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5 Best Roblox Racing Games

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5 Best Roblox Racing Games

For adrenaline lovers and wheel racers out there, Roblox has got you covered with a sea of racing games to choose from, which can, admittedly, get confusing when choosing the best ones that won’t disappoint. My guess is that you often search for racing games and pick the one that pops up first. Or perhaps you cross your fingers, hoping the racing game you randomly pick isn’t one of the many knockoffs on there. 

But worry not. We’ve combed through the sea of games available on Roblox to pick the ones that won’t waste your time. Roblox has a little something for everyone. There are racing games for traditional racers, drifters, collectors, and even characters who are running wild as playable characters. From collectibles to real-life sims to explorative adaptations of cities you love, these five best Roblox racing games are a surefire way to have a good time.


5. Speed Race

Speed Race is a car fast racing game that puts your time and racing skills to the test across an impressive 45+ maps, each with a different theme. The more games you win, the higher you progress through its 50 levels, up until your final win and status as a champion racer.

Speed Race goes way back into the ‘90s, with constant upgrades through the years. Now, it’s become a go-to racer for a growing community of gamers. Consequently, Speed Race has received a lot of love and care to keep the community happy, with updates and upgrades being deployed every now and then.

If competing against the best racers who’ve perfected their craft over the years sounds like your kind of evening, placing all your faith in your avatar to bring that crown home in the fastest time possible, then Speed Race is the way to go.


4. Vehicle Legends

BOLIDE.EXE - Roblox Vehicle Legends

In fourth place out of the five best Roblox racing games is QuadraTech’s Vehicle Legends. What Vehicle Legends lacks in visual presentation, it makes up for in driving mechanics and car models. Each control feels light and easy, and there’s always some way to make use of it while racing.

And if you feel like you need an upgrade, all you need to do is complete races, increasing your mileage around the map, to unlock not just cars, but trucks, motorcycles, boats, helicopters, or even aeroplanes. Vehicle Legends is a great game for collectors looking to boast about their vehicle collections. 

Further, the gameplay is simple enough for anyone to jump into. Simply drive, make money, build your vehicle collection, show them off, and upgrade them whenever. Of course, the gameplay can get a little redundant. Not to mention the graphics are a letdown, as you might expect from Roblox games, but perhaps you’re one to want perfection on all fronts. 


3. Driving Empire

The Roblox Driving Empire Experience

Sometimes, you may want a look and feel that takes after real driving mechanics, car models, and an overall race track around an open map. Sure, you won’t experience the prowess of real-life sims like F1, but Driving Empire will deliver something pretty close on Roblox. Driving Empire is a racing game that prides itself on realism, from the driving mechanics to the car models. 

You won’t get to race in just cars, though. You can switch up your automobile for another form you prefer, like a motorcycle or even a boat. To raise the stakes, gamers start off with just one car, and as they drive for more and more mileage, winning bounties at speed traps, they can reward themselves with higher-stat automobiles from the variety available that come with unique models and customization options. 

As a plus, the open-world map is pretty expansive, with opportunities to switch roles from a regular citizen to a cop to a criminal. Once you top that off with impressive graphics, a tutorial to give you a helping hand, and regular updates every now and then, Driving Empire becomes an actual empire you could run that stays true to its name.


2. Sonic Speed Simulator


Alternatively, you could become everyone’s favorite blue-haired hedgehog with an insatiable “need for speed” on Sonic Speed Simulator. Who says you’ve got to always be behind the wheel to put your foot on the gas? Why not race through Sonic’s world, completing all manner of quests like collecting rings and other collectibles, or do some good ol’ racing against other players online? 

You even get to unlock your favorite characters from Sonic’s world as playable characters down the road, plus new maps and races that help keep the experience fresh. Just remember that even if the first few games take time to build up steam, with each rebirth come new areas to explore, characters to discover, and higher-stakes races to win, thus picking up the pace as you level up.


1. Drift Paradise

DRIFT.EXE 2 - Roblox Drift Paradise

Drift Paradise is an adventure game where gamers can collect cars, race against other players online, or just explore, driving around at will. Nothing beats being the player with the hottest wheels on the racetrack. Plus, it's both your driving skills and having the best wheels that will make it that much easier to drift.

If you’re one to like a challenge, Drift Paradise is a great way to go, particularly for its popular drift mechanic that often takes a while to master. The game has perfected the craft, living up to its name and cementing the top spot among the best drifting games on Roblox. 

In-game, you’ll face all manner of sharp corners and U-turns only practice and time will resolve. And with a range of cars and maps to choose from, and the accompanying screeching of tires and leaving smoke fumes in your wake, that beginner nervousness about mastering the game will slowly drift away whilst, instead, enjoying every minute of it.

So there you have it, the five best Roblox racing games. Got a game in mind you can’t wait to play? Are there more Roblox racing games we should know about? Do let us know in the comments or over on our socials here.


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