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Bar Stella Abyss: Everything We Know

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Bar Stella Abyss: Everything We Know

Calling all astrology fans, Nipponi Ichi Software has something special cooking for you. The publisher has announced an upcoming RPG that combines a roguelike strategy. Bar Stellar Abyss isn't your typical RPG; it's breaking the mold by using constellations to level up your skills. The stars are your ticket to becoming a gaming legend. 

Leave it to the Japanese to bring a unique twist to the gaming scene, and Bar Stellar Abyss knocks it out of the park. While details of the game are still in the wind, we've searched every nook and cranny for an exclusive sneak peek. Without much further ado, here's Bar Stella Abyss: Everything we know. 

What is Bar Stella Abyss?

japanesse anime talking to ant while sipping cocktail

Bar Stella Abyss is an upcoming RPG with roguelike elements developed by Nippon Ichi Software. The game will take you on an adventure through the mystic realm of Drunken World, where the protagonist's story begins. The game kicks things off with a peculiar start. As the protagonist, your face and arms are hot property. You must navigate the randomly generated dungeons to make your body whole again.  

As an RPG, players will assume the role of the main character. Besides him, you'll also meet other characters who can become allies in your exploration. There's a strong theme around drunken stupor, with creatures being named after the inebriated escapade. A fine example is Tipsy, a flying creature with which you'll soon establish camaraderie. Tipsy saves you from your aimless wandering and names you “Wanderer. The creature joins in your quest to locate your face and hands. The master is the character you meet at the bar. Regulars at the bar highly adorn her, and she knows much about the Drunken World. She'll regularly advise the Wanderer, helping you navigate the bizarre world.


environment in Bar Stella Abyss


You step into the shoes of Samayoi, our main character, on a quest in the land of Yoi to reclaim his missing body bits. The adventure begins when he stumbles upon the Stella Abyss bar after finding a flyer directing him there. This is where things get interesting. 

You'll meet the bar owner and the mysterious lady known as the Master. After indulging in a few cocktails, he nods off and wakes up in the mystic Drunken World—a nasty hangover that must be.

As Samayoi explores this mysterious world, the bar becomes a centerpiece of the story. It's where he hangs out with weird patrons, sips on a drink or two, and gets deeper into the narrative. These encounters aren't just for show; they'll spill the beans on the story and throw in some goodies to make your exploration of the Drunken World easier. 


colorful charcters on dancefloor Bar Stella Abyss

Dungeon crawling is at the center of the gameplay. Players will explore the randomly generated dungeons with scattered facilities to guide their exploration. The dungeons include shops and an observatory. The former is where you can buy items, while the latter gives you access to enhance your skills. 

Besides navigating different sections of the Drunken World, players will also engage in combat. The mystic world is laden with monsters, and an encounter with them shifts the game to a tile-based battle map. We've witnessed this shift in games such as Pacman, Starcraft, Super Mario Bros. Zelda: Link's Awakening, and Sim City 2000. Battles take place in a turn-based RPG simulation. The best way to conquer the monsters is by “paying attention to the enemy's weakness and placement as well as terrain effects'. Your actions are central in determining your victory.

Moreover, you can strengthen your character skills by obtaining Stellas. There are about 130 types of Stellas that randomly appear as you explore. You can set a Stella to your character's moves to “enhance their performance by expanding their attack range, increasing their power, and adding effects that change the enemy or the terrain.” Plus, you can equip up to four Stellas for every skill. But the fun only lasts for a run. Once you're done, the Stellas reset.

The signature cocktails have hidden effects. You can either increase the experience you obtain or alter how frequently stellar items appear. If you strike up a good conversation with a patron, you can order more cocktails. But be careful not to overindulge. “There are about 300 cocktails in total. You can unlock cocktails with more powerful effects by spending money collected in Drunk World.”


characters in bar Bar Stella Abyss

The game is a masterful creation by the Japanese studio Nippon Ichi Software. You may know the studio by its iconic franchises, including Disgaea and Rhapsody. The devs have primarily majored in curating eccentric role-playing games, and the upcoming title sticks to its roots. The studio is also notorious for sneaking characters from previous games into new ones as secret characters. We're unsure if this will happen with the upcoming title, but only time will tell. 


『BAR ステラアビス』PV

Fortunately, there's a trailer that pieces together the studio's vision. It's as brilliant as it is beautiful. Plus, the visual appeal of the characters is like something drawn straight from an anime show. But hey, don't just take my word for it—check out the video above and see!

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

lad and and lady

Bar Stella Abyss will launch on PS4, PS5, and Switch on February 29, 2024, in Japan. The game will retail as a digital and physical copy. As for special editions, Bar Stella Abyss will include a limited edition containing a soundtrack CD on three disks, an acrylic art board, a visual art book, and a special box.

The devs have yet to confirm when a Western release will be available. However, Nintendo hinted that NIS America will deliver it's news in 2024. So, we could expect the game to roll out in late 2024 or early 2025. 

If this game floats your boat, you can keep up with the devs on the official social media handle here. If anything interesting drops before launch day, we'll be sure to give you the exclusive scoop right here on

So there you have it. Will you pick a copy of Bar Stella Abyss once it drops in 2024? What features of the game stand out the most for you? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials here

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