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All Fable Games, Ranked

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All Fable Games, Ranked

Fable is a coming-of-age adventure game that tests your morality meter in a fictionalized town in Great Britain known as Albion. Unlike other games where heroes emerge from the rubble due to a dysfunctional society, Fable lets you choose your heroic path based on your decisions. It's an interesting perspective on gaming, which somewhat shapes the reality of modern society. At the time of the franchise's debut in 2004, the element of morality was relatively new, which set the game apart from others in the genre.

You'd expect that such a unique game series would achieve overwhelming success. This was true for the first few releases; however, a spin-off series caused Lionhead Studios, the studio behind the title, to lose footing and eventually close up shop. But the spirit of Fable still lives on. After Playground Games announced the upcoming release of a new Fable, we can't wait to see what's in store for the revamped fourth entrant in the series' mainline. Before it launches, let's revisit the titles in the series that deserve a second or third play. Here are the five best Fable games, ranked.  

5. Fable: The Journey

Fable The Journey Launch Trailer

Fable: The Journey is another heroic story where the game's protagonist, Gabriel, finds himself at a crossroads as he ventures through Albion. Starting as a mere dweller, Gabriel is separated from his kinsfolk and forms a path to reunite with them while riding his horse, Seren. On his journey, Gabriel meets Theresa, a 300-year-old blind seer who is wounded and lying by the roadside. An attempt to rescue Theresa turns near-fatal when Seren is poisoned, and Gabriel has to make a sacrifice to save his mare.

As an on-rails adventure game, you'll spend much of the game riding behind your loyal horse companion. This calls for holding imaginary reigns as you make your way to Spire. It sounds exhausting, but you can dismount your horse after traveling for a specific time. This changes the action to combat mode. Moreover, the game makes it clear that the horse means the world to Gabriel. There'll be instances where you need to care for the horse when it gets hurt or by petting it.

Aside from horseback riding, you'll be blasting enemies using magical gauntlets. Every area you traverse will hold a particular interest in your adventure. You'll need to build rapport with characters in the game to develop your outlook further. Notwithstanding, Fable: The Journey is a tad different from its predecessors. Instead of an open-world adventure, you get straightforward gameplay with two actions; riding on your horse-drawn cart or casting spells with your gauntlet.

4. Fable III

Fable III: Launch Trailer

Fable III is the third mainline entry in the series. The game picks up 50 years after the events of Fable II. Albion is in a devastated state. A ruthless dictator has taken over, causing oppression, hunger, and despair among the residents. Now more than ever, Albion needs a hero to deliver them from the hands of the tyrant, Logan (Son of Fable II's hero).

This is where you swoop in to save the day. Playing as “the hero,” your quest is to take down Logan and become the revolutionary leader. However, there are other threats you'll face. A mythical force called the Darkness will later envelop Albion. 

The game uses a morality system to make progress. Every choice you make is classified as either good or evil. The options will also influence your popularity with the residents. You'll need to garner their support before facing off with Logan. You can collect “Guild Seals” by performing good deeds, which helps rack up their support. Moreover, you should expect frequent combat. You'll have the option of melee, ranged, and magic attacks to dispel the enemy.

3. Fable Anniversary

Fable Anniversary - Official Trailer

Fable Anniversary is a complete remaster of the original title with HD visuals and audio. The game's fresh models and textures make the adventure surreal and fun. This morally-styled game, however, stands out for having few consequences for your choices. For instance, you can murder someone, and soon later, it's gone with the wind, and the residents have no recollection. 

As usual, the game sticks to its heroic element of a feeble young boy who grows into a Stoic hero. The quests make a return, where you'll perform various tasks that shape your character's persona. Completing the tasks rewards you with experience, which you use to beef up your character. You can choose to amp up his magical skills or improve his melee tactics. What's more, the game retains the original set of attacks, magic, ranged, and melee combat. 

Moreover, Albion's revamped look feels like a fresh breath of air. A trip around the magnificent open-world environment is more than satisfying. 

2. Fable 

Fable (2004) Trailer [XBOX]

As the debut title in the series, Fable brings to light the world of Albion for the first time. The game introduces the neat element of morality, which players use to develop their characters. You start as an orphaned boy whose parents are ruthlessly murdered by bandits. 

Instantaneously, you're forced to bear the burden of being a hero as you unravel the mystery behind your parents' deaths. This calls for interaction with other characters in the game. Any choice you make in the game affects the other character's reaction and perception of you. The role-playing game also lets you battle foes in an open-world environment. 

Aside from the main quest, you can also take up side missions that advance the game's main plot. Other activities such as marriage, trading, theft, boxing, and pub gaming do not have ties to the main quest but add a touch of value to your quests. Successfully completing a quest attracts a gold reward you can use to purchase weapons and renown. If your reputation with the townsfolk is beyond repair or unknown, you can use renown to adjust your familiarity status. 

1. Fable II

Fable 2 Launch Trailer

Fable II is so far the best-selling RPG title in the series. The game takes place in Albion, 500 years after the original title. The game's setting is different since it resembles the Highwaymen era. However, there are undoubtedly various improvements that make this sequel more enjoyable.

For starters, players can choose to play as a male or female. Also, the game map is larger but holds few locations. Each location is more detailed, making an adventure in the game's open world worthwhile. The game reflects the series' moral setting, with more options for having kids or filing for divorce being featured. 

Furthermore, unlike its predecessor, the quests don't necessarily angle toward the game's main plot. Your character's situation, such as place and time, progresses the story, bringing out interactivity more. In every sense, Fable II is an upgrade over the original title, which earns it the spot as our top pick for the best Fable game.

So, what’s your take? Will you be picking up any of the above five games? Let us know on our socials here or in the comments below.




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