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Paranormal Activity: Found Footage — Everything We Know



Scene from Paranormal Activity (2007)

Listen up, Paranormal Activity fans — DreadXP and DarkStone Digital have formally announced their plans to collaborate with Paramount Pictures to bring a found footage-type horror game to the franchise. The game, aptly titled Paranormal Activity: Found Footage, will feature a new pocket of lore that’ll ultimately broaden the scope of its movie counterpart, and a “Haunt System”—an element that’ll respond to players’ actions throughout the experience.

“We are thrilled to work with Paramount Game Studios and to have the opportunity to bring the world of Paranormal Activity to gamers everywhere,” said Epic Pictures CEO and DreadXP producer Patrick Ewald in a press release. “The films are steeped in rich lore and creative scares, and under the stewardship of creative director Brian Clarke, DreadXP’s Paranormal Activity video game will honor those core tenets and offer horror fans one of our most terrifying games yet.”

“The success of the Paranormal Activity franchise epitomizes the power and reach of the horror genre,” DreadXP co-director and creative director Brian Clarke added. “If you thought The Mortuary Assistant was scary, we’re taking what we learned during the development of that title and cranking it up with a more reactive and horrifying haunting system. It’s going to be intense!”

So, what more do we actually know about the upcoming video game adaptation? Are we likely to see the return of some of the series’ legacy characters, or will it settle for an entirely original story? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What Is Paranormal Activity: Found Footage?

Paranormal Activity: Found Footage is an upcoming found footage-type first-person horror game, as well as a video game adaptation of the movie saga created by Oren Peli. The game, while still lately under wraps, will reportedly be bringing all of the same camera-hogging jump scares and thematic effects as seen in Paramount Pictures’ anthology of cult movies. As for whether or not the upcoming game will be canon, or serve as an entirely separate arc under the same branded umbrella, however, is still a bit of a mystery.


At the time of writing, we can’t say that we know a huge amount about the storyline. However, we do know that it’ll revolve around recovered footage—a trope that has been shown in just about every entry in the Paranormal Activity series to date. This footage, whilst staying true to the original formula, will generate a series of disturbing and often sinister events, all of which will be available to capture by none other than the players themselves. Think Phasmophobia, complete with all of the same dark rooms and EMF wizardry, and you’ll have a basic idea of what it’s aiming to conjure. Or at least, that’s the impression that we’ve received from its initial teaser, anyway.


Again, not a whole lot is known about the gameplay aspects that’ll be making an appearance in Paranormal Activity: Found Footage. Going by what some insiders have been saying, though, the game will flow in a similar vein as, say, Phasmophobia—a co-op survival-horror game based around ghost hunters and their joint efforts to identify and eradicate various spirits and other supernatural phenomena.

Of course, we can’t confirm whether or not any of the above will make the cut, what with DreadXP and DarkStone Digital both keeping their lips firmly shut and a lot of the intricate details under wraps. What’s more, as the game isn’t due to launch until 2026 at the earliest, it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing any major gameplay announcements for another several months — or perhaps even a year, at most.


In case you missed out on the initial announcement earlier this week, Paranormal Activity: Found Footage is going under the guidance of both DreadXP and Paramount Game Studios, two firms that have previously worked on titles such as My Friendly Neighborhood, The Mortuary Assistant, and, for good measure, SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake. Aside from these two collaborators, the game will also receive the full attention of DarkStone Digital, a developer that’s been responsible for the likes of Our Secret Below, and The Mortuary Assistant.

As far as the game’s current status goes, Paranormal Activity: Found Footage is still in its early planning phase, as it will continue to be for the next several months or so. If all goes according to plan, however, then the game should, with any luck, arrive at some point in 2026 on a multitude of platforms.


Paranormal Activity: Found Footage - Game Reveal Teaser

It isn’t due out for a good couple of years yet, but that hasn’t stopped DreadXP from posting a short sneak previews of the upcoming game. And when I say short — I mean, like, thirty seconds of font and nothing more, kind of short. Granted, it doesn’t give a huge amount away (or anything, for that matter), but it does serve its purpose as a “reveal” trailer. You can check it out for yourself in the footage embedded above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Paranormal Activity: Found Footage will launch across “multiple platforms” at some point in 2026. By that, we can only imagine that it’ll be arriving on the likes of Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. It’s also possible that it’ll release on future generation platforms, too, what with Microsoft and Sony both teasing the outlines for their next consoles as of late. But, eh, don’t get your hopes up for a PlayStation 6 port just yet.

Interested in staying up to date with DreadXP’s latest creation? If so, then be sure to check in with the team over on their official social handle here. Alternatively, you can follow Paramount Game Studios for even more pre-launch updates here. If anything does change ahead of its 2026 launch, then we’ll be sure to fill you in on all the key details right here on


So, what’s your take? Will you be picking up a copy of Paranormal Activity: Found Footage when it arrives on its chosen platforms? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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