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5 Best Walking Simulators on Xbox Series X|S

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Walking simulators as a genre, despite not having the most eye-catching name, have offered players some of the richest storytelling in modern-day gaming. These games are more akin to a marinated meal than fast food. These games take time to sit with the player and use that time to significant effect in order to leave a lasting impression. So if you like us, enjoy these titles. Also, please enjoy our picks for the 5 Best Walking Simulators on Xbox Series X|S (2023)

5. Journey

To begin our list of the best walking simulators on Xbox Series X|S, we have Journey. Journey is, much as its name would imply, a journey throughout a peaceful and serene land. However, through this land, players will find something extraordinary within this title. A unique aspect of this game is that players cannot communicate with others traditionally but rather through musical chirps. This makes the way the game handles its multiplayer element rather unique. To add to the atmospheric nature of the game, the game's score accompanies the player's journey wonderfully.

This game takes place in the third person, allowing players to take in the environments around them entirely. The goal for Journey is relatively simple. First, there is a mountaintop that players have to reach. However, much like the name implies, the journey there makes up the bulk of this game's mystique and wonder. Along the way, players will be able to make discoveries all their own. To close, Journey is an experience that players should definitely try out, especially if you are looking for walking simulators for the Xbox Series X|S.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Switching things up considerably, we have SOMASOMA is a horror title in which players must figure out what is going on around them. This game does a fantastic job of incorporating walking simulator elements into its gameplay. Along the way, players will have to do puzzle-solving and interact with other game mechanics in order to succeed. SOMA, being set below the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, really gives this game a sense of claustrophobia to it, which makes for a really tense experience overall. It is this tension that will serve to push the player further into the depths of this fantastic title.

Along the way, players will discover different items that explain how exactly they got themselves into this situation. This serves as a proverbial carrot on a stick to keep players intrigued and continuing through this nerve-racking experience. The game has an immense sense of atmosphere, all while bringing up really interesting philosophical questions. So if you are someone who loves walking simulators on the Xbox Series X|S, make sure you check out SOMA

3. Firewatch

Next on our list of excellent Xbox Series X|S walking simulators, we have Firewatch. This is a narrative-based walking simulator that focuses heavily on story and character throughout its relatively reasonable runtime. The game focuses heavily on the mystery surrounding the player. This sees the player playing as a forest ranger, and they soon must unravel the truth about what is happening around them. Again, this narrative manages to grip players quickly from start to finish. Set in the wilderness of Wyoming, this game has an immense sense of atmosphere to it and is cozy in all the right places.

This coziness allows players to slowly sink themselves into eh story and its characters, which goes a long way in making this title so memorable. Additionally, the game has a ton of little tidbits and things to find tucked away in every nook and cranny. This makes for an experience that greatly rewards exploration, albeit through a structured lens. All in all, if you are someone who enjoys deep narratives in their game or really likes exploring, this game is great. Simply put, Firewatch is one of the best walking simulators on the Xbox Series X|S.

2. What Remains of Edith Finch

Next on our list of the best walking simulator games on the Xbox Series X|S, we have What Remains of Edith Finch. This game, both through its dark tone and mysterious story, allows the player to learn quite a few interesting things about its characters and perhaps themselves along the way. First, players will be able to explore the incredible and massive Finch estate. It is here that the majority of the player's adventures will take place. Learning more about the sole reasons you are the sole survivor of your family is a hook that manages to grip the player from beginning to end.

It accomplishes this in a number of ways. For example, many of the game's sections are based on the memories of family members. This makes it so players literally step into their shoes and figure out the mystery as it goes along. This allows the game to tell its story in a variety of ways. It manages to seamlessly blend together tones and feelings that sometimes would even oppose each other. This is a testament to how strong the writing and foundation for this game are. So if you are looking for fantastic walking simulators on Xbox Series X|S, make sure you check out this one.

1. Road 96

road 96

For our final entry on our list of the best walking simulators for Xbox Series X|S, we have Road 96. This game is unique for a number of reasons, one being that it is procedurally generated, which definitely benefits the open-ended nature of the gamer. Players will take on the role of hitchhikes, in which they will meet a variety of different characters along their journey. Having these be procedurally generated means that players will never know what to expect within the game. Nevertheless, this is phenomenal and really manages to keep the player interested.

The game also boasts an impressive amount t of paths for the player to go down inevitably. This makes it so that the player can even replay the game several times and not reach the conclusion the same way. This is great and allows for a ton of value to be picked up from this title. So if you are looking for a story-driven narrative-based game, make sure you check out Road 96. This is one of the best walking simulators made available on the Xbox Series X|S.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Walking Simulators on Xbox Series X|S (2023)? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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