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Umberto Canessa Cerchi, CEO of Pink Moon Studios — Interview Series

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Umberto Cerchi, CEO of Pink Moon Studios

Pink Moon Studios, the Web3 developer behind the upcoming MMORPG KMON: World of Kogaea, has just launched its opening community playtest—a phase that will not only cough up a brand-new perspective on the NFT-centric game, but a whopping $50,000 prize pool for those cunning enough to tackle some of its biggest dungeons, too.

To get ahead of the game’s official debut, we thought we’d speak with Pink Moon Studios CEO Umberto Cerchi to discuss its ongoing development, as well as the features that potential newcomers will be able to onboard at launch.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Umberto. Before we delve into the ins and outs of your latest MMORPG, could you kindly introduce yourself to our readers? Who are you, and what position do you hold at Pink Moon Studios?

Umberto: Hi Jord, and thank you for having me! I'm Umberto Cerchi, the Founder and CEO of Pink Moon Studios. I'm a lifelong gamer and a self-professed geek with a deep love for Pokémon— I can even recognize any Pokémon just by its voice! Despite being a father of two, I still find time to enjoy gaming.

Our passion for gaming and the innovation in blockchain technology, inspired by platforms like Cryptokitties, led us to create Kryptomon, now called the KMON franchise. This venture strives to deliver highly enjoyable games while utilizing Web3 technology to empower gamers by enabling true asset ownership.

Let’s talk about your upcoming Web3 MMORPG, KMON: World of Kogaea. For those who’ve yet to explore it — how would you describe it?

Umberto: Sure thing Jord! World of Kogaea is a cross-platform Web3 MMORPG that merges the captivating appeal of Pokémon with the expansive dynamics of World of Warcraft. This game not only integrates the essence of traditional gaming fun with blockchain technology but also enables players to engage in a living universe teeming with living unique Kryptomons.

Set in a parallel world where ancient elements and mythical creatures thrive, an event opens a portal between our world and the realm of Kogaea, inviting players to embark on epic quests, battle in intricate dungeons, and interact in a deeply engaging world.

Realizing the scarcity of true MMOs in the web3 space that focus on gameplay beyond mere earning, we crafted a game that combines favorite mechanics from both iconic worlds — available on any device, enhancing accessibility and experience through blockchain technology.

Discover World of Kogaea | World of Kogaea - KMON

Tell us a bit about the NFTs in World of Kogaea. What sorts of digital assets will potential players be able to secure in the game?

Umberto: In World of Kogaea, NFTs are essential to the gameplay, offering both a free-to-play or an enriching ‘play to own' experience. Players collect and nurture Kryptomon NFTs—unique, evolving creatures native to Kogaea—that enhance through training and evolution. These Living NFTs, along with equipment, cosmetics, and artifacts, can be crafted, looted, and traded within the game's Player-Based Open Economy.

This setup not only deepens the gaming experience but also adds real-world value as assets are owned and managed by players, fostering a dynamic economy through our upcoming in-game Auction House.

Could you tell us a bit more about the dungeons that feature in World of Kogaea? What can players expect to find in these areas, and what sorts of rewards will they be able to receive from completing them?

Umberto: Dungeons are a major feature in World of Kogaea, offering some of the best co-operative gameplay. These dungeons are designed to be challenging, rewarding, and fun, demanding teamwork and strategy. In our current Community Playtest – Assault on Poacher’s Lodge, players can form a team of five and work together to beat these tough levels. 

Each player picks a role that fits their playstyle: Tanks hold the line with strong defense spells (Kryptomon Elements: Ice and Air), Healers keep everyone healthy (Kryptomon Elements: Water and Grass), and DPS characters focus on dealing damage to enemies.

Playing these dungeons not only brings excitement but also rewards you handsomely with a $50,000 prize pool in $KMON rewards, unique loot like the Limited Edition Pink Moon Shards NFTs, and exclusive cosmetics like the Kennel Master Mask. This combination of challenging gameplay and great rewards offers both a fun gaming experience and a chance to get a sneak peek at new game elements, while providing us with valuable feedback for future updates.

Enter the Dungeons - World of Kogaea - KMON

Do you have any useful tips that might come in handy for a newcomer? What are the general dos and don’ts in World of Kagaea?

Umberto: For people who are going to join the current playtest, I'd recommend spending some time familiarizing yourself with the basics of Kryptomon and its elemental powers, spells, and fighting DNA.

We’ve created a Guide to KMON Dungeons to get new players started rather quickly. When they are stuck, we are blessed with a helpful Kommunity of experienced trainers that can be found in our Discord or Telegram.

Aside from the upcoming MMORPG, do you have any other projects in the works? If so, would you kindly share some details about it/them?

Umberto: Right now, we're all about getting World of Kogaea (WOK) ready for early access by Q3 2024. We’ve got some exclusive early access sales coming up after the dungeons preview. Can't give away all the details yet, but there are some big partners involved, so it’s something to keep an eye on!

Besides WOK, we've already launched a couple of exciting games in the KMON Franchise. Pink Moon, our AR companion game, lets you hunt for loot boxes in your neighborhood, which you can use across our gaming universe.

And let’s not forget about KMON: Genesis, our precursor to WOK. It's a turn-based RPG (2D) that mixes elements of Tamagotchi, Pokémon, and CryptoKitties and was the first game we developed. It’s super challenging and competitive. 

How can users support Pink Moon Studios’ journey? Are there any newsletters or social channels that you could share with us?

Umberto: For sure! We’ve a big community of trainers around the world engaging in our vibrant KMON franchise. Some channels to follow:
– Twitter:
– Instagram:
– Discord:
– Telegram:

Thanks for your time, Umberto!

For more updates on KMON: World of Kogaea, be sure to check in with the folks over at Pink Moon Studios via their official social handle here. Alternatively, you can visit the website for additional information here.

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