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Fable 4: 5 Things We Know So Far



Remember Fable? Of course you do. The role-playing fantasy series has been a staple on Microsoft’s gaming kingdom for the best part of seventeen years now. But its fourth sequel, however, well that’s another story altogether. And as for where it is or when it’s even coming out — that’s really anybody’s guess. But given the fact that fans have been waiting for over a decade for it, you can probably understand where the frustration stems from.

From what we’ve seen so far, the new Fable game is at least being worked on. But as far as gameplay goes, as well as narrative, characters and everything else that ties into a game — nothing has been revealed. Microsoft has zipped their lips tight, Playground Games is tying knots in Forza Horizon 5, and Fable, well, we don’t tend to speak of Fable. However, here’s what we do know of the upcoming game.


5. Joint at the hip with Microsoft

FABLE 4 Trailer 4k (2020)

The first lead balloon we had to bear was the fact that Fable 4, whenever it decides to come out, will of course be an Xbox exclusive. With Microsoft owning Playground Games, as well as working solely on Xbox games, it was a given from the get-go that the next instalment to the Fable franchise would be strapped to Xbox. PC gamers, well — that’s also a strong possibility. But don’t take our word for it just yet.

Unfortunately, this does mean that PlayStation users will have to either fork out the cash for a Series X or S in order to enjoy the fruits of the future role-playing phenomenon. We’ll let you decide if that’s worth the price of admission or not. Perhaps the game’s reveal trailer will whet your appetite? You can see it above.


4. A reboot, not a sequel

Playground Games will be heading the next Fable instalment.

With Playground Games taking over the reins from original developer Lionhead Studios, it was only natural for the franchise to have a new beginning, with a fresh set of eyes to go with it. And it’s because of that, that the upcoming Fable could just discard a lot of things old school fans loved about the original trilogy. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get butchered like the Saints Row reboot though, eh?

Unfortunately, with Lionhead Studios being merged into the Microsoft family in 2006 and then being shut down in 2016, it means that the original teams have since been scattered. Now, whether or not they’ll come together to help Playground string together the new Fable is another question. Here’s hoping they’ll lend a few pointers to help keep the ship afloat, anyway.


3. Hello, Albion

Welcome home, Hero.

Albion has played the biggest role in Fable, period. Every adventure has been set in the vibrant kingdom that bleeds glitz, glamour and pixie dust. But with the upcoming instalment, things could just tear away from the royal home and move a little further down south. And by that, we mean Fable 4 could feature multiple regions, with Albion playing a much smaller role on the monopoly.

Of course, being the centrepiece to the role-playing series, it’s incredibly likely to retain a stake in the overall setting. But if Playground Games are known for anything, then it’s the amount of effort they put into evolving worlds into mesmerising marvels. So, prepare for a whole lot more than a few musty marketplaces and cobblestone walkways. Fable 4 is going to be big. Or, so it seems in the trailer.


2. An MMO?

Fable 4 could very well be an MMO game. Apparently.

It was automatically assumed from day one that Fable 4 would be a single-player game, with the possibly of a co-op partner being able to join either locally or online. But after French journalist @CronoTK stepped up to report that it could very well be a multiplayer title, fans were taken aback by the notion.

Of course, Playground Games has yet to confirm this, though various sources suggest this could be the case. And so, with that, we’re left to wonder how Albion could look with a few million players running amok booting chickens about for banter. Whatever the case, it’s an exciting prospect. We can only begin to imagine the fun that would tie in with an MMO. Anyway, we’ll see.


1. Let’s talk development

Fable 4 has been in development for four years, according to a Playground Games employee.

Although our faith in Playground Games is ridiculously high, we do have to question Fable’s questionable absence these past twelve months. Ever since the game was announced back in 2020, fans have eagerly awaited another update from the team piecing it together. However, very little has been brought to the table, leaving both gamers and critics to idle in silence.

With that being said, a developer did make a post last year about the game. Celebrating four years of development on Fable, the Playground Games employee gave us an insight into its progress. Now, assuming most triple-A games take around five years to build — that could land us with an optimistic 2022 release window. Or, failing that, then an early 2023 launch. Either way, we can probably expect to see an update this year.



So, are you looking forward to playing Fable 4? Are you crossing your fingers for a 2022 release? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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