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Baobab Studios to Unveil Next Immersive VR Experience Baba Yaga

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Baobab Studios, the developers of multiple VR immersive experience such as Asteriods! and Crow: The Legend, has revealed the next project, Baba Yaga. They will be unveiling the first look at the 2020 Annecy International Animation Festival Online edition in June.

Baba Yaga will be a contemporary take of the Eastern European folklore using a 2D pop-up style, hand-drawn animation, and stop-motion. The audience will be taking the role of the main character whose mother is the village chief that has fallen deathly ill. With the help of their sister Magda, they seek the help of the witch Baba Yaga for a cure. Baba Yaga can be a force of good or evil and it is based on the choices of the audience how the story ends up. In a statement. Baobab Studio says “Baba Yaga blends theater, cinema, and animation into a unique experience that explores themes of empowerment and environmentalism.”


Due to the current ongoing pandemic of COVID-19,  Annecy will be taking part in an online format. The registered festival viewer will be able to get the first look of Baba Yaga in the Work In Progress sessions starting on 15 June and will available all throughout the two-week event.

The session will feature co-founders Maureen Fan (CEO), Eric Darnell (CCO), and Larry Cutler (CTO) as well as other team members. They’ll be discussing past projects, the studio’s philosophy, their approach to interactive filmmaking, and of course a sneak peek at Baba Yaga. A live Q&A with the Baobab Studios team will also take place on June 23rd.

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The 6 time Emmy Award Winning Studio's previous and fifth project, Bonfire, had premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival. Starring actress, writer, and comedienne Ali Wong, Bonfire has the audience on the search of a planet that is inhabitable by humanity, finding themselves crash-landed their spaceship on a strange planet where they only have limited supply of nourishment, a fading bonfire, and a surly robot sidekick. Bonfire is available for download on Steam, Oculus Rift and Quest, HTC Vive, and PSVR.

Baobab Studios have stated that they will be releasing Baba Yaga on multiple platforms later this year.

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