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5 Games You Should Play Before Saints Row (2022)

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Games You Should Play Before Saints Row (2022)

Since 2006, Saints Row has graced players with its action-adventure street gaming of the Saint’s Row district. More than a decade later and we can’t wait for the new Saints Row reboot scheduled for release on August 23, 2022. 

There have been debates about the direction the new title will take. For one, it’s simply called “Saints Row,” not “Saints Row V,” suggesting that we may not see the craziness from the latter titles. Perhaps more realistic gameplay will feature in the reboot, similar to the first two titles? 

Regardless of which path the game takes, you’ll want to keep busy with similar gaming titles until the reboot is out, so here are five games you should play before Saints Row (2022). Read on.


5. Watch Dogs: Legion 

Watch Dogs Legion - Cinematic Trailer | Ubisoft Forward

For seven years now, Watch Dogs has had massive success in the action-adventure genre. With three games so far, Ubisoft has proven they are not to be messed with. In fact, the first Watch Dogs title in 2014 took players by storm that some thought it’d be the GTA killer. However, consecutive titles have fallen slightly short of taking the praise home. Still, the series is pretty engaging, with each title showcasing worthwhile gameplay elements to check out.

The most recent game, Watch Dogs: Legion, displays innovative gameplay where every street character is playable. So all you’d do is recruit anyone you’d like to play as, thus making them the story's protagonist. While such an ambitious move on disrupting gameplay is quite commendable, changing the main character eventually weakened the overall storyline. 

Besides making ambitious moves, Legion is a fun and unique game to play. The streets of London are exciting and surprisingly detailed. There’s certainly much to explore, stunning locales to visit, and the game’s mechanics are easy for any newbie to jump into.


4. Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

You may want to check out Grand Theft Auto 5 from the GTA series if you haven't already. With over two decades worth of constant upgrades and innovation, GTA is a massive action-adventure game worth the try. 

Saints Row compares pretty closely to Grand Theft Auto, so you’ll likely feel right at home, only on a larger scale. There’s plenty to awe over, from over-the-top action to captivating stories and interesting fan-favorite characters to play as. There’s almost always mischief to get into and loads of cash to make. You could choose to follow the main storyline and play the main quests or try out exciting side quests like heists or street racing.  With each game, you could build on an empire, running drug deals and lots of income-generating businesses. 

Perhaps the overly monstrous parody of life could feel a tad bit much, and the presentation lacks cinematic quality. Still, GTA has gained massive popularity over the years with no shortage of activities to pass the time.


3. Mad Max

Mad Max Trailer - Mad Max New Trailer (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Very few thought the story of Mad Max in a savage post-apocalyptic world would have produced a show-stopper action-adventure game. So when Avalanche Studios took on the Mad Max project in 2015, it took everyone by surprise how entertaining the game turned out to be. 

It’s the only game released so far and tactfully adopts the Mad Max lore setting to near perfection. Players take on the role of Max in a post-apocalyptic world where there are only cars to get by. Consequently, the game's driving mechanics are top-notch and familiar enough that anyone could try their hand at it. Further, the game features a gripping story where all hope is gone, and it’s up to players to find solace in a cruel world.  

Players can expect explosive scenes with adrenaline car chases and spearing snipers. Hopefully, a sequel to the game will create lasting memories of the series. For now, though, you could pass the time learning to survive and a thing or two of its love letter to the original Mad Max fictional film. 


2. Prototype 2

Prototype 2: Trailer

It’s a shame Prototype 3 got canceled because playing 2012’s Prototype 2 is still nothing short of fun. It’s insane that a decade has passed as Prototype 2 still features intensive functionality. From all things, zombie busting to tank explosions, to monster slashing, and gunship fire cracking, there’s always a balanced-out badass experience to indulge in. 

With each task level, players up their game and can drive faster, fly farther, and become less vulnerable to attack. Additionally, the game adds spices of humor that make characters that much more appealing and relatable to all audiences. Unlike its predecessor, Prototype 2 features additional missions in their variety, with combinations of stealth and hand-to-hand combat. By today’s standards, modern games may sound more appealing. But fans of Saints Row shouldn’t rush writing off Prototype 2 just yet.


1. Just Cause 4

JUST CAUSE 4 Cinematic Trailer (2018)

Now lets look at our top pick of games you should play before Saints Row.

Avalanche Studios have, over the years, mastered the true meaning of “just cause.” Why jump in on the series’ mayhem, explosive simulations, and over-the-top action? Well, just cause you can – and because it’s incredibly exhilarating. 

The Just Cause 4 latest addition to the series takes action-adventure to a whole new level. And even though most of its ideas are repetitive, one simply can’t get enough of all the fun sprinkled with random grinning from ear to ear. So if you’re looking to dive into something similar to an ‘80s action movie, with exploding open-world action moments bearing no meaning, then this right here might be your next gem. 

On the downside, Avalanche may have placed too much focus on designing ways to unleash all manner of destruction for them to design a meaningful game around it. Still, you could have your fun inventing reasons for unleashing chaos, or you could play God and soak in the “just cause” motion of it all.


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with the top five games you should play before Saints Row? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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