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All Bosses in Bloodborne, Ranked by Difficulty



All Bosses in Bloodborne, Ranked by Difficulty

Bloodborne takes players on an exciting adventure in a spooky world filled with scary monsters and tough challenges. The main part of the game is fighting bosses, which are powerful enemies that must be defeated to move forward. Each boss is different and will test players' skills in unique ways.

These bosses can be big or small, fast or slow, but all of them are hard in their own way. Some might need quick movements to beat, while others might make you think more about how to win. Ranking the bosses in Bloodborne by difficulty is a daunting task because it can change based on who's playing. But what we have here is a general guide to help you understand the boss fights in this game.

22. Celestial Emissary

Difficulty: Easy

This boss might be a surprise to find in the world of Bloodborne. The Celestial Emissary resembles a group of extraterrestrial beings that are fairly easy to defeat. Its attacks are weak, and the fight itself is more about crowd control than individual combat. As a player, your main challenge will be differentiating the main boss from its smaller counterparts. Once you've found the leader, a few well-timed attacks should be enough to put this cosmic creature down.

21. The Witch of Hemwick

Difficulty: Easy

Despite her menacing appearance, The Witch of Hemwick is not much of a challenge for seasoned hunters. The boss itself doesn't attack much, relying instead on summoning minions to do the fighting. Avoiding the minions and focusing on the witch should be your primary strategy here. Once you've located her hiding place, a series of quick attacks can bring her down, making this one of the more straightforward boss battles in the game.

20. Micolash, Host of the Nightmare

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Micolash is more of a puzzle than a traditional boss fight. Players will find themselves chasing Micolash through a maze, interrupted occasionally by attacks from his summoned minions. The major challenge here isn't so much in the combat but in the navigation. Once you've managed to corner Micolash, his weak physical defenses make him easy to dispatch. Just be mindful of his arcane attacks, which can pack a punch if you're not careful.

19. Living Failures

Difficulty: Medium

The Living Failures is a boss fight in “The Old Hunters” DLC, which might remind players of the Celestial Emissary. Consisting of a group of humanoid creatures, they share health and can be beaten by attacking any one of them. However, what makes them somewhat more challenging is their magic attack, which can be quite powerful. But with good timing and some strategic positioning, most players should find this boss battle manageable.

18. Shadows of Yharnam

Difficulty: Medium

This trio of shadowy figures provides a decent challenge, primarily because of their coordinated attacks and ability to summon giant snakes. Each shadow has a unique attack style: melee, ranged, and magic. The trick to beating them is to keep moving and focus on one shadow at a time. Once you've whittled them down to one, the fight becomes much easier. Coordination and timing are key here.

17. Darkbeast Paarl

Difficulty: Medium

Darkbeast Paarl is an electrifying experience, literally. This skeletal beast emits electrical charges, making dodging and timing critical. If you stay too close for too long, you'll get shocked. The key to this battle is to target the legs, knocking Paarl down and disabling the electric charge. Once you've got the timing down, this boss shouldn't be too difficult, but it may take a few tries to get it right.

16. Moon Presence

Difficulty: Medium

This is a special boss that you'll only encounter if you've fulfilled certain conditions throughout the game. Moon Presence might look intimidating, but its attacks are fairly predictable. The real challenge comes from its ability to reduce your health to one point with one of its special moves. Healing quickly is essential, and with some persistence, you should be able to bring down this cosmic entity.

15. Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower

Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Lady Maria is a fan-favorite boss from “The Old Hunters” DLC, with a fighting style that's reminiscent of the player's hunter. Her attacks are fast and relentless, and she has three distinct phases, each one increasing in difficulty. Good timing, careful dodging, and patience are needed to beat Lady Maria. Each phase requires a different strategy, and learning her attack patterns is crucial to emerging victorious.

14. Martyr Logarius

Difficulty: Hard

Martyr Logarius sits atop Cainhurst Castle, offering a duel that's as chilling as the surroundings. He uses a mixture of physical and magic attacks, each deadly in its own right. However, this fight is hard because of Logarius's ability to switch between attack styles on the fly. Players must be ready to adapt quickly and use a combination of ranged and melee attacks to beat them.

13. One Reborn

Difficulty: Hard

The One Reborn is a grotesque mass of body parts that can summon meteors and has several limbs that attack independently. The arena's cramped space makes dodging difficult. Defeating the sorcerers in the upper level of the arena first is the key to success in this fight. Once they're down, focus on the One Reborn's limbs, being wary of its various projectile and area-of-effect attacks.

