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League of Legends: patch 10.6 notes and updates

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League of Legends (LoL) receives update 10.6 this Wednesday (18). Patch notes feature champion buffs and nerfs, and new skins. In addition, Riot Games included in the update a small rework of Wukong and significant changes to the Teleport spell. Which will possibly alter the metagame and strategies of the top players. Check out the highlights of patch 10.6 below. LoL, available for free download on Windows and Mac PCs.

Several champions from the middle route have been strengthened, including Anivia. (Image: Riot)


The biggest buffs in this patch were in order to bring back some unfavorable champions at the moment, especially for the middle route. Twisted Fate, Veigar and Xerath received small damage increases in some abilities, while Ryze received greater mana regeneration per level. Anivia also had a change to her ultimate, which allows her to continue applying the Glacial Storm, even if affected by some group control.

Other changes have occurred for some hunters. Kindred had his scalable damage increased from 2.26 to 2.5 per level. Plus more healing for his W, from 28 + 4 per level to 46 + 3 and a significant healing increase for his ultimate, going to 250/325/400. Hecarim will now increase the duration of the fear that your ultimate causes. Depending on the distance covered, and can affect your enemies for two seconds. By shutting down the strengthened hunters, Kayn now has greater reach to collect the orbs of her passive and make her transformation earlier in the game.

Trying to further diversify the range of hunters, Brand, Zyra, Morgana, Shen, Teemo and Yorick received improvements specifically against monsters. On the lower route, Draven gained more movement speed with his W, and Morgana gained greater defense in his E. Meanwhile, Soraka closes the list, with the healing and movement speed from her Q increased. On the top route, only Urgot received improvements, increasing his Q's slow duration to 1.25 seconds and his E's stun for one second.


The nerfs of this patch were not many. The targets were the most recent champions of the lower route, Senna and Aphelios. Senna will receive 0.75 attack damage from the shadows she collects, in addition to a significant change in how much she can draw her opponents' souls, now having a 6/5/4 cooldown at 1/6/11 levels. Aphelios had weaknesses in three weapons: Severum (life theft decreased to 3-20%), Infernum (troop damage reduced to 30%) and the Mini Chakram (damage decreased to 24-164%).

Shaco was the only weakened hunter in this patch, with his clone's attack damage reduced to 60%. Another nerf for the jungle didn't hit a specific champion, but the resource funneling technique. Now, hunters with the jungle item will gain 50% less experience of route troops. For the top route there was a weakening of Garen (Magic resistance per level decreased to 0.75% and critical scaling in E weakened to 33%) and Darius (W bonus damage to 40-60% and mana cost of E and Increased W). Both were very dominant and the change should balance them a little.

Teleportation and rework of Wukong

Although only two top laners have been weakened, a crucial change will be implemented in the Teleport spell. Now, using the effect guarantees 30-45% movement speed based on the level for three seconds when reaching the destination. However, the spell will have a reload time of 420 seconds (seven minutes), decreasing 10 seconds per level to 240 seconds (four minutes). This change promises to have a big impact on the metagame.

The highlight of this patch is the Wukong mini rework. Which has been planned for a long time by Riot Games. Small changes will be implemented in the main server to test the champion's effectiveness, including huge changes in his W and ultimate. In addition to his W leaving a clone stopped for three seconds and going into invisibility, Wukong also performs a dash for the direction of the mouse, giving more mobility to the player. At his ultimate, Wukong will do less damage. But will attack more times in his Cyclone, in addition to each attack activating effects like Conqueror.

Wukong's first changes will begin to appear in the game. (Image: Riot)


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