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Best Wrestlers in AEW: Fight Forever

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Best Wrestlers in AEW: Fight Forever

With over 50 playable wrestlers to choose from, it can be tricky to choose which wrestler to play in AEW: Fight Forever. More so because, unlike other professional wrestling franchises like WWE 2K, AEW: Fight Forever doesn’t attach any rankings to a wrestler. So it comes down to which wrestler you fancy the most, along with their skills and perks like signature and finisher moves that suit your playstyle the best.

One way is to experiment with each wrestler to find the one that marries well with your playstyle. But that can take ages to settle on the best one. You may also choose a legendary wrestler after your own heart. However, unlike WWE 2K23’s whopping 248 characters, AEW: Fight Forever narrows down its roster to a tight ship of only the most elite superstars and legends of wrestling.

To help you save precious time experimenting and spend more of it showing off your best moves, here is a list of the best wrestlers in AEW: Fight Forever.

5. Custom Wrestler

Custom Wrestler AEW: Fight Forever

It would have been superb to download other players’ best custom wrestlers. Also, AEW: Fight Forever’s customization palette can use a little more love to match up to the extensivity in WWE 2K23. In any case, don’t let those few hiccups stop you from creating your very own mega-superstar. And thanks to a Reddit forum, you can get a kickstart using the CAW (Create-a-Wrestler) formulas other players have come up with. And in this way, you know the entries are tried and true.

So, what’s a custom wrestler, exactly? Well, it’s a way to create a wrestler from scratch. You can choose their name, hometown, gender, pose, face type, eyes, body type, muscle, height, weight, and down to the entrance attire you’d like. When you’re finished selecting your preferred options, you’ll save the newly created character and see them appear at the bottom of your regular roster for you to play as.

You can create a slight variation of legendary wrestlers or even customize wrestlers after pop stars like Prince! A custom wrestler is the best way to go outside your comfort zone and create a wrestler that truly takes after your heart.

4. Cody Rhodes

Next up, we have Cody Rhodes, an American professional wrestler popularly known for starring in the documentary, “American Nightmare: Becoming Cody Rhodes.” He’s one of the top wrestlers whose path to the top hasn’t been smooth. He talks about his past, growing up as the son of Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. He carved his own path and learned to trust his instincts, which must have been right because they led him to the highest echelon of professional wrestling.

Unfortunately, Cody Rhodes isn’t immediately available to play when you boot up your AEW: Fight Forever. However, when you stack up 10,000 in-game bucks, you can unlock him at the shop. Onward, Cody Rhodes will become a go-to wrestler, particularly because of his momentum gain. Unlike other wrestlers, Cody Rhodes quickly charges up his momentum, which is handy for using signature and finisher moves. All you need to do is land a successful offense and avoid incoming hits as much as possible, and you’ll be good to take advantage of his special moves over and over.

3. Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley, also an American professional wrestler, is one of the frontiers in driving All Elite Wrestling to success. He was a former one-time WWE. Now he’s reverted to his Combat Zone roots, scooping up three-time world champion status at AEW. If you’re the aggressive type of wrestler, Jon Moxley is perfect for you, evidently striking as one of the most violent wrestlers in the game. You can also use Moxley in extreme no-rules matches like Ladder, Lights Out, and Exploding Barbed Wire.

Among Moxley’s strengths is a killer finisher move called Paradigm Shift or Death Rider. It’s rated at a full five-star and is powerful enough to take down your opponent in one move (or submission). On the other hand, Moxley’s signature move is a four-star Gotch Style Piledriver move that your opponent can come back from. However, use it to prime your opponent’s head for the finisher move, and you’re good to go.

2. Paul Wight

Paul Wight

Another American professional wrestler to consider is Paul Wight. He stands gigantically tall at a whopping seven feet. That, and his career swopping countless championships and over two decades in the ring, has made Paul Wight a household name. Choosing him, though, will have to employ some kind of strategy.

See, Wight is the largest wrestler in AEW: Fight Forever. So, competing against smaller wrestlers is a piece of cake because they struggle to lift you up. Meanwhile, you can perform sneak attacks on them, landing hits and finishing with powerful slams to win.

1. Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega

Many players gravitate toward Kenny Omega for good reason. A Canadian professional wrestler, Omega has a whopping five finishing moves and four signature moves under his belt. It makes him the most versatile wrestler to switch up moves on the fly. And when you use the famous One Winged Angel (shout out to Final Fantasy fans), you’re guaranteed to land yourself a most satisfying victory.

There are many more Omega video game references to speak of, including his signature hard-running knee strike, V-Trigger, from the Street Fighter series, and one of Omega’s entrance attire closely resembling Sephiroth’s in Final Fantasy 7.

All in all, it’s no secret that Kenny Omega is one of the best wrestlers in the world. His most memorable performances span all across Japan and America, and he’s won numerous titles in Impact, AEW, and NJPW, among others. Quite surprising that WWE hasn’t wooed him yet. Nevertheless, AEW recognizes the value he brings to the table and doesn’t hesitate to place him at the center of nearly every official AEWvideo game coverage out there.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best wrestlers in AEW: Fight Forever? Are there more wrestlers we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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