12. Vicar Amelia

Difficulty: Hard

Vicar Amelia is one of the first real difficulty spikes in Bloodborne. Her attacks are powerful, and she can heal herself, drawing out the fight and testing your endurance. Breaking her limbs to stun her temporarily and prevent healing is a viable strategy here. Careful observation and learning her attack patterns will help you bring down this holy terror.

11. Amygdala

Difficulty: Hard

Amygdala is a towering boss with numerous arms, each capable of crushing attacks. What makes this fight challenging is the sheer reach of these limbs and the boss's ability to jump and crush players. Focus on the head to do extra damage and stay patient. This is a battle that rewards careful observation and well-timed strikes. Keep your distance, watch for openings, and strike when the time is right.

10. Cleric Beast

Difficulty: Hard

As one of the game's first bosses, Cleric Beast is often where new players face their first real challenge. With wide-swiping attacks and intimidating roars, this fight can be overwhelming. Stay behind the Cleric Beast and attack its back legs to bring it down. Watch for its leaping attack, and be ready to dodge and counter. With some persistence, this beast can be tamed.

9. Mergo's Wet Nurse

Difficulty: Hard to Very Hard

This boss might not be particularly fast, but her wide range of sword attacks and her ability to create a clone can make this fight a nightmare (literally). Your best bet is to stay close and focus on dodging her blade attacks. When she summons her clone, keep moving to avoid getting trapped between the two. Patience and perseverance are key here.

8. Blood-Starved Beast

Difficulty: Very Hard

This boss is fast and relentless, attacking with claws and inflicting poison. Its erratic movements can make dodging difficult, and the poison build-up adds a layer of pressure. Using items to counter the poison and attacking from the sides can make this fight more manageable. But make no mistake, the Blood-Starved Beast will test your reflexes and your patience.

7. Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos

Difficulty: Very Hard

Ebrietas combines speed, reach, and powerful magic attacks to make for one of Bloodborne's more challenging fights. Her charge attack can be particularly devastating. Staying close and attacking her sides can mitigate some of the difficulty here. But even with the right strategy, Ebrietas requires fast reflexes and careful timing to defeat.

6. Gehrman, the First Hunter

Difficulty: Very Hard

Gehrman, the First Hunter, is a battle that feels like a duel between equals. His speed, power, and variety of attacks make this one of the most challenging fights in the game. Learning Gehrman's attack patterns is crucial here. He will test all the skills you've learned throughout the game, requiring a combination of dodging, timing, and precision to beat.

5. Rom, the Vacuous Spider

Difficulty: Very Hard

Rom is not a difficult boss in terms of individual attacks, but the small spiders that accompany her make this fight a real challenge. They can easily overwhelm players with their numbers.

Defeating the smaller spiders first and then focusing on Rom can make this fight manageable. But even with that strategy, Rom's teleporting and powerful magic attacks can still pose a significant challenge.

4. Laurence, the First Vicar

Difficulty: Very Hard

Laurence is an optional boss in “The Old Hunters” DLC of Bloodborne and is a variant of the Cleric Beast with added fire attacks. He hits hard, moves fast, and has an enormous health pool. You'll need to learn his attack patterns, use the environment to your advantage, and strike with precision to bring down this burning behemoth. Laurence will test even the most seasoned hunters.

3. Ludwig, the Accursed/Holy Blade

Difficulty: Extremely Hard

Ludwig is a two-phase boss that represents one of the greatest challenges in Bloodborne. In his first phase, he's a wild beast with unpredictable movements. In his second, he wields a massive sword with deadly precision. Each phase requires a completely different approach, and the slightest mistake can be fatal. Ludwig will test every skill you've learned and push your reflexes to the limit.

2. Orphan of Kos

Difficulty: Extremely Hard

Orphan of Kos is widely regarded as one of the toughest bosses in Bloodborne. His attacks are swift, brutal, and almost never-ending. He can kill players in just a couple of hits, and his second phase only ramps up the difficulty. Beating Orphan of Kos requires perfect timing, flawless dodging, and relentless attacking. Only the most skilled and determined hunters will be able to bring down this monstrosity.

1. Father Gascoigne

Difficulty: Extremely Hard

Father Gascoigne is often the first major roadblock for new players in Bloodborne. His aggressive attack style, ability to transform, and relentless pace make him a nightmarish opponent. Timing and positioning are crucial here. Using the environment to your advantage and learning when to strike can make this fight manageable, but Gascoigne is a boss that will push you to your limits.

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