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5 Reasons Why You Should Play GhostWire: Tokyo

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GhostWire: Tokyo What you should know before buying

With the release of Ghostwire: Tokyo drawing closer than ever, on March 25 to be precise, we thought in the meantime, we’d keep you engaged with some of the reasons why you should play GhostWire: Tokyo

There have been game previews detailing enough combat, art style, and mechanics to give us an understanding of why it’s worth the try. But keep in mind that a full review is underway. Ultimately, this guide will help you determine whether you’ll be getting Ghostwire: Tokyo on your PlayStation5 or PC. Our guess is you’re most likely to, and in case you’d like the game for your Xbox, you may have to wait until 2023 to enjoy everything the game has to offer. 

So without further ado, here are five reasons why you should play GhostWire: Tokyo. Read on.

5. The Story Is Captivating

Ghostwire: Tokyo Review

Without giving up spoilers, the game, as you may have guessed, takes place in Tokyo. Except, it’s not the Tokyo we know. A mysterious mist has descended upon modern Tokyo to disembody everyone, including your playable character named Akito. He finds himself merged with KK, an experienced ghost hunter living as a spirit inside him. 

Throughout the game, you’re navigating a hollow open-world, hunting ghosts and villains that come your way as you seek to restore sane Tokyo and your sister. KK, the spirit inside you is there to guide you through all the strange things you come across. Coupled with Tokyo’s detailed design, the game’s story is bound to get more thrilling in the later hours of playing the game. 

Speaking of detailed design …

4. The Open-World Draws You In

OpenWourld in GhostWire: Tokyo

Most fans were quick to tag GhostWire: Tokyo a survival horror game like Tango Gameworks’ previous Evil Within games. However, GhostWire takes a different approach. It’s more creepy, misty, foggy vibes—these makeup-less jumpy, spooky, horror scenes to the more-interesting eerie atmosphere. As an add-on, the open world is paranormal, filled with magical spirits and elemental spells.

It’s vital to note that while other open worlds give you the freedom to roam around, exploring whatever you please, you may be in danger if you stray into foggy, more deadly areas. This makes the open world restricted to some degree. Of course, you could always venture into corrupt sceneries and fight off optional ghosts and adversaries. 

The alternative option is to unlock new areas to explore by completing side quests. It’s pretty similar to concepts implemented in other games. So the moment you land in Tokyo’s open world, a series of icons and points of interest pop up for side quests to take up in-between story missions. If you keep up the pace, on and on, the open-world scenery further opens up to you. 

What would be left to nail this atmospheric ghost city is visually impressive graphics, but first, let’s talk gameplay.

3. The Combat Keeps You on Your Toes

Firstly, combat stands out from the crowd. Unlike Tango’s previous third-person shooter games, GhostWire: Tokyo shifts gears to a first-person shooter game. Furthermore, instead of guns and ordinary weapons, you wield paranormal ones. So there are elemental spells to shoot fire, ice, or wind from your fingertips. You’d also get a ‘karate meets magic’ combat feel that is insanely satisfying. 

As you go casting spells, you’ll face some sinister enemies. Often, magic won’t deal deadly damage, so you’ll need to rip off their core in a shower of sparks. It may sound easy peasy, but GhostWire: Tokyo makes sure to make battles challenging enough, so you’re always on your toes. 

That’s not all, though. While spells are a whole load of fun, stealth may come in handy at different times. This can be when silent takedowns make much sense or when you want to save on your magic resource levels. 

A third option is using a bow and arrow for enemies that don’t see you approaching them from a distance. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose which combat style to use at different encounters and when to use them offensively, exploratively, or protect yourself against enemies. 

It all seems pretty fun and games, well, until you meet the villain…

2. The Villains Seem Like Great Adversaries

GHOSTWIRE TOKYO - ALL Bosses & Boss Fights (4K 60FPS)

You've probably seen early depictions of GhostWire’s enemies with some creepy-looking creatures. The enemies are sinister; they don’t come to play. They’re as aggressive as you’d find satisfying to beat them, and in great numbers, they could overwhelm you. Side missions also do well to incorporate an impressive pack of enemies. Some even include emotional stories. 

But the villain that takes the day is Hannya. With excellent writing and outstanding cruelty and approach to life and death, Hannya adds a unique spice to the game’s atmosphere. He makes for a worthy opponent as you traverse the game to fight against him in the main battle. Ko-omote is also a worthy opponent with his damaged noh mask and long hair. Needless to say, Tango’s history in making survival horror Evil Within games sure makes subtle appearances in how enemies are depicted in the game.

1. The Graphics Are Beautifully Made

GhostWire: Tokyo

It’s all futile if a game's graphics aren’t visually appealing. So when the GhostWire: Tokyo presentation came out looking truly special, you’d know it’s, at the very least, averagely worth your time. It helps that the game will run on the graphic power of the PlayStation5, but also previewing the game showed how much potential Tokyo has for a creepy, twisted depiction of it. 

The game combines eerie atmospheres with bright and colorful visuals soaked in neon. Even the spells Akito casts against his enemies are portrayed in as many neon colors. The game took care to pay attention to detail such that it takes no thought to shift away from the main story to take in the surroundings of the game. It’s the right amount of great lighting and shower of sparks that make the overall game a worthwhile addition to your gaming collection.

And that’s it for the top five reasons why you should play GhostWire: Tokyo. Are there other reasons you’d like to share with us? Feel free to comment down below or on our socials here.

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