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House Flipper: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



So, you want to flip a house, huh? Well, the good news is, Frozen District’s House Flipper has just about every tool in its arsenal to let you do exactly that, and with less paperwork and financial curveballs to have to sift through, too. Having said that, with endless tools at your disposal and an entire network of homes in need of restoration, it’s safe to say that anyone who’s never traipsed foot on the property ladder is bound to have a tough time finding a foothold. Nothing a few quick tips won’t be able to solve, mind you.

Regardless of the amount of experience you’ve gained since booting up House Flipper for the first time, there’s usually something new to learn in one form or another. To make it easier, though, we’ve gone ahead and broken down five of the best tips for players of all skill levels. So, if you’re wanting to make a deeper dent on the world of home improvement, then be sure to read on for a few extra pointers.

5. Don’t Overdo It

As you’ll come to discover fairly early on, the average completion rate for each property in House Flipper is 70%. Therefore, rather than overdoing it and committing to the entire project, always settle for beating only what’s needed in order to progress. Doing the bare minimum will not affect your overall reputation, and will pay you just as well as the finished product. And if you do happen to feel that inner completionist beckoning for you to return, then you can always return to unfinished homes via the archive section in the menu at a later time.

It’s also worth pointing out that, while the overall objective is to flip houses, that doesn’t necessarily mean to keep them tidy and compact. In fact, a lot of the earlier jobs will involve only having to stow away a few loose items, and perhaps even add a touch of paint to a decaying wall. However, if the job description doesn’t mention anything else, then rest assured that you’re in the clear, and that, no matter how messy it may seem, you can move on whenever you’re ready to progress to the next property.

4. Use Shortcuts

While you could argue that using shortcuts is a form of cheating, the fact is, if said shortcut is available in the form of a navigational node, then really, it’s worth pursuing. An example here would be the buying menu — a system that’s unnecessarily complex and a little too densely packed. And believe me when I say that, trying to locate a particular item in a catalog that’s rife with counterfeit alternatives, such a job can hijack a great deal of time from the actual task at hand, which is of course renovating the property.

The good news is, shortcuts do exist in a game like House Flipper, and can save you a lot of time just by implementing them in your day-to-day agenda. As far as purchasing items goes, if you can refrain from manually sifting through your tablet and browsing for each individual item, you’ll come to realise that everything can be found directly through the task itself. In other words, highlighting the task from your tablet will take you straight to the store page with all the relevant information and materials, so there’s really no need to worry about buying the wrong faucet or tile.

3. Complete Your Toolbox ASAP

Once you’ve found your feet in the world of property maintenance, you’re going to want to start fleshing out your toolbox. Doing this will allow you to fully restore a home, and not leave it half-finished and left out to dry in the wind. And again, while you need only complete 70% of the job, having those extra tools will give you the opportunity to see it through to 100%. That is, of course, providing you actually want to see the restoration process through to the bitter end.

To get your hands on the entire tool wheel, you’ll want to start accepting jobs around town that require the use of any particular tool. For example, if a task is asking you to demolish a wall in somebody’s home, then taking on that particular task will result in you unlocking the demolishing tool. It’s the same situation with the other tools in the box, so naturally, you’ll want to flesh out that inventory wheel as soon as possible before heading out to any lavish homes.

2. Establish Your Pay Rate

Shortly after taking on (and completing) a few jobs around town, you’ll find yourself in receipt of a couple of skill points, with which you’ll want to invest in one of the game’s several perks. The perks you should aim to unlock as early on as possible are Higher Payment, which grants you the ability to take home either 10%, 25%, and even 50% more than the basic payment from a job, and Payment Negotiation, which lets you, well, negotiate with your buyers or sellers for a better price that’ll benefit your bank account.

In addition to these two essential nodes, there’s also the Penetrating Vision perk, which allows you to see the dirt and grime that’s built up in hidden areas of the homes you’re renovating. If you can add this to your existing abilities, then you’ll not only be able to max out on your cleanliness rating, but get paid two, maybe three times as much for doing so. And having more money, of course, means more room for growth and better properties to purchase.

1. Skimp Out…Once or Twice

We’re not saying it’s a good thing, skimping out on all the bare necessities, but the truth is, a lot of the clients you’ll come into contact with are easy to please. Knowing this before you begin your renovations will, of course, mean having to spend less on unnecessary resources and furniture. And while preowned items won’t be as aesthetically pleasing as items taken straight out of the box, it won’t make a difference to your overall cut. That is, of course, providing you’re willing to sell to someone who’s content with hand-me-downs.

It goes without saying that the money in your pocket is only likely to double as you take on bigger clients. That said, if you’re looking to save a pretty penny and reach the podium of property management a lot quicker, then don’t be afraid to skimp out on a couple of odd jobs. Point is, if the client is happy with a mediocre service, then hey, give ‘em just that.


So, what’s your take? Do you have any useful tips for newcomers to the House Flipper series? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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