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5 Best Games Like Death Must Die



Pixel art battle scene of knight versus blue demon

Are you looking for more games like Death Must Die? You have come to the right place! Here are five great games that offer a similar mix of action, strategy, and ever-changing gameplay. These games are all about quick decisions, fast-paced action, and new adventures every time you play.

5. Slime 3K: Rise Against Despot

Slime 3K: Rise Against Despot - Official Early Access Launch Trailer

Slime 3K offers a thrilling roguelite adventure, blending strategy and chaotic fun in an anarchic world. Players, in the role of a sentient goo blob, embark on a quest for vengeance against the Despot, a tyrannical AI ruler in a futuristic setting. This game features a deckbuilding system. Players engage in crafting their arsenal, choosing and upgrading a diverse range of weapons and traits. This strategic layer adds depth, turning each run into a distinct experience filled with wit and resourcefulness.

As the game progresses, the action intensifies, mirroring the player's increasing strength and capabilities. Also, the variety of enemies in Slime 3K keeps players on their toes. The Despot's army includes everything from knights and mutants to unique foes like ballerinas, stilt acrobats, and carnivorous tomatoes. Each type of enemy challenges players to adapt their strategies, enhancing the game's enjoyment. So, this game tests players' strategic thinking and immerses them in a whimsically dark, entertaining journey through a dystopian future.

4. Children of Morta

Children of Morta - announcement gameplay trailer

Children of Morta offers an engaging blend of gameplay and storytelling. In this game, players embark on dungeon adventures that are different with every playthrough, ensuring a fresh and challenging experience each time. They have the choice of various characters from the Bergson family, each boasting unique abilities. Plus, the game incorporates elements of role-playing games, enabling players to strengthen their characters and unlock new skills as they progress. This aspect ensures that as players advance through the game, they become more powerful and capable of tackling greater challenges.

Additionally, cooperative play in Children of Morta adds an extra dimension of enjoyment. When players team up, they must coordinate their strategies to succeed in the dungeons, making the gameplay even more engaging. The combat here requires players to be both strategic and quick in their actions. Mastering how to effectively use each character's unique skills is key to navigating through tough encounters, providing a balanced mix of excitement and challenge. So, Children of Morta is a compelling choice for players who enjoy dungeon exploration, engaging combat, and a story that unfolds as they progress. So, it is one of the best games like Death Must Die.

3. Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon - Reveal Trailer

Enter the Gungeon merges the thrill of bullet hell challenges with the unpredictability of rogue-like adventures. Players navigate a series of increasingly exciting dungeons filled with foes and obstacles. The game's vast arsenal of weapons, from traditional firearms to quirky gadgets, ensures each playthrough remains fresh and engaging. Each dungeon in this game is procedurally generated, providing dynamic and varied experiences every time. Players encounter unique bosses at the end of each dungeon, each with their own challenging patterns and styles.

Furthermore, the synergy between weapons and items in the game enriches the experience. Exploring different combinations can lead to powerful effects, adding a layer of strategy to weapon selection. This promotes exploration and experimentation, rewarding players for diverse combat approaches. Also, the secret rooms, hidden paths, and a multitude of unlockables add depth and replayability to the game. These elements, combined with the core mechanics, create an engaging and rewarding dungeon-crawling adventure.

2. Ember Knights

Ember Knights | 1.0 Release Trailer

Ember Knights stands out as an action-packed rogue-lite game, perfect for players who enjoy a mix of strategy and fast-paced combat. In this game, players embark on a thrilling journey as one of the Ember Knights, fighting to save a universe under threat from the evil sorcerer Praxis and his army. It offers a diverse weapon system, and players have a choice of six unique weapons, each with its own style and modification possibilities. This allows players to customize their knight according to their preferred combat approach.

Also, Ember Knights is rich in enemy variety, featuring over 60 unique monsters, each with their own attacks and tactics. Elite and Champion versions of these enemies add an extra level of challenge, encouraging players to adapt and learn as they play. Plus, epic boss battles are the pinnacle of the Ember Knights experience. Facing formidable foes like the Royal Phalanx and the Plague Bringer, players will need to use all their skills and strategies. The game encourages players to continuously evolve their tactics, with the Ember Tree upgrades providing new abilities and enhancements for each run.

1. Vampire Survivors

Launch Trailer - Vampire Survivors

If you're on the hunt for a game that redefines the rogue-like genre with straightforward yet deep gameplay, Vampire Survivors is a fantastic choice. This game captivates with its easy-to-learn mechanics, focusing on survival and character progression. Every run challenges you to select the right mix of power-ups and weapons, shaping your playstyle and strategy. At the heart of the game is the thrill of surviving against relentless enemy waves. As you progress, strategic decision-making becomes essential, especially in the tougher stages. The game's simple control scheme requires quick, impactful choices that influence your chances of survival.

Diversity in character choice is a key feature, offering a wide range of unique skills. This variety ensures each playthrough feels new and full of different tactical approaches. Progressing through the game allows you to enhance your characters and unlock new abilities. Also, each level presents a choice of upgrades, letting you tailor your character's abilities to suit your style. This game exemplifies the appeal of simple gameplay blended with strategic depth.

So, what's your take on our picks? And are there any other games like Death Must Die that you think should have made the list? Let us know on our socials here.

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