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Has Gaming Made a Positive Impact During COVID-19?

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It's been a horrendous year for us all with the pandemic taking the world by storm. And, what's worse is that we're still on the edges of our seats over 2021's agenda. Of course, we're crossing everything in the hopes that life will settle down and return to some level of normality soon. In the meantime, however, we're stuck in limbo; gridlocked between rules and regulations left, right and centre. And that's awful — especially for those suffering from loss, separation and loneliness.

Covid-19 has undeniably caused a whole new cluster of problems around the world, and most of us are left wondering how to tackle them. Between work and hobbies, we're idling with no understanding of what tomorrow may bring on the news. But, for some — gaming has become a new output for isolation over the past year, and may just have saved a lot of lives after all. And that might seem rather odd to the non-gamer, but it's true. In fact, video games have always been able to counteract our toughest days.

Are video games making a positive impact on us?

Gaming truly is a beautiful craft that can be enjoyed by almost anyone in the world. We can all be taught something from the many lessons they provide. Plus, just picking up a pad for a couple of hours a day can serve as the ultimate stress-reliever. And, with the floods of outstanding games that have been released this last year — we aren't exactly short on adventures, either. So, that's good, you know — considering we've got nothing but time these days.

Everyone has their own hobbies — and gaming is one of the major pastimes that finds a place in millions of people's daily lives. Over the course of the outbreak, however, those stats might have just ramped up by the motherload. Plus, with the launch of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, the community is expanding by the second. And, honestly — we like to believe that this is making a positive impact on the minds of many frustrated individuals.

We could learn a lot from video games — especially in times like these.

Times are tough, but gaming sure has paved a way to some form of sanctuary. A lighthouse will soon follow suit, but in the meantime, we're just happy that developers have continued to serve us and keep us entertained. Even in the very worst of times, gaming still raises the flag and keeps us company for the journey. So, in answer to my own question: yes — gaming really has made a positive impact this year.

Looking forward, we can only sit and wait in anticipation of 2021's plan. But hey — at least we've got video games to keep us entertained during the wait. Fingers crossed it won't be a waiting game though, eh?

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