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DYSMANTLE: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

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DYSMANTLE: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

Imagine taking that first step into the real world after spending years tucked away in a bunker. An apocalypse sent you out into hiding, but now that the worst is gone, you emerge to find a world flourishing in nature’s finest wonders while not-so-friendly creatures want to eat you alive. 

Dysmantle is an open-world RPG whose sole goal is to survive. Your surroundings are packed with all sorts of raw materials waiting to be found and crafted into useful tools and weapons. Meanwhile, dangerous creatures lurk in the corners, and it’s up to you to find clever ways to stay alive. Oh, and you’re all alone out here. Worry not, though, as your time will hardly feel as lonely. 

With so much to do and exploring to get to, we’ve compiled the best tips for Dysmantle beginners to give you a head start.

5. Upgrade Your Crowbar 

DYSMANTLE: How To Upgrade Crowbar

You’d think you emerge out of a bunker with a few useful tools in hand. But no, all you have, at least in Dysmnatle’s case, is a crowbar. But don’t take the crowbar for granted. It’s a pretty useful blunt weapon that can break nearly 99% of the things in Dysmantle’s environment. 

The trick is that the crossbar starts off fairly limited. It allows you to break only a few small items, like a white fence. However, the more stuff you break, the more your crowbar upgrades. It’s kind of like advancing your experience while also leveling up the items you’re able to break. 

In no time, you’ll start to break larger items in the environment. These will reap better-priced resources. You may even get lucky and get an unusual, highly significant drop. The higher your crowbar level, the better chance you have to scoop up even more useful resources.

4. Level Up Your Backpack

Upgrading Backpack!! | Dysmantle Early Access Gameplay | #4

In a game like Dysmantle, picking up resources will become second nature. But you may run out of space in your backpack just as fast. So, you want to level up your backpack as often as you can. This allows you to scoop up as many resources as you can possibly carry without leaving them, so you can backtrack your way back and end up wasting precious time. 

Creating more space in your backpack will allow you to collect plenty of useful items, including ground spawn and things like eggs and mushrooms. For buried treasure, look out for rock formations that form circles and dig inside them to loot. Besides survival, these come in handy in certain missions and side quests. Some side quests can demand a lot of resources. So, stockpiling them beforehand will help to avoid having to go out there and grind some more.

Once you upgrade your crowbar and backpack, you can move on to upgrading other items you find most useful. You can upgrade the baseball bat after the crossbar and backpack. It can come in handy when destroying larger items for better loot. The machete is also quite useful for cutting down trees for lumber. Feel free to experiment to find the tool that best lets you progress easily and find your footing.

3. Break Everything

Break Everything to Survive?! You Got It! - Dysmantle Gameplay - Early Access

No, the name isn’t for the sake of sounding fancy. It’s entirely suggestive that, yes, indeed, nearly everything you do in Dysmantle is, well, to dismantle everything. According to the game’s description, nearly 99% of the items in Dysmantle are breakable. You’ll want to start by chopping down trees. Afterward, break through walls and whatever else you can.

Generally, don’t miss the chance to grab goodies in the environment simply by presuming that the item won’t break, because there are high chances that it will. Once you break stuff, they’ll drop resources—some useful, others not so much. It’s up to you to decide which resources to gather and craft to survive.

2. Campfires Can Be Your Saving Grace

DYSMANTLE -- aka I spend 20 minutes trying to find a campfire

Along your endeavors, you’ll run into a campfire as one of the first points of interest. These play a big role in your survival. Whenever you spend a minute or two at campfires, you’ll be able to rejuvenate your energy. Besides, resting at campfires will automatically store your items in the nearby storage chest, protecting your backpack from overload.

Additionally, campfires will restore your health to full. It’ll also restore your limited weapons durability, as well as all the uses of your limited special items. But something that can easily be skipped by most players is the campfire's ability to restore all the creatures to their default spawn points. You can use this to grind for more loot, as enemies often drop useful crafting items and loot when defeated. 

Campfires also tend to respawn close to opponents, so you won’t have too much ground to cover either before facing foes. It’s a little bit of a hack that can tip the scales highly in your favor, so don’t waste it.

1. Deathless Tombs and Mana Orbs

[Dysmantle] All 20 Tomb Location + Resolved ( 20 Tomb Total)

Firstly, don’t worry about exploring for tombs. They come naturally as your mission progresses. However, try not to underestimate them, especially for their mana orbs. They come in handy when turning on deadly transmitters, which make killing the vile creatures in Dysmantle far easier, even within their habitat. As long as you run for the radio tower and activate the deadly transmitters, you should have an easy time killing monsters that give you a hard time.

Also worth noting is that deaths that happen in tombs don’t exactly count as deaths. So, if you find yourself in a death match, try to run into the tombs where it’s safe to die. With 21 tombs to explore, one in each region, you should enjoy descending into their depths and uncovering the deadly secrets they hold dear. You’ll want to beat all the tombs, some with somewhat challenging puzzles and obstacles, to avoid backtracking later. Meanwhile, you’ll also scoop up rare mana drops that upgrade the signals on relay towers.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our Dysmantle: best tips for beginners? Are there more tips we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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