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5 Best Racing Games on Roblox

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Whether you're looking for drag races and drifts, or burnouts and breakneck speeds, Roblox has you covered with an extensive roster of racing games. So much so that the competition in Roblox's racing genre is fierce, with tons of new titles released every month, all vying for first place. While the amount of selection is good, it can also be a little overwhelming trying to sift out the next best game. But don't worry, we're here to help. So, save your effort for the racetrack, because we've got you covered right here with the best racing games on Roblox in May 2023.

5. DownForce – Stunt Driving

Best Racing Games

Kicking off this list of the best racing games on Roblox, we have DownForce – Stunt Driving, a racing game that is a little on the extreme side. DownForce – Stunt Driving pits you against other players online in extreme stunt races that consist of massive jumps, loops, and wall rides. As you can guess, speed isn't everything in this racing game. You'll need a combination of balance, control, and a fair amount of luck to get around each track without launching yourself thousands of feet into the sky.

The best part is that you can take on these tracks all on your own if you aren't trying to go bumper-to-bumper with the competition. Or, if you're simply looking for a more open experience, dive into the game's open world map which is filled with secrets and stunts. So, whether you want an extreme racing competition, or a g-force-fueled Sunday drive, DownForce – Stunt Driving has you covered.

4. Ion Formula Racing 2023

Best Racing Games

With their 2023 Formula 1-inspired update, Ion Formula Racing 2023 rocketed to the top of Roblox's racing charts. This update brought in a slew of new tracks from places like Tokyo, Texas, New York, Australia, and others. Even better, there are numerous cars to race with, ranging from F1 supercars from Mercedes, Red Bull, and Porsche to go-karts. As a result, there are tons of different ways to race and the options don't stop there.

Ion Formula Racing 2023 also incorporated weather to provide a more diverse racing experience. With that, they added slipstream to make the races faster and tighter. In addition, there is car damage to round out the experience. With all of those new features and much more left unsaid, Ion Formula Racing 2023 is easily one of Roblox's best racing games this month.

3. Shockwave Racing

Shockwave Racing Trailer

You probably assumed this list of the best racing games on Roblox would all revolve around cars. However, that's not quite the case. One game making strides this month in the racing genre on Roblox is Shockwave Racing, and it's racing fun doesn't involve any cars. Instead, it is a “randomly-generated parkour-racing obby game with physics-based movement!” Given how many “car” oriented racing games are released each month, this is a refreshing take on the genre. And that's exactly the case, as Shockwave Racing was able to break out of the pack with its original idea.

You'll have to be flawless as you quickly curve around each map, dodging obstacles and reaching each platform. There is a learning curve involved, but the more you master it, the more fun Shockwave Racing becomes. Before you know it, you'll be flying across the map with the city's best parkour racers. Nonetheless, it's a new and exciting racing experience that we strongly advise you try out before dismissing it.

2. Midnight Racing: Tokyo

ROBLOX Midnight Racing: Tokyo - Official Trailer

Tokyo has always been the scene for drifts and drag races. Furthermore, it's narrow corridors and neon-lit streets make for a spectacular racetrack. And it's all available in Midnight Racing: Tokyo. You can buy and customize 140 different cars in this racing sim-cade to drift through the game's virtual recreation of Tokyo, Japan, with its huge fast roads and wide mountain passes. Each race you win earns you money, which you can then spend on more cars and moves you up the ranking system.

You won't find a racing game on this list with as much customization as Midnight Racing: Tokyo. But, that's exactly why we consider it one of the best racing games on Roblox. It gives you all of the tools you need to customize and create your own racing experience. As a result, it's an excellent choice for car enthusiasts who want to modify and tune their vehicles to their personal tastes.

1. Drift Paradise

Drift Paradise - Update Trailer 3

For many of us racers, there's nothing sweeter than the perfect drift around a corner. The sensation of having your car swing at the ideal point of velocity is euphoric. So, if you're looking for that feeling in Roblox, you can find it in Drift Paradise. This is one of the best racing games on Roblox if you're looking to drift around the track. But be warned: it will not be easy. There will be a learning curve to master, and once you do, you will most likely become addicted to Drift Paradises.

Better yet, once you've mastered the mechanics, you'll be able to take Drift Paradise to new extreme heights. Drift across insane maps with no edges that demand perfection. Experiment with new cars that drive in unusual ways, like a Santamobile that drifts on skates. All in all, Drift Paradise really lives up to its name. So, take Drift Paradise for a spin if you're looking for a racing game that focuses on technicality and speed.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other racing games on Roblox you think are best? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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