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5 Best Point & Click Games Like Repentant



Point & Click games offer players the chance to experience stories in a different way. A lot of the time, these games focus on the narrative or adventure aspects of their main stories. Seen as a niche genre by some, games like this still have a lot to offer players. So if you are looking for a Point & Click title to sink your teeth into, enjoy our list of the 5 Best Point & Click Games Like Repentant.

5. Unforeseen Incidents

Unforeseen Incidents, much like Repentant, is a Point & Click title. This allows both games to focus on their narratives rather than the technical aspects of gameplay as a whole. In Unforeseen Incidents, players will play as a handyman on the cusp of figuring out a mystery surrounding a virus in a small town. While the setup for the story might seem a little generic. It is what this game does with this setup that is truly impressive. While there is traditional puzzle gameplay. It is more so in the implementation of these puzzles that this game differentiates itself.

Added to this is the fact that the game allows for players to fall for many false solutions to problems. This is really interesting as it makes the path toward a solution, one that is often paved with error in the game. This makes the world within the game feel more realistic, as well as engages the player further by having them rectify their mistakes. To close, Unforeseen Incidents is a fantastic example of a great Point & Click puzzle game, much like Repentant.

4. P.E Noire

Lightening things up quite a bit, we have the highly praised P.E Noire. This title has all of the mystery and intrigue of a more adult title, yet it is wrapped in a lovable cartoon aesthetic. Players will play as a Hall Monitor. As you ultimately have to connect the dots throughout their playthrough in order to solve mysteries. The game also features a jazzy noire-soaked soundtrack that gives the entire game a cool feel overall. While the title may be considered a tad on the short side by some, what is on offer here is great.

Another element of this title that is fantastic is actually one that is less tangible. Many of the game's fans have helped others along the way. This is great as it shows a sort of cohesion among the many players of this charming title. It is these types of games that this gaming community needs, as it encourages cooperation and communication between players. Part of the reason why Point & Click games are so interesting is the way that it brings people together through the puzzles and stories that they decide to tell. So if you are looking for a more charming title, then this would be a great pickup.

3. The Walking Dead

If you enjoy your Point & Click adventure with a tad more zombies. Then The Walking Dead might be up your alley. Based on the smash hit television show, this title allows players to traverse the world and live with their decisions. Speaking of these decisions, some of them can be absolutely heartwrenching to deal with. In fact, much of the reason that this title is so popular is because of the decisions that can be made throughout the game.

So if you want the experience of a Point & Click game with the grittiness of a title like Repentant. Then this might be what you are looking for. One aspect of the game that really assists in how emergent these decisions are is the fact they must be made quickly. This adds a sense of dire dread as you go through the game dealing with the consequences of your actions. To close, this title is one that if you enjoy the Point & Click genre. You cannot afford to miss out on it, as it is not only a fantastic The Walking Dead game but a great game altogether.

2. Fran Bow

Next on our list, we have the curiously creepy Fran Bow. This title received much praise for its dreamlike qualities and overall dark tone. This allows the game to stand out among other games. The titular character is also fantastic and instantly allows the player to connect with them. in a story that many would consider unsettling, you also see a wonderful amount of imagination throughout. This makes the more tense and horror-filled moments hit harder when they occur. With many who played the game rallying around it, it is plain to see how great this game is.

There are a ton of characters in the game, each of which feels distinct from the others as well. This makes the time you spend playing the game more varied. Plus, there is the lovable Mr. Midnight, Fran Bow‘s pet cat, who sometimes is even playable throughout the game. In closing, if you are looking for a title that will leave you with similar chills to Repentant, then definitely give Fran Bow a try. You certainly won't be disappointed.

1. The Curse of Monkey Island

The Curse of Monkey Island is a game that has not only stood the test of time but has been alongside games influenced by it. The cult classic nature of this game has led many people who are fans of the Point & Click genre to look back on this game with fondness. Even if you haven't played this title, its influence can be felt in games such as Repentant. While it may have a lighter tone, the puzzles within this game are pretty legendary in their own right.

One of the modern conveniences that have made its way into the game is the autosave feature. This makes playing through the game and dealing with your choices much easier, as you can simply load an earlier save. That isn't to detract from the game, more than it is to compliment it for being adaptable to the player. All in all, if you are looking for one of the games that improved upon the Point & Click genre the most, allowing us to have titles such as Repentant, then definitely give this timeless classic a try.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Point & Click Games Like Repentant? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.








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