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Illang: Everything We Know

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Characters from the Illang game

Get ready for Illang, a new game that's all about mystery and teamwork. In this game, you're in Koji Village, a place that looks peaceful but has a big secret. It's a game where you really have to think and watch how others play. You can play with other people, so every game is different. There are many twists and turns, with friends possibly turning into foes. As we get ready to explore Koji Village and all its secrets, let's dive into what makes Illang such an exciting game to look forward to. Here's everything we know about Illang.

What is Illang?

Illang game characters playing in a garden

Illang is an upcoming game that's all about fun and mystery. In this game, players enter a mysterious village called Koji Village. The game is free to play, and it's all about working together with other players, but there's a twist – among the players, there's a hidden werewolf, known as the Illang, causing trouble.

Moreover, Illang sets itself apart with its unique cultural touch. The game's title and theme are deeply rooted in Korean folklore, giving it a distinctive flavor in the global gaming market. This cultural infusion is not just a novelty; it shapes the game's aesthetics, storytelling, and even the gameplay elements, offering a fresh experience even to seasoned gamers. In short, Illang is not just a game to be played; it's a mystery to be unraveled, a story to be part of, and a community to engage with, making it a highly anticipated release in the gaming world.


Illang takes players on an enigmatic journey into the heart of Koji Village, a place woven with folklore and shrouded in mystery. Here, amidst the quaint streets and traditional houses, a sinister presence lurks. The villagers speak in hushed tones about the Illang, a creature akin to a werewolf, which has been secretly terrorizing the community. This backdrop sets the stage for a riveting narrative where players are not mere observers but active participants in an unfolding drama. Each player's actions and decisions influence the storyline, weaving a unique tapestry of intrigue and suspense in every game.

In this setting, trust and deception go hand in hand. As players immerse themselves in the daily life of Koji Village, they must also engage in a high-stakes game of social deduction. Also, the Illang, hidden among them, is a constant threat – a shadow casting doubt over every interaction and alliance. Players are thrust into a psychological maze, where figuring out friend from foe is just as crucial as enjoying the rich lore and immersive environment of Koji Village.


Imagine stepping into a world where every choice you make could reveal a hidden enemy or forge an unexpected alliance. This is what Illang offers. The heart of Illang's gameplay is its social deduction. With anywhere from 4 to 20 players in each game, the dynamics are always shifting and unpredictable. Here, communication is key. Players will need to discuss, argue, and figure out who among them is the Illang. This element of the game really tests your ability to trust others while also keeping an eye out for any deceit. It's a unique challenge where your allies could very well turn out to be your enemies.

The game is not just about figuring out who the Illang is; the village of Koji itself plays a big part in the gameplay. Players will explore various parts of this village, with each area having its own unique characteristics and secrets. This exploration is more than just a scenic tour; it's crucial to the game, as certain locations might hold important clues or become key areas for player interactions. The developers have hinted that the village isn't just a beautiful setting but an integral part of how the game unfolds.

In essence, Illang promises to be a game that challenges your mind and immerses you in an engaging story full of intrigue and suspense. It's a game that’s not just about how well you play but also about how well you understand and interact with others. As we wait for its release, the excitement for the unique experiences that Illang promises continues to grow.


Illang is being developed by Challengers Games, the team behind the Second Wave game. While they were creating Second Wave (first called Project B), they started working on another game at the same time. This was Project I. Their idea was to make a fun game that shared some elements with Second Wave.


The Illang game trailer is an exciting sneak peek into the game's world. It shows off the beautiful, yet mysterious setting of Koji Village. You get a quick look at the characters and a hint of the game's challenges. So, if you haven't seen it yet, it's definitely worth a watch to get a feel for the fun and mystery waiting in the game.

Release Date, Platforms, and Editions

We don't have an exact release date yet, but the developers have shared that it will release in 2024. The game will be accessible across a wide range of platforms, including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and even on mobile devices with iOS and Android versions.

Being a free-to-play game, Illang is poised to attract a diverse audience, from casual players to hardcore gamers. Details about different editions or potential in-game purchases are still under wraps. Also, to stay ahead of any announcements related to the game, you can follow the official social media account of the game here.

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