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5 Best Multiplayer Games Like Rubber Bandits



Rubber Bandits is a family-friendly beat 'em up game that sees you and a rubbery squad go head-to-head against the powers that be. Or in this case, the banks and sleighs that hold all the coin and collectible loot one could ever hope to grasp. That is, in short, the basic premise of Rubber Bandits, and we love everything about it. So much, that we're doing all that we can to branch out and unearth titles exactly like it.

Of course, outside of the hilarious multiplayer world is a treasure trove of fantastic alternatives. Similar in design, and running on the same fuel as Rubber Bandits‘ gameplay, they deliver just as many great moments that can be shared with just about anyone. And so, if that's piqued your interest even in the slightest, then be sure to read on for our finest selection of multiplayer hits.


5. Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts Xbox One Launch Trailer

Like Rubber Bandits, Gang Beasts features a rather generous selection of elasticated thugs for playable characters, all of whom rely on the life of crime to get their kicks. However, rather than robbing banks for a few gold coins, Gang Beasts instead opts for rubbery street brawls in hazardous locations.

The idea is pretty straightforward, as it is with most beat 'em up games on the market. So long as you have eight devoted friends who enjoy a good old fashioned, albeit slightly unusual street fight, then you're already halfway there. The rest, well, it's just the case of firing floppy arms at one another until the last beast remains. Harmless fun, nothing more, nothing less.


4. A Gummy's Life

A Gummy's Life - Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4

If, for whatever reason, you've always wanted to reign supreme over a land of sugar-coated landmarks, as well as its candy-loving population, then you're going to have to prove your worth by going toe-to-toe with the other sour-minded candidates on the roster. Fortunately, there's a game for that, and it comes in the shape of A Gummy's Life. Go figure.

After customizing your very own Gummy, you'll have to throw down in an all-out banquet of multiplayer madness, where treats and trash talk go hand-in-hand. On the surface, it's a sweet little patch of co-op fun. But beneath its layers, however, lies a plethora of hungry leaders, desperate to claw their way to the apex of the gummy-themed kingdom. The question is, are you running for office?


3. Roblox

Roblox 2021 Cinematic

Roblox isn't a game as such, but more a platform that houses a treasure trove of separate games, all of which have been created by its loyal community. And it's because of the wide variety of unique titles it employs, that you'll never really have to worry about running short on things to do. Plus, the vast majority of experiences in the catalog are beginner-friendly, meaning you'll never be out of place or that far behind the frontrunners in each available world.

Whatever it is that gets your cogs turning, know that Roblox basically has a blocky version of it somewhere within its library. Even Rubber Bandits, should that be the beat 'em up style you're looking for. But other than that, it's worth just browsing the shelves, if only to gawp at the hundreds of titles it has on offer. And who knows, perhaps one in particular will be enough to sway you into joining the Roblox community. Worth a shot, anyway.


2. Pummel Party

Pummel Party Trailer

Destroy friendships through an over-the-top series of mini-games, where every point counts, be it from beating up your closest friend with a remote controlled eggplant, of unearthing the long lost treasure in a sand-drizzled beachfront. Whatever the case, you'll find satisfaction in going toe-to-toe in this collection of unruly multiplayer games with your online buddies.

Combined with the ability to customize your character, Pummel Party becomes an all-in-one party package that will leave you and a team rushing back for more, day in, day out. So, if you're looking to fill that void between Rubber Bandits bouts, be sure to give Pummel Party a well-deserved slap on the back.


1. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys - Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Mediatonic's best-selling battle royale game, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, is a total blast, providing you don't mind competing with up to 59 other players, of course. If that's no issue, then you're on track to enrolling in a slew of slimy obstacle courses that will see you fighting, free-falling, and flopping left, right and center.

Ultimate Knockout brings a whole new branch of courses and modes to compete in, as well as its signature jellybean-like roster of cutesy characters. The goal itself is still relatively simple: don't fall into the slime, and do all in your power to wade through the mounds of hazardous obstacles in a bid for the gold. Though, with that many players warring against you, it's definitely easier said than done.


So, what's your take? Will you be picking up any of the above five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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