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Luma Island is an upcoming farming RPG that hopes to incorporate cooperative elements into its overall gameplay loop. Throughout the player's journey, they will be able to collect magical objects called Lumas. Also, they will be able to find many treasures along the way. Players, upon the release of the game, will be able to tend to their farms alongside one another. This involves them exploring the island of Luma and much more. The game is set to feature at least seven professions at launch, which is sure to give players plenty of options. So, join us today as we cover everything there is to know about the game. Without further ado, here is Luma Island: Everything We Know.

What is Luma Island?A player farming in upcoming farming sim Luma Island.

As alluded to above, the game features a Farming Sim base but also many RPG elements that vary the overall gameplay. Upon the game's release, players will be able to carve out their existence in many ways. The game is set to feature seven different professions. Each of these not only varies the player's role in the game but also shakes up the core gameplay loop. The game is currently under development by a tiny indie development studio based out of the Netherlands. This studio is known as Feel Free Games, and they are also the publishers behind this title as well.

Despite not having a set price point as of the writing of this article. The game hopes to be affordable and comparable to many of the Farming/Life Sims on the market. All in all, the development team behind this title seems to be incredibly dedicated. It is evident from the work put into the game that they want to give players a fantastic experience. In short, what started out as a dream project for many involved is shaping up to be a fantastic title right before our eyes.

StoryA Seaside Cottage in Farming Sim Luma Island.

While many of the core aspects of the game's story aren't known to us as of yet, we can tell you this. The story of Luma Island will revolve around the player character, who is part of a caravan that will eventually grow and expand. This, in turn, gives the player a personal connection with the growth of this caravan and its characters as a whole. There are many paths to success in the game, and players are able, for the most part, to chart out their own path.

We do know that the game will employ a questing system, which is sure to allow for more rich storytelling. The world of Luma Island already appears to be charming, both in its aesthetic and its inner workings. The game's story seems to be focused primarily on the player creating their own farm and tending to it and the islanders around them. This seems to be perfectly well-suited for this charming indie title to flourish upon its initial release and beyond.

GameplayPlayers fishing in upcoming farming sim Luma Island.

Now comes what is perhaps the most important aspect of the game: the gameplay. Here, we will cover the planned gameplay elements of Luma Island and how they connect to the game's vision overall. The gameplay for Luma Island appears to follow in the footsteps of many classic Farming Sims. Where there appears to be an important distinction made is within the game's profession system. Players are able to work toward their profession goals, eventually being able to master these skills. This, in turn, greatly incentivizes the player to choose which profession would be the most well-suited for them.

As of writing this article, we aren't sure about the implementation of each particular profession, but we do have a concrete number of seven. This leaves plenty of creative room for the developers to create a profession that feels wholly unique to the game itself. If they don't choose to take this route, however, you can always rely on the staple professions such as fishing, cooking, and so on. To aid with these professions, there is an in-depth crafting and gathering system. This system is sure to become a huge part of Luma Island as a whole.

In addition, players will be able to work alongside their friends to complete puzzles, delve into dungeons, and much more. These activities are sure to vary the overall experience quite a bit. Everything from ancient ruins to dank and dark caverns is up for grabs here. This gives the world of Luma Island a great amount of depth, as each part of the island feels explorable. To close, the gameplay of Luma Island appears to be headed in a great direction overall.

DevelopmentWalking through the snow in upcoming farming sim Luma Island.

In our next section, we will cover the development of Luma Island. As of writing this article, there is no concrete release date for the game. While we have a tentative date of sometime in 2024, nothing concrete has been announced. So far, through the game's Discord community, some information has been released regarding the concept art for the game and other particular aspects. The developers at Feel Free Games seem to have their fingers on the pulse of their community and are eager to accept feedback and suggestions, which is always a step in the right direction. In short, the development of Luma Island appears to be running smoothly, with a tentative 2024 release window.


Luma Island ✧ Wishlist today!

The trailer for Luma Island begins with a wide-panning shot of the island itself. Then, we see the player character hard at work. The animations of the rocks breaking and various tools and workspaces look great. We also see many other characters aiding the player, meaning players will have a helping hand with their endeavors once the game is released. We also get to see the interior of a cave, which appears to be artfully designed and wonderfully detailed.

The biome and weather also change. This means that players can look forward to a varied weather system, perhaps even a seasonal system. There is also a fantastic shot of a group of characters fishing alongside one another. Closing out the trailer, there are a few shots of the animals in the game, as well as their environments and pens and such. These all appear to be customizable as well, which is a great touch. In closing, the trailer for Luma Island is incredibly promising.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

So far, we don't have a concrete release date for the game. Tentatively, a 2024 release window has been hinted at. As far as the platforms and editions go, the only confirmed platform is the PC via Steam.

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