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Reality is Virtual: Best VR Games of 2020s



VR games have become increasingly popular in the last 5 years. However, many players are still reserved when thinking about buying a virtual reality headset, and with good reasons. The Steam is filled with games that are badly optimized, have choppy controls, and graphics that makes you think like it's the early 2000's. Today, we are talking about exceptions that will make you glad to invest in your Oculus or Vive headset. Without further ado, here are the best titles of the (early) 2020s.

The Wizards – Dark Times

To start, we have a sequel to the Wizards – a fantasy action-adventure that builds on the good side of its predecessor. Dark Times puts you in the role of a powerful spellcaster Aurelius, who makes his way through the devastated lands of Meliora. As you gain experience, you will unlock over 10 distinct spells that are summoned through hand gestures. The casting is well-executed, so you can quickly and smoothly create devastating combos, which is very fun. Visually, the game looks great, considering that we are talking about a VR title. Although a bit short, Dark Times will really immerse you in another world, and that makes it worth your time.

The Morrigan

The Morrigan is a stylish and charming dungeon crawler made by The Pixel Mine. This is apparent from its satisfying combat, which is easy to pick up but hard to master. Swordplay alone gives you 5 distinct styles to dismantle your enemies, but you can also use bows and axes to spice things up. The world of Morrigan is eerie and atmospheric and features some unexpected jump scares that will keep you on your toes. While it's a bit short, it stands as one of the few really well-executed virtual action RPGs.


Panoptic is an interesting party title that you could experience with your friends. This is a new take on the game of cat and mouse where you can choose between 2 roles: Challenger and Overseer. Challengers goal is to move undetected through the level and destroy Overseers energy source, rendering him useless. The gameplay is very engaging and there are a lot of interesting mechanics that will spark your creativity. While a bit low on the maps, Panoptic will provide you and your friends with hours of entertainment.

Panoptic gameplay

An atmospheric and delightful party title Steam

The Walking Dead: Saint and Sinners

Grippingly realistic, Saint and Sinners is an open-world survival horror done right. Set in New Orleans, your goal is to scout for supplies, upgrade your base, craft weapons, and chop through the seemingly endless waves of the undead. Saint and Sinners lets you choose how you wish to approach it, and there's a lot of drama between the survivors that'll remind you of the series. Nearly every aspect of the game is excellent, so it should appeal to the fans of the show.

VR Games: Saint and Sinners

An immersive open-world horror Steam

Until You Fall

Next, we have an excellent hack-and-slash rogue-lite that focuses on swordplay. In Until you Fall, you play as Rune Knight – a lone warrior that has to restore order to the kingdom of Rokar. The game blends fantasy and neon into a unique and mesmerizing art style. Luckily, Until you Fall is not all about the looks. It is also a challenging game, filled with smart enemies that have different weak spots. The gameplay is intense and the mechanics are responsive, which makes for a great workout if you wish to stay alive. All of this makes it one of the best new VR titles.

Into the Radius

For something a bit different, we have a solid single-player survival shooter. Into the Radius takes place in Pechorsk – a post-apocalyptic zone filled with dangerous creatures and weird anomalies. The game is reminiscent of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in a way that it evokes feelings of dread and isolation. It is also among the most realistic, putting a lot of attention on every single detail, like scavenging and weapon physics. Into the Radius gives you a lot of freedom by letting you choose how you want to solve the quests and giving a massive map at your disposal. The game is very immersive and unforgiving, so you better bring in your A game.

Into the Radius VR gameplay

I am somewhat of a gun enthusiast… Steam

Pistol Whip

If you are looking for a VR title with style and substance, I'd recommend Pistol Whip. This is a hectic rhythm shooter with a memorable visual style and a kickass dance soundtrack that I can only compare with Beat Saber. The game plays out like a wild fever dream and will have you do everything from bank heists to preventing an android uprising. It's best to come in prepared, as Pistol Whip will have you work your ass for your dear life, with no traces of motion sickness. All in all, this is one of the best VR games of 2020, and it seems that its popularity won't fade anytime soon.

VR Games: Pistol Whip

A wacky mix of western and sci-fi Steam

Karnage Chronicles

Karnage Chronicles is another solid hack-and-slasher. It puts you in the role of, Murkwraith – an undead knight cursed to eternally roam through the dark dungeons. The game was made exclusively for VR, which is apparent in smooth combat and intuitive controls. You can play it as an archer and warrior, and both have very realistic mechanics. Karnage Chronicles is also pretty atmospheric, which is, in part, due to its crisp visual style. When it's all said and done, this is one of the most optimized titles, so it deserved a place on my list.

VR Games: Karnage Chronicles

Explore the dark dungeons, defeat monsters, and find hidden treasures Steam


Lastly, we have an excellent multiplayer psychological horror. Phasmophobia tasks you with gathering evidence of a ghost activity with 3 other players. To do this, you will have to monitor an array of equipment such as motion sensors, Ouija Boards, CCTV cameras, and EMF readers. There are 10+ types of ghosts, which adds to replayability as each has different traits that you'll need to capture. Aside from being challenging, Phasmophobia is very fun and easily among the scariest VR games around.

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