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Session Skate Sim: 5 Tips for Beginners

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Session: Skate Sim

If you are here, then you must already be aware of how super complicated the Session: Skate Sim controls are. Whether you are trying to learn basic controls or stunts and tricks, going through a directory is the best option. That's why this guide aims to provide you with the necessary tips you need to get ahead in this game. Session is well designed with skaters in mind, and hopefully, the following tips will help you master the game.


5. Embrace the Trick Display

Compared to a real-life skateboarder, you are bound to have a harder time performing moves for the first time. Thankfully, the Trick Display is there to make things much easier. Turning it on lets you know the difference between different stunts since you can observe the bottom right part of your screen to see each move you're making. You can turn this feature on by clicking on the options button to select Display, then turning on Trick Display.

This feature also encourages you to explore and discover tricks on your own. With every tool made available from the very start, there will be no restrictions on what you can and can't do. There are no unlockable tricks and skills since the game is all about discovering any and all possible moves. This lets you progress through the learning curve as much as you play. The more you explore, the more tricks you discover, some of which you would never be able to do in real life.


4. Go Through the Trick List

Session Skate Sim Go Through the Trick List

Before you dive into the game's missions, you have to go through the trick list to check out and try some of the moves. These missions may require you to perform specific tricks, which you can only do after learning. Go through the Skate Guide to find out the various trick levels available. From basic to complex, make sure you have an idea of what you want to learn so that you can be able to perform it with ease. It may take a while before you get it right, but doing the trick again and again gives you a better shot at it. 

The best tip is to get back to the same spot you aim to start your move performance. To do this, just press the D-pad while you are standing a few meters in front of that said spot. Every time you want to try again after falling over, you can just press the D-pad again, which takes you back to the same starting point. This helps tone down the frustration that comes with struggling to perfect a move.


3. Rewire your Mind

As complicated and as unfamiliar as they may seem, you need to get in tune with the controls. You can do this by memorizing and letting each button stick in your mind. With the left stick, you can control the left foot on the board while the right stick controls the right foot. Once you determine the right controls are designated for the right side of the body while the left controls are in charge of the left side, you can easily move and worry about other things. After this, you can learn to maintain the rhythm of your skating with each move.

Since you may be used to navigating your skateboard using only your thumb, mastering the trigger controls may take some time. However, once you embrace this new gameplay design, you will find an increase in even more possible stunt performances. The game's focus on realism encourages natural progression throughout your experience. And by the time you are done, the gratification you feel will be more worthwhile since you've earned your progress.


2. Explore Different Environments

Before going on missions and taking on tasks, it helps to just go off on your own to experiment. Explore different areas to get accustomed to a variety of surfaces that serve as perfect spots for tricks. You can use stairwells and ledges in these various locations to polish your moves, better preparing you for your missions. In no time, the controls will start feeling natural, and you can finally take on more challenges.

As you move from one point to another, you may need to use the bus stop. For instance, to get from San Francisco to Philadelphia, you'll need to skate around in search of a bus stop that will help you get around. However, if this proves tedious, you can opt for an easier, much faster option. Where you can just go to the menu and return to your apartment. From there, you can select a different region as soon as you go back out to skate.


1. Take Your Time 

Session: Skate Sim

As you may already know, the game controls for Session: Skate Sim are on a whole new level. This means it won't be easy to just master everything at once. As you begin your skating journey, everything may feel disheartening at first. All you have to do is stay consistent. It may help to start with your favorite stunt that you can perfect. Select a perfect spot where you can respawn from each flop and watch the controls get easier each time.

The game also offers different filters and lenses that you can use to document your moves. The replay editor helps you capture the best moments of your stunts. You can record your wins using these features and compare the difference in progress in case you feel stuck. It also helps to take a break from the constant respawning to explore your videography skills to create something special out of your progress so far. You can also share these cool videos and pics online with other skating enthusiasts.


Have you played Session: Skate Sim? Which tip do you find to be the most useful for the game? Do let us know how your experience is in the comments below or our socials here.



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