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WWE 2K22: 10 Best Wrestlers, Ranked

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WWE 2K22 is finally out, and with it comes the return of some of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history. This year's game features a revamped grapple system, as well as new animations and character models. With so many great wrestlers to choose from, it can be tough to decide who is the best. That's why we've put together a list of the 10 best wrestlers in WWE 2K22!


10. Seth Rollins (91)

wwe 2k22 10 best wrestlers

Seth Rollins is an extensive choice to play on in WWE 2K22. He applies a devastating skill set involving intense technical maneuvers to attack the opponents. His stronghold is his signature foot stomp finisher to finish the enemy quickly. He is an outstanding choice when striking is the preferable skill suited for the match.


9. AJ Styles (91)

The phenomenal AJ Style is setting his way on the victory list. The wrestler is famous for his trait of stealing moves. In addition to his signature moves, this aspect makes him ‘invisible' in the ring.

AJ Style will keep your opponents on their toes and boost you with imitation skills. PLaying AJ means you have the advantage of your abilities and that of your opponents. Wrestlers who fight him are always in for a match of a lifetime.


8. Hollywood Hulk Hogan (92)

What would WWE 2K22 be without the solid egotistical wrestler? Hollywood Hulk Hogan is undoubtedly a great choice to play on. Hulk has a high success rate with a good victory record in the game.

The powerhouse has applied most of his moves but adds, even more, making him a dangerous foe. His big boot and leg drop combo finishers are also a good boost in the match.


7. John Cena (92)

wwe 2k22 10 best wrestlers

In the world of WWE matches, John Cena is not only a popular but a powerful name. He has won many titles in WWE battles and replicated the same in WWE 2K22. John Cena is featured with a vital skill set to turn your gameplay into a huge success.

Cena is the greatest enemy to your opponents with his five moves of doom and a powerhouse of finisher moves. He is also highly remarkable for his resilience and comeback. Cena is not easy to put down, thus an excellent choice in wrestling.


6. Steve Austin (92)

The legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin is attracting a roar in WWE 2K22. The game presents gamers with the best of Steve Austin’s moments in WWE. The game has also retained all moves that Stone cold had.

The bold wrestler employs a robust double finisher set to boost your winning chances. In addition to the crowd cheers, Steve Austin serves as an excellent motivation to boost your playability. In WWE 2K22, Steve Austin is the best striker in the league.


5. The Rock (93)

Wide popularity is not enough description for The Rock. He is a great wrestler who has won multiple matches. And even though he is not an active wrestler in WWE, he has left a legendary record to propel his character in the WWE 2K22 game.

The Rock gives a player the advantages of speed, power, and multiple moveset choice. Use his signature finisher moves, the rock bottom one, and people's elbow with a nice touch of his charisma to ensure a sweet victory. With his many excellent skills, The Rock is your best winner.


4. Becky Lynch (92)

WWE 2K22: 10 Best Wrestlers

WWE is now recording highly flourishing female wrestlers, and Becky Lynch is that wrestler. With relentless perseverance and epic performance, Lynch is a sure bet WWE 2K22. The female star keeps countless records in the WWE show, and the WWE  2K22 game is sure to maintain her reputation.

Lynch is a ruthless enemy who imitates the right personas from the most excellent personas to overpower her combats. In WWE 2K22, Becky Lynch 92 has the best representation of Lynch and has won many players several matches.


3. The Undertaker (93)

WWE 2K22 10 Best Wrestlers

As one of the well-known and most popular wrestlers for a long time, it is no surprise to showcase The Undertaker in this list. The wrestler is well versed in his killer signature move, the tombstone variations.

As The Undertaker exits showbiz, WWE 2K22 gives us the best of The Undertaker. Playing him implies striking the enemy with magnificent strength and speed. The Undertaker has a series of power moves that make him one of the most feared personas to fight. Since he has been in the industry for a long time, The Undertaker is undoubtedly a refined killer machine to play against.


2. Brock Lesnar (94)

WWE 2K22 presents the dreadful Brock Lesner in the game as it is in his real-time career. Brock Lesner has the fearful low blow to paralyze your enemy. He also has a just representation of Brock Lesner's first finisher move.

Lesner is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. His amazing strength, quickness, and numerous striking methods make it tough for the attacker to plan his next move. The wrestler has all of the key attributes in the game, just like he has in real life, to help you win.


1. Roman Reigns – (95)

WWE 2K22 10 best wrestlers

Topping the WWE 2K22 10 best wrestlers list is Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns is quickly becoming a giant powerhouse in WWE 2K22. With his punching power, Reigns will give you unmatching success rates against top wrestlers. His signature moves are also a great way to enhance your combat. Reigns, with the proper skills, will quickly render your opponent too helpless to continue the fight.

Reigns gained momentum after his comeback in the wrestling field with a complete personality change. The WWE 2K22 game did a good representation of his new personality and matching strengths. With the attributes of perseverance and well-articulation of his signature moves, Roman Reigns is the most sumptuous wrestler to play.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our WWE 2K22: 10 Best Wrestlers? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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