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Analysts Predict GTA VI Will Dethrone GTA V

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It's true, we're all getting a little wound up over Rockstar's sly plans and cryptic messages over the highly-anticipated GTA VI. I mean, it's been well over seven years since the fifth game hit the shelves, and going on launch dates — we should be gearing up for a sequel right about now. And yet, the triple-A developer is staying true to their secretive nature by keeping almost every tiny detail under wraps. That, of course, means we're left to scratch over second-hand rumours and wishful thinking.

In light of this, analysts are making predictions over the sixth instalment to the series. Despite having practically no concrete data of the mystical game, experts are quite literally making bold claims already. These statements pretty much state that due to the attention being drawn away from the disastrous launch of Cyberpunk 2077 — gamers will now be looking to Rockstar more than ever before. And, it's also claimed that with the whole world biting nails over the project, that the hype will only continue to skyrocket.

Analyst firm Seeking Alpha explains: “CD Projekt's Cyberpunk 2077 launch makes Take-Two's Red Dead Redemption and GTA open-worlds seem even more impressive. The gaming community's eyes are now firmly set on GTA 6 now that Cyberpunk 2077 has underperformed so dramatically. While the anticipation for new GTA games has always been high, it is perhaps unprecedented for GTA 6. The underwhelming nature of Cyberpunk 2077 is putting only more attention on GTA 6.”

We're expecting seriously big things from Rockstar on this one.

Seeking Alpha continue…

“Take-Two is one of the few major video game companies left to not have catastrophic releases in recent memory, at least for its main franchises,” Seeking Alpha continued. “Even the once-revered Bethesda has fumbled with its incredibly disappointing Fallout 76 release. In fact, the controversy surrounding Fallout 76 all but destroyed Bethesda's hard-gained reputation in the eyes of many customers.”

“Rather than rushing to push out [an] incomplete AAA title for short-term gain, Take-Two has and continues to take the opposite approach of perfecting its major franchise titles before releasing them. This has allowed Take-Two to cultivate an incredibly large and dedicated customer base for its flagship franchises GTA and Red Dead Redemption. In fact, Take-Two's latest Red Dead Redemption release has been hailed as a masterpiece by many in the industry.”

Finalizing the report, Seeking Alpha closed with said bold predictions. “Take-Two's focus on quality should pay off massively with its next GTA release. GTA 6 will likely shatter GTA 5's already astronomical sales figures given how much more popular the franchise has become since GTA 5 was released. Moreover, Cyberpunk 2077's sales success (13 million copies in two weeks) despite its massive issues showcases the general demand for a compelling open-world game.”

Could we be taking a trip back to Vice City?

No pressure then, Rockstar.

Well, that's basically it. Seeking Alpha are evidently putting all of their chips into one basket on this one. Of course, we'd love nothing more than to see Grand Theft Auto 6 go on to become a global success. And, by the way the community has been talking about it, it's pretty likely that we'll see masses of fans gather to follow the launch of the next instalment. Let's just hope it's not a flop like Cyberpunk 2077, eh? After all, with CD Projekt Red facing serious backlash after their decline in support, we think Rockstar are facing double the pressure. But then, going on the major successes of previous games — the confidence is definitely there.

Grand Theft Auto 6 won't be coming anytime soon. We are, however, hoping for Rockstar to squeal at some point this year. Of course, if we do follow the rumours published so far, then we're possibly looking at a Vice City setting with a female protagonist. We're also scoping a potential eighties theme with the return of fluorescent outfits and neon nightlife. But don't take our word on that. Again, these are merely rumours being passed around the deepest parts of the web. We are simply just the messengers.

You can pop in to view Seeking Alpha's full report on Grand Theft Auto 6 here. Or, if you're feeling the urge to delve deeper into the world of Rockstar secrets, you can check out their Twitter handle here. But that's all for now, I'm afraid. We'll be keeping an eye on the world should any rumours come to fruition. Until then, stay safe — and stay positive. We will have Grand Theft Auto 6 someday. In three or four years, maybe.

GTA V Enhanced Edition launches on next-gen consoles later this year.

In other news…

It might have received some rather ambivalent responses upon announcement — but we're sure Rockstar know what they're doing. Grand Theft Auto V, despite being published twice already — will be making a third return to our screens. Whether it's wanted or not, Rockstar definitely seems to be soaking up their famous cash cow for a final time.

Boasting enhanced visuals and a more defined experience, Grand Theft Auto V will be looking to make a third push for next-gen gamers. Sadly, we aren't overly sure what else you'll receive with the newest edition. We're also unsure if this is even the final time we'll see the triple-A game. Chances are, we'll see it on the PS6 in 2027. But we'll let you know on that one.

Grand Theft Auto V Enhanced launches later this year. You can follow the updates for the polished edition here. Or, you can revisit the trailer for the twentieth time below.

Grand Theft Auto 5: Enhanced Edition - Official Trailer | PS5 Reveal Event

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