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Best Mods for Resident Evil 4 Remake



Capcom's newly released version of Resident Evil 4 has been out, what, a week? And yet, to our utmost suprise, modders have already managed to get their hands on it—implementing mods that turn Leon S. Kennedy into Shrek, the Chainsaw Sisters into Keanu Reeves, and bog-standard mobs into duplicates of CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In a week.

Believe it or not, this is barely scratching the surface of the casket that the likes of Nexus Mods and other respected modding communities have contributed to since the game's inception. But what are the best and most absurd creations, in general? Well, here are the Resident Evil 4 Remake mods we'd highly suggest adding to your game for a few additional flavors.

Fluffy Mod Manager

First and foremost, you're going to need to patch the Fluffy Mod Manager into your game. In short, this valuable tools lets you install additional mods by modifying PAK archives, and ultimately applies a general list that you can either enable or disable as you work your way through the campaign. It's nothing overly flashy, but it is an instrumental part of the modding process—so be sure to get it equipped before embarking on your weird and wonderful journey.

Teleport and No Clip Plugin

Checkpoints are a thing of the past, as proven by the bucket load of manual save plugins modders have implemented since the dawn of gaming. And Resident Evil 4 is no different, either, as modders have already taken the liberty of adding a tool that simply removes the drawn-out checkpoints, and instead lets you both save and teleport to any location on the map. Quite useful, given the fact that some checkpoints are miles apart.

Baby Strikes Back

Because who wouldn't want to turn the beloved RCPD cop into a giant baby, right? After accruing 10,000 downloads from the first version that was built exclusively for Resident Evil 8, modder JTegh made it so Resident Evil 4 could rock the same skin. And you know, it doesn't disappoint, as simple as it may be.

Church Bell No More

Without doubt, one of the best sections in the entire Resident Evil 4 campaign is the village chapter—in the town square, before the church bell rings, to be precise. It's here that Leon has to endure endless waves of enemy townies and, not to mention the chainsaw-wielding boss that roams. With the above mod enabled, you can really test your mettle by removing the timer and confronting wave after wave until you die. It also doubles up as an infinite ammunition mod, which alone is a perk worth throwing in.

Infinite Ammo

As useful as the previous mod is, it doesn't actually let you carry over the ammunition from the village chapter. To do this, you will need to enable the Infinite Ammo mod, which essentially allows for you to unlock caches that contain endless rounds for the weapons in your arsenal. So, quite the essential mod—more so if you don't mind an extra helping hand on one of the tougher difficulty settings.

Health Bars

Health bars aren't necessarily good things—especially if you're wanting to immerse yourself in a world that limits the HUD and on-screen clutter. That said, if you are after that RPG feel, then the above mod will do its job by slapping a health bar over the heads of your enemies. Useful in boss battles, one would imagine.


It comes as no surprise at this point, seeing the likes of Shrek fill the boots of a villainous villager. It's a tradition, even, that modders swap out the models of generic NPCs with other ludicrous characters the moment the game graces the PC platform. In this instance, it's Shrek. Why? Well, because, you know, mods.

Village Expanded

If you're wanting to spend a little more time exploring the nooks and crannies of the game's village before heading deeper inland, then you'll definitely want to consider adding the Village Expanded mod into your archive. Simple to install and yet surprisingly in-depth, the mod essentially broadens the borders of the village and lets you travel a few leaps further. And while it could still do with some work, it certainly does what it says on the tin, which is let you explore more than what Capcom initially intended for.

Keanu Reeves

If you'd much rather have John Wick in the saddle than Leon Kennedy, then you're in luck, as one modder in particular went through all the effort to swap out the protagonist and the matching skins. Why Keanu Reeves? Who knows. Why Shrek?

Resident 2.0 Reshade

Visually, Resident Evil 4 Remake is stunning—even more so when all of the necessary filters and sliders are applied to accomodate your specs. Having said that, for an extra boost, you could always apply the Resident 2.0 Reshade mod, which basically serves as an all-in-one suite that not only boosts the contrast, but the sharpening and overall color perception of the world.

Other Costumes & Cosmetics

Granted, the modding community hasn't extended its reach all that far yet. Understandably so, given the fact that Resident Evil 4 only dropped last week. But in spite of this, Nexus Mods has done its duty surprisingly well in the short amount of time it's been given. To this end, you can actually install quite a few mods that let you swap characters' outfits and faces for both classic and unorthodox skins. You can check out the library for yourself here.


So, what's your take? Will you be installing any of the above mods anytime soon? Are there any mods you'd suggest adding to Resident Evil 4? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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