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Dungeonborne: Everything We Know

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As the Steam Next Fest event fast approaches, some terrific games are already lining up for an open alpha test, including Dungeonborne. From the trailer, the upcoming game is setting up some stiff competition to revere The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It’ll take us back to a medieval Gothic setting, hopefully with unexpected tricks up its sleeve. Among all the information we could find, here’s everything we know about the upcoming Dungeonborne.

What is Dungeonborne?

hand streatching towards a dark figure holding a sword

Dungeonborne is an upcoming ‘extraction dungeon crawler’ currently in development by Mithril Interactive. While still in its early development phase, expectations are high with the developer merging two exciting gameplays: intense PvPvE extraction and dungeon crawling. It’ll defy traditional boundaries set by similar games in its genre, aiming to bring forth a new era in gaming. 

Dungeonborne plans to adopt a first-person perspective. Players will be free to venture into the darkest depths of its dungeons solo or with friends in online PvP multiplayer mode. You’ll hunt for treasure, comb the corridors of ominous dungeons for valuables and, of course, put down vicious monsters and enemies that dare step in your way.


Two guards lean forward with player behind

The official story description is still in the wind. However, we do know, so far, that Dungeonborne will take place in a gothic, medieval setting. All sorts of monsters, from undead skeletons to giant cyclops, will crawl the depths of its treacherous dungeons. From the trailer, the resurrected monsters seem determined to stop you from getting away with the treasures you’re hunting for. We also see hints of betrayal by one of your own in the trailer. At the moment, it's still unclear whom you'll be betrayed by or the specific roles of any of the characters, for that matter.

As far as expectations go, Dungeonborne plans to incorporate Unreal Engine 5 into its development, thus paving the way for immersive adventures. As you storm the abandoned Clouseau Castle and multi-floored Sinner’s End for its treasures, environments are expected to embody realism and a sense of variety to keep reruns feeling fresh. You can also expect spatial audio that’ll hopefully recreate authentic sounds like footsteps and the gush of the wind. Here’s to hoping more concrete story details surface in the coming weeks or months.


Throwing a fire bomb inside a castle in Dungeonborne

With the official Dungeonborne Steam Store page already out, we have a good idea of what gameplay to expect. Here’s a brief overview below.

  • Survive the dungeons – Delve deep into the treacherous corridors of Clouseau Castle on a solo venture, or brave the multi-floored Sinner's End with up to two allies. Discover hoards of priceless artifacts and defeat the monsters that guard them. Then, lead your party to safety before these walls become your tomb.
  • Forge your legend – Embrace your role as a Fighter, Priest, Rogue, Swordmaster, Pyromancer, Cryomancer, or Death Knight. With first-person clarity, feel the power of each spell, the heft of your weapons, and the strategic weight of every decision. Charge into battle, unleash devastating skills to break enemy formations, cast lifesaving buffs on allies, or use tactical throwables to turn the tides. Dungeonborne blends the immediacy of first-person action with the depth of RPG strategy for an unparalleled experience.
  • Dynamic, visceral combat – Engage in a dance of steel and sorcery with ten unique weapon pairings that bring a fluid, back-and-forth action combat experience. Parry, block, and riposte in a high-stakes fight where skill determines the victor.
  • Buildcrafting and trading – Discover equipment with random affixes and corruptions, enhance your gear with gem socketing, trade items in a user-friendly auction house, and hunt for over 40 legendary and unique items with epic effects designed to help you sculpt the ultimate build.
  • Arena and more to come – Enter the fray in the competitive 3v3 Arena. Challenge other adventurers, revel in the excitement of combat, and strategize to claim victory—all without the risk of losing your equipment. Keep in mind that this is merely the beginning. Stay tuned for a wealth of fresh content and gameplay innovations as we strive to enhance and evolve the ultimate dungeon-crawling adventure.


a fire torch in front of a zombie

As Mithril Interactive takes reigns over the developing and publishing process, they’ve invited us over to their Discord page to get wind of the latest news, catch exclusive sneak peeks ahead of release, and, most importantly, give feedback that’ll influence the game’s development. Mithril Interactive definitely has an exciting vision, merging dungeon crawling and battle royale extraction gameplay into one. Furthermore, they’re introducing exciting player classes beyond the standard ones we’re used to. You’ll be able to choose between the undead warrior, the elemental mage, the master of swordplay, and the wizard, among others. 

They’re also planning an open playtest beginning on February 2, 2024. It coincides with the upcoming Steam Next Fest, running from February 2 at 10:00 a.m. PT, 1:00 p.m. ET, / 7:00 p.m. CET up until February 12 at 10:00 a.m. PT, 1:00 p.m. ET, / 7:00 p.m. CET. The beta opens the game’s doors to your critics. You know, to really take a closer look at whether slicing through those skeletons clatters them on the floor as distinct objects and more nitty gritty. 


Dungeonborne - Official Announcement Trailer

Yes, there’s a teaser trailer out now, and it's quite detailed, I might add. You can check out the enemies you’ll fight against, such as skeletons and knights. Various weapons and first-person combat snippets are also featured, painting the perfect picture of what to expect in the final game.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Holding sword in Dungeonborne

It’s unclear when Dungeonborne will launch, with Steam listing ‘Coming Soon’ in place of the game’s release date. We do know, though, that the game will launch on PC platforms via Steam. However, the editions to expect remain a mystery. Feel free to follow the official Discord or Twitter channel for updates on the go. Alternatively, stay tuned right here on, where we post new information on upcoming games as soon as they come up.

So, what’s your take? Will you be picking up a copy of Dungeonborne when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here.

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