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CS: GO – ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe Group A and B defined

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Groups A and B of the ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe were finalized. The final round of Group A games was played with Vitality and Astralis as favorites. Having NiP and Spirit in the dispute to dispute the play-in.

Group A

The series between Astralis and Vitality had an unstable start for Dan “apEX” Madesclaire and his teammates. Since on their map of choice (Dust2), they had a poor performance on the CT side, turning the half with just 4 rounds. Even so, defeated by 16-10. On the second map, chosen by Astralis, the performance was different, winning in the 19-17 overtime and drawing the series. In the final map, Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut even tried but it was not possible to contain the good performance of the Danes from Astralis, who closed the series on 16-8 and 2 to 1 the series. Thus, ranking in the first place of the group and playing the French for the play-in.

Astralis won first place in Group A. (Image: HLTV)

Even losing the first four matches in the group stage, ENCE did not want to stop giving up and played hard for NiP in the fight for first place in the group. The Finnish team has not won a match since 10 January. The first map of the series on Train ENCE closed on 16-10. On the second map in Overpass, NiP gave no chance and closed at 16-14. On the decisive map of the series, Jere “sergej” Salo led ENCE to close on 16-8 and win the series 2-1, playing NiP for the play-in.

In the last match of the group, it was the shortest series. GODSENT on the first map Inferno managed to control the match and closed with 16-9 without much trouble. On the second map on Nuke, highlight to Pavle “Maden” Bošković who led his team to close on 16-13. Both GODSENT and Spirit were left out of the second group stage and play-in in group A.

Group B

For group B, fnatic reached the last round with the group's leadership. But then, there was Natus Vincere, the current number 1 in the world. Ludvig “Brollan” Brolin's highlight on the fnatic Swedes' choice map was that even though he had a great performance, he could not contain Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev and his companions, who closed the Overpass map on 16-10. Ukrainian was the highlight on the first and also on the second map. Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov had a great impact on that map and won 16-11, closing the series at 2-0. Thus, Natus Vincere advanced to the second group stage of the competition and left fnatic in the play-in contest.

Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev led the world's number one team to the second round. (Image: HLTV)

Complexity achieved a quick and direct victory against North, Benjamin ‘culpaF' Bremer led his teammates to a 16-10 victory at Mirage and with a rating of 1.86. On their map of choice, Nuke, North started well but was unsuccessful during the match. With the help of Valentin “Poizon” Vasilev, Complexity closed the map on 16-8 and the series on 2-0, without scares and with tranquility.

The group's last match between BIG and forZe started at Mirage with an impeccable CT side, controlled the match and closed at 16-11. But forZe recovered on the Inferno map with a terrorist side closed on 16-11 as well, matching the series. At Nuke, a decisive map, forZe in the second half on the terrorist side managed to shine with Bogdan “xsepower” Chernikov and closed the series 2-1 with 16-9 on the map. Thus, the play-in dispute led to forZe.

Now the six play-in teams will compete for the last places, remembering that group C starts on the 26th.

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