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One Piece Odyssey: Hidden Achievements Guide



There are many different achievements to be unlocked during the player's time within One Piece Odyssey. However, many of these achievements are secret hidden achievements that the player must unlock throughout their playtime. So, how do players get these achievements? This is a question you might ask yourself if you are looking to complete the game in full. Have no fear, however, as we have you covered with our guide, One Piece Odyssey: Hidden Achievements Guide.

1. Chapter Two Clear

The Chapter Two Clear achievement is given to players upon completing the game's second chapter. This will be unlocked throughout the player's playtime with the game and will reward them handsomely with 10G for Xbox users and a Bronze Trophy for all those PlayStation users out there. While not being the hardest thing to achieve, this is one of the game's secret achievements that is only revealed to the player when they complete it.

2. Chapter Three Clear

Much like the Chapter Two Clear achievement, this achievement is awarded to the player when they complete the third chapter of the game. Doing so will net you a respectable 10G for Xbox users and a Bronze Trophy for those players on PlayStation. Again, this isn't the most difficult achievement to get your hands on, and it should be rewarded to players who put in just a tiny bit of effort toward completing the game.

3. Chapter Four Clear

Chapter Four Clear rewards the player for completing the fourth chapter of One Piece Odyssey. Likewise, doing so will gain the player the typical amount of achievement points as well as a Bronze Trophy. Accomplishing these places the player on a track to get the harder-to-achieve achievements in the game. By in large, the fourth chapter of the game sees the player going through the iconic location of Water 7. The trophy and achievement points are only part of the reward that players receive for moving through this fantastic fantasy world.

4. Chapter Five Clear

Chapter Five Clear rewards the player for finishing the fifth chapter of One Piece Odyssey. Much like the other achievements, this is awarded to the player simply for playing the game. However, players will be rewarded for their time, with 10G for their achievements and a Bronze Trophy for their efforts. Players who make their way through the level will be able to receive this reward upon finishing the chapter itself.

5. Chapter Six Clear

Chapter Six Clear is given to the player upon completing the sixth chapter of the game. This will once again reward the player with 10G for Xbox and a Bronze Trophy for PlayStation users. Making your way through the chapter will give you a bit of a reward for your time, which is nice to see. The sixth chapter of the game also covered the highly coveted Paramount War/Marineford Arc is a treat for players to enjoy.

6. Chapter Seven Clear

Chapter Seven Clear allows for players to be rewarded for completing the seventh chapter of the game. This chapter deals with the players being able to assemble their team of Straw Hats and make their way through more of the game. At this point in the game, players should already have a decent understanding of what they should be doing to make the most out of their game time. Chapter Seven inches the player closer to the end of this fantastic tale as they progress.

7. Chapter Eight Clear

Chapter Eight Clear is once again an achievement that players will be able to get for making their way through the game. Players will be rewarded with 10G for Xbox users and a Bronze Trophy for PlayStation users. This is the chapter leading up to the final chapter of the game, so players should prepare for the final part of the game at this point if possible. Chapter Eight Clear serves to bring the player closer and closer to the game's conclusion.

8. Final Chapter Clear

Final Chapter Clear or Chapter Nine Clear is the final Clear trophy or achievement that players can receive for their efforts. The game will be coming to a close around this time, so it is important that players have their priorities in order and see all of the game that they wish to before completing it. This time around, however, players will be rewarded with 40G for Xbox users and a Silver Trophy for PlayStation users.

9. Challenge Enemy Beginner

This is a unique achievement as the name differs based on what system you play it on. For Xbox users, this achievement will be rewarded to players for defeating all challenge enemies twice or more, which will require the player to do quite a bit of grinding throughout the game in order to unlock and defeat them all. It also comes in different forms with a Beginner and Conquerer level. The beginner version of this achievement rewards the player with 40G. And awards PlayStation users with a Silver Trophy for their efforts

10. Challenge Enemy Conquerer

The Challenge Enemy Conquerer trophy exists on both platforms. Players are rewarded for conquering various enemies throughout their playtime. PlayStation players will have the Challenge Enemy Conquerer trophy. Which is rewarded to players for defeating all Challenge Enemies twice or more. Xbox users will be rewarded with a 125G reward, while PlayStation users will be rewarded with a Gold Trophy for their efforts.

All of these achievements and trophies are rewarded to the player for completing different parts of the game. While they might not be unique to either system. These challenges are necessary in order to give the player a sense of reward for playing through the game. All in all, One Piece Odyssey is improved by the addition of these trophies and achievements, as it makes playing and replaying the game all the more worthwhile. So if you have been having trouble getting some of the Secret, or Hidden Achievements in One Piece Odyssey, we hope that this guide will help you along the way as you make your way through this fantastic game.

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