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10 Best Games Like STASIS: BONE TOTEM

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Stasis: Bone Totem stands proudly among the select few point-and-click adventures that could be dubbed a love letter to the genre. Its intricately woven narrative immerses you deep in a puzzle-solving adventure as a trio and is simply mesmerizing. As a successor to the 2015 Stasis, the new title pays homage to the rich lore laid down by its predecessor. But that is not all. The careful pacing adds to the horror atmosphere, especially when cascading down the dark ocean depths. While many games have attempted to replicate its formula, few have succeeded. So, if this genre gets your gears moving,. Here are the ten best games Like STASIS: BONE TOTEM.

10. The Prince of Landis

The Prince of Landis - Launch Trailer

Ever wondered what it would feel like to have your own E.T.? The Prince of Landis allows you to smooth things up in your life. Against a ‘Stranger Things’ setting, you seek the help of your newly found foreign friend. Evan, the protagonist, faces a hard time in school and at home. But a sudden crash in his neighborhood seems to change his life forever.

Players will complete quests through puzzle-solving and 2D exploration. You’ll be fetching resources for your alien buddy most of the time. Beyond this, you’ll come across daunting choices that bear heavy consequences. So, “Will you embrace this challenge or continue sleeping on the couch…?”

9. The Backrooms: Lost Tape

The Backrooms Lost Tape - Chapter One | Final Trailer - Unreal Engine 5

In Stasis: Bone Totem, players navigate an abandoned oil rig full of horrors as they attempt to find an exit. Well, this game deals you the same deck of horrors but in a cinema backroom. 

Playing as an usher, an unfortunate trip-and-stumble sends you on a wild trip for an exit from a cinema backroom. The dark rooms bear mystery and secrets, which you must unravel to escape. Although it delivers a short experience, the game nails immersion and environment design. It certainly beckons fans of the horror genre.

8. Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces - Exclusive Official Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2021

Another game that wears its rich storytelling on its sleeves is Broken Pieces. The action-adventure game puts you in the shoes of Elise, who moves to a better town with her fiancé only to end up alone. A mysterious phenomenon supposedly hunts her new home. Elise is now stuck outside the time flow. This is where your investigation starts. You must get to the bottom of the mystery to survive and escape the town.

The narrative highlights the theme of subterfuge, with overarching elements of Cold War espionage, Sci-fi, and horror. This delicate blend of elements makes the title a worthwhile play for all point-and-clickers out there.


Cayne is the beloved older cousin to Stasis: Bone Totem. Also developed by The Brotherhood, Cayne sets you on a wild and horrific adventure in the STASIS universe. You play as Hadley, an expectant mother who wakes up in a strange facility. She has no recollection of why she is there, but she has a growing concern about the supposed abduction of her baby.

The game is packed with stunning isometric graphics, complemented by an atmospheric soundtrack. Players will also weave through a thought-provoking narrative that features plenty of body horror and scares. The best part about this game is that it’s absolutely free. It may not feel like a heavy meal, but it gets the job done for a game without a price tag.

6. Beautiful Desolation

Beautiful Desolation - Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Beautiful Desolation is another ingenious creation by The Brotherhood, taking you through a seemingly dystopian horror. After a mysterious ship lands in South Africa, civilization suddenly experiences unprecedented technological advancements and social upheaval. While some may count this as a plus, for two brothers, it is the source of their nightmare. They set off to explore the ship that had started it all. But the alien tech retaliates, altering time and sending them to a distant future.

Moreover, the title reiterates the studio’s expertise in point-and-click adventures with exciting gameplay. Its gorgeous visuals breathe life into the ambitious isometric adventure.

5. Toby: The Secret Mine

Toby: The Secret Mine - Official Xbox One Release Trailer

It might not be a click-and-point adventure, but this puzzle platformer will remind you of Stasis: Bone Totem. Embrace the darkness, navigating various levels as Toby. The game is reminiscent of Badland and Limbo, whose setting is entirely made up of black silhouette graphics. You will see a dash of color in the background, making it more colorful than the other games.

Each stage carries a set of puzzles you must unravel to progress. Besides this, you must be wary of the traps and work to rescue your kidnapped friends. The game’s premise appears simple, but each level carries a boatload of fun and intrigue.

4. Apsulov: End of Gods

APSULOV End of Gods Trailer (2019)

Brace yourself for an adventure set in the heart of Norse mythology. Apsulov: End of Gods treats you to a horror-filled action adventure in a sci-fi setting. Human curiosity changes the world's fate after they stumble upon horrors that are not meant to reach the earth’s surface. With civilization out of balance, you find your destiny. 

You play as an unnamed protagonist, exploring the vast expanse of the worlds of Yggdrasil. From a first-person perspective, you explore the unique, atmospheric terrain. Albeit delivering a short experience, Apsulov: End of Gods is a delightful game with the right amount of twists and turns. 

3. Dream Alone

Dream Alone - Launch Trailer

Dream Alone unfolds in a dark and eerie setting, captivating players with its bottom-line, dark story. In a classic 2D platformer, you play as the hero, saving your village from a mysterious plague. To do so, you must locate the mythical sorceress, Lady Death. But this is no easy feat. You must take the arduous journey through terrain full of hazards and eerie creatures.

The game is a spellbinding adventure that combines captivating gameplay with a richly detailed world, offering players a truly immersive gaming experience that is as chilling as it is compelling.

2. Fran Bow

FRAN BOW - Official Trailer

Fran Bow’s unsettling world unfolds through the eyes of the titular protagonist. You go on a surreal journey, offering a glimpse into a world filled with mystery, darkness, and unimaginable horrors. The game begins with Fran, a young girl plagued by tragedy, witnessing the gruesome murder of her parents. As she grapples with the trauma of her loss, Fran finds herself confined to the oppressive confines of an asylum, her only solace, a mysterious pill that grants her fleeting glimpses of an alternate reality.

The game is a hauntingly beautiful adventure game that pushes the boundaries of storytelling and exploration.

1. Stasis

Stasis - Launch Trailer

Making it to the top of our list is the game that laid the foundations for Bone Totem and Stasis. The game transports you to the desolate corridors of the Groomlake, a derelict spacecraft adrift in the icy depths of space. You are plunged into a nightmarish world of isolation, mystery, and terror as you navigate the erie confines of the abandoned vessel in search of answers and salvation.

The game captivates players with its immersive atmosphere. It features meticulously detailed environments rendered in stunning 2D isometric graphics that evoke a sense of claustrophobia and foreboding.

So, which of these best games, like Stasis: Bone Totem, are you excited to explore next? Do you know of any other games we should include on the list? Let us know on our socials here.

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