcement in each heat, we can only hope that Tfue and Scoped are in a different heat from Chap and Av. We will then see a Grand Finals showdown that will certainly be considered in the history of Fortnite as one of the best and most fun. Both pairs would need to qualify for the Grand Final, which should happen if they can defend their respective pitches.

However, the fight is going on. It is one of the best of its kind and it is worth paying attention to whether Tfue and Chap are genuine or not. Expect fireworks between these two pairs and any others that decide to get involved in this war. Tune in next weekend to see who triumphs over The Grotto in stage two and the Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals.

